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Las Vegas Strip Nighttime Marathon

2011 Las Vegas Marathon to Take Place at NIGHT Under the Strip Lights

BREAKING: The Rock N’ Roll running series announced tonight that the annual Las Vegas Marathon (and Half Marathon) will be run this year under the lights of the Las Vegas Strip…at NIGHT!

The Zappos’ Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon was run the previous two years in the morning at the break of dawn.

RNR claims it will be the largest nighttime race in the United States.

The race takes place December 4, 2011.

For the next 48 Hours you can sign up for just $121. Early Registration will close March 10 at 5:45pm PST. Price then jumps up to $140 and eventually $175.

Sign Up Here at Las Vegas Strip at Night

I have no clue what they are smoking when they say the cut off for the full marathon will be 4 hours and 30 minutes when the half cut-off is 4 hours and starts 90 minutes later. Surely that is going to change. If any of you have any insight then please drop it in a comment below.


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Ian Sharman Spider Man Costume Napa Valley Marathon

Ian Sharman Sets Guinness Record Running Marathon in Spider-Man Costume

ELITE runner Ian Sharman set a Guinness World Record Sunday by running the 33rd Napa Valley Marathon in a Spider-Man costume.

It is the the fastest marathon time every recorded in a superhero costume according to Sharman’s Facebook page.

Sharman stated as well on his Facebook page, “‎2:40 in the rain in Napa for a new pointless, but fun, Guinness World Record for fastest marathon dressed as a superhero. Won’t wear the Spidey costume again since I almost suffocated.”

Sharman set a U.S. record last month for the fastest 100 mile time when he ran a 12:44:33 at the Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile Trail Race (story).

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Little Rock Marathon 2011 Winner Mark Chepses

Leah Thorvilson Wins 2011 Little Rock Marathon (Results)

Arkansas homegirl Leah Thorvilson, who has been winning every race she has been entering of late, won the 2011 Little Rock Marathon, as the first woman across the finish line on Sunday, with a time of 2:45:51.

Female Participants
1. Leah Thorvilson 2:45:51
2. Uli Bromme 2:47:52
3. Donna Palisca 2:52:29
4. Tracy Tungac 3:07:44
5. Sarah Hallas 3:07:48
6. Gert August 3:13:51
7. Claire Saxton 3:17:51
8. Julie Musselman 3:18:29
9. Deb Thomford 3:20:05
10. Lauren Rose Laughlin 3:23:38
11. Lia Kinsey 3:24:58
12. Amy Miller 3:25:22
13. Angie Swaim 3:25:45
14. Shawn Loy 3:26:45
15. Lori Davis 3:27:05

Leah will be competing at the Olympic Trials.

The overall and male winner was elite marathoner Mark Chepses with a finishing time of 2:24:07.

Male Participants
1. Mark Chepses 2:24:07
2. Julius Kosgei 2:29:17
3. Matthew Fecht 2:29:19
4. Joseph Aulwes 2:31:28
5. Hillary Kogo 2:35:12
6. Christopher Gregory 2:40:46
7. Zachary Uhiren 2:44:54
8. Zach Nyambaso 2:44:59
9. Laurent Jugant 2:46:00
10. James Bresette 2:46:32
11. Jeffrey Kosiorek 2:47:53
12. Jerry Rief 2:52:43
13. Gary Krugger 2:53:30
14. Sipho Ngxongo 2:54:23
15. N. Wesley Hunt 2:54:49

Congrats to both Leah and Mark on their impressive wins today!

View More Little Rock Marathon Results

More results will be posted later on today.

[images: Twitter @lrmarathon]

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2011 Los Angeles Marathon Medal

L.A. Marathon Unveils 2011 Finisher’s Medal (Photo)

The Los Angeles Marathon on Tuesday unveiled the finisher’s medal on Facebook for the 26th running of the L.A. Marathon which takes place on March 20, 2011.

The design is unique and a good bit different from the 25th anniversary medal last year.

10 Best Things from the Los Angeles Marathon

The best part of the medal is the background of it which is a collage of words made up of all of the highlights and cities the 26.2  mile race travels through.

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2011 L.A. Marathon Finisher’s Medal

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