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Las Vegas Strip Nighttime Marathon

2011 Las Vegas Marathon to Take Place at NIGHT Under the Strip Lights

BREAKING: The Rock N’ Roll running series announced tonight that the annual Las Vegas Marathon (and Half Marathon) will be run this year under the lights of the Las Vegas Strip…at NIGHT!

The Zappos’ Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon was run the previous two years in the morning at the break of dawn.

RNR claims it will be the largest nighttime race in the United States.

The race takes place December 4, 2011.

For the next 48 Hours you can sign up for just $121. Early Registration will close March 10 at 5:45pm PST. Price then jumps up to $140 and eventually $175.

Sign Up Here at Las Vegas Strip at Night

I have no clue what they are smoking when they say the cut off for the full marathon will be 4 hours and 30 minutes when the half cut-off is 4 hours and starts 90 minutes later. Surely that is going to change. If any of you have any insight then please drop it in a comment below.


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2010 Las Vegas Marathon Winner Josh Cox

Josh Cox Wins 2010 Las Vegas Rock N’ Roll Marathon

San Diego native Josh Cox won the 2010 Las Vegas Rock N’ Roll Marathon on Sunday with a time of 2:25:06.

40-year old Dorota Gruca, today on her birthday, was the female marathon winner finishing in 2:44:38.  What a great birthday gift to herself.

The race, sponsored by Zappos, featured nearly 30,000 runners for both the full and half marathon.  Naturally, dozens of runners dressed as Elvis Presley were found throughout the course and of all speeds.

The course starts at the south end of the Las Vegas Strip and runs up the entire Vegas strip, by all of the casinos, until runners turn west around mile 9.

Scott Bauhs won the half-marathon in a time of 1:02:38.

Jen Rhines, a 3-time Olympian, was the first woman to finish the half-marathon, in a time of 1:14:56.


[image: yfrog]

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