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Best Medal May 2012

VOTE: Best Race Medal – May 2012


It’s time to vote for the best May 2012 race medal! May was another busy race month and we received a ton of submissions but we whittled it down to 15 for you to to choose from. I voted for my favorite already!

The medal chosen as the Best Race Medal for May 2012 will be included in the contest for the Best Race Medal of 2012 at the end of the year.

Best Race Medal winners so far this year:
January – Inaugural Louisiana Marathon Medal 2012 
February – Surf City Marathon Medal 2012
March – Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Half Marathon Medal 2012
April – Flying Pirate Half Marathon Medal 2012

Ready to vote for the best May 2012 race medal? Choose your favorite from these 15:

Thanks for voting!


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PJ and Lisa at ET

ET Full Moon Midnight 51K/Marathon/Half Marathon/10K Medal (2012)

This is the medal for the ET Full Moon Midnight 51K/Marathon/Half Marathon/10K that was held on August 5, 2012 in Rachel, Nevada.

The race takes place on the Extraterrestrial Highway near the infamous Area 51 and is held as close to the full moon as possible. The race has a staggered start with the 51K and marathon starting at midnight, then the half marathon, and finally the 10K. All races finish at the Little A’le’Inn restaurant. It’s a fun race with lots of costumed and glow in the dark runners.

The medal is awesome and has all the fun elements of the race on it. Love the runner alien and “the end is near” sign. And the moon glows in the dark! I love it. I might be a little biased though since I earned this running the 51K. 🙂 Also, big congratulations to PJ Johnson RIF #87 who ran the half marathon!

Here is another photo of the medal and a photo of me with PJ before the bus ride to the start.



[Medals submitted by RIF #87 PJ Johnson – follow him on Twitter @runnerinlv and RIF #5 Lisa Gonzales – follow me on Twitter @runlikeacoyote]


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VOTE: Best Race Medal – March 2012

Ready to vote for your favorite March 2012 race medal? We had some great ones submitted in March. Of course, we couldn’t include them all but here are 16 to choose from. A lot, I know, but I’m sure you’ll have no problem picking a favorite! The medal chosen as the Best Race Medal for March 2012 will be included in the contest for the Best Race Medal of 2012 at the end of the year. 

Oh, by the way…the February 2012 Best Race Medal vote will be open for one more week. The Surf City medal is in the lead!

Vote for the best March 2012 race medal:

Thanks for voting!



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Run Under The Stars 2012

Run Under The Stars Medal (2012)

This is the medal for the Run Under The Stars 10 Hour Endurance Run that was held on June 9-10, 2012 from 10pm to 6am in Paducah, Kentucky.

RUTS is held on a 1/2 mile horsetrack and the runners do as many laps as possible within the 10 hour time limit. This is an awesome medal which incorporates all of the elements of the run with the horseshoe, the moon & stars, and a place to put the miles the runner completed. Very sweet bling!

Congratulations to Dani for completing her first ultra!


[Medal submitted by RIF #49 Dani Obregon – Follow Dani on Twitter @Nanyob]

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Jurassic Coast Challenge Medal – 2012

Jurassic Coast Challenge Medal (2012)

The Jurassic Coast Challenge takes place “in Dorset, UK, 3 point to point trail marathons from Charmouth to Studland” on March 23-25, 2012.  Here is the finisher’s medal from that event.

Sounds like a pretty cool and challenging event.


[medal photo submitted by N E. Follow N E on Twitter @naonope]

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6 Hour Snake Run Medal

6 Hour Snake Run Medal (2012)

Here is the finisher’s medal from the 6 Hour Snake Run that took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 24, 2012.

This is one medal you don’t want to step on.


[medal photo submitted by Eric VanZee. Follow him on Twitter @thebigtrout]

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Naresh Kumar Ultra Mountain Man

Naresh Kumar’s Top 20 Most Favorite Marathons & Ultras

“I am addicted to long distance running. Never thought, even in my dreams, that I would run as many ultras as I have in the past two years. Ultra marathon is an awesome sport and I consider myself very lucky and blessed for being able to run so many races and meet so many wonderful people along the way. Some of the races, listed below are life changing experiences, taught me the real meaning of perseverance, to face my demons alone and ultimately making me realize that I can do anything.” – Naresh Kumar

My Favorite Races (In no specific order)

The Last Annual Vol State Road Race 500K: Vol State was a life changing experience. I hated talking about the race after finishing but a few weeks later I could never shut up once I start talking about it. The toughest thing that I have ever done in my whole life. Run, walk, eat, sleep …that’s all I did for 7 days to get to the finish line.

Foot Hills Trail Ultra: A 77 mile trail ultra from Oconee State Park to Table Rock State Park. I joined the FHT mailing list and after listening to countless number of adventure stories from runners who attempted this grueling race, I thought I will give it a try. This race, especially the Laurel Valley section, is the most beautiful and wild trails that I have ever run. Besides I earned the BMF title, and the wallet, by finishing it in 27+ hours.

Art Loeb Trail: The TOUGHEST 50K I have ever run to this date. The RD calls it as adventure run as opposed to calling it a race and he is right. Calling this 50K an adventure run is a joke. It’s practically a 2-3 day hike which was tagged as an adventure run with a 12 hr cut-off. No marked trails after mile 12. Compass and map is a must to navigate the course. Wild and beautiful trail that runs across the mountain ridges offering spectacular views. National Geographic has listed ALT as one of the thirty best North American hikes. My finish time for this 50K. 11:13:32

Big Dog Backyard Ultra: A very unique race with a very unique format. A death march on Big Dog Backyard Trail and the last man standing wins. Run 4.2 miles, start and finish by the hour. Pushed my limits and managed to answer the bell for 11 loops before finally giving in.

Bartram 100: My first 100 mile ultra that I ran and finished within my first year of running. 6.2 mile loop. Run it 16 times for a 100 mile finish. The year I first ran, the weather was miserable. It felt like 18 deg F with heavy winds, pouring rain and sleet. The second year, I shaved off almost 4 hours from my previous years’ time. One of the best 100’s that I have run.

Bloody 11W 100 mi: The highway was once known as “Bloody 11W” because of the frequency of fatal accidents along the route. Why not run 100 miles on the most haunted road in the US. That’s how it all started. Approximately 110 miles from where 11E and 11W splits in Knoxville, TN all the way to the Virginia state line in Bristol. A fatass style event. Beautiful yet brutal course. The longest 34:04:00 of my life. Mark your calendar for the Labor Day weekend. There will be blood. 🙂

Land between the Lakes 50 mi: My most memorable races are the ones where things went wrong at the very beginning and I had to put on the best fight against all odds to get to the finish line. My first 50 mile within 2 months of my running experience. My first race finish where I cried like a baby at the finish line, literally. This race also taught me that “You’re better than you think you are and you can do more than you think you can”.

Louisville Lovin The Hills 50K: This was the toughest 50K next to ALT 50K. Hills never end at LLTH 50K and they get steeper and longer by the hour. Also the most muddy race that I have ever run. Came so close to DNF several times. My buddy Trent and I pushed each other in all perseverance to the finish line. A very tough and a challenging course.

Mt Mist 50K: This one’s another one of my favorite 50K. Trail runners never die, they just thin out and it’s so true if you run the Mt Mist. Some of the sections are so steep that you would wish you had some rock climbing experience. The Mt Mist 50K course will literally break you.

Stump Jump 50K: My favorite race among the Rock Creek Series. Wild trails and beautiful course with amazing support. One of the 50K events that I would definitely run every year.

Hinson Lake 24Hr: Tom Gabell puts on the best 24 hr race in the country. The course is the 1.52 mile inner loop that circles the lake. The surface is a soft clay maintained trail through the woods. You will run over 16 small wooden foot bridges including an 300 foot bridge that crosses over the lake. The Volunteers and the RD makes he race the most memorable 24hr endurance run.

Cumberland Trail 50K: Another tough 50K. The race takes you on a challenging, out-and-back route on the rugged New River section of the Cumberland Trail.  This section crosses the high point of the trail, Cross Mountain, at over 3000’.  The climb up Cross Mountain is steep and slow. Another wild wild trail. RD Susan puts on a great race and the best race swag.

Oak Mountain 50K: Heart breaking hills, beautiful waterfalls, different terrain throughout with challenging ups-n-downs, rocky trail sections, crushed-gravel, and trippy rocks, Oak Mountain 50K has got everything a trail runner can ask for.  The finisher beer glass is well worth it and the ham burgers at the end of the race too.

Mt Cheaha 50K: The only time I thought I was going to die was during the last 3 miles of Mt Cheaha course. A race to the top of Alabama, literally.  A point-to-point trail run that finishes in the Cheaha State Park at the summit of Cheaha Mountain. At 2,407 feet this is the highest point in Alabama. Along the run you will experience scenic overlooks, creek crossings, lakes, waterfalls, and hardwood and pine forests.

Destin Beach Ultra: The most beautiful race that you will ever run. A 50K race along the Destin shore. A barefoot runner’s paradise. The race supports for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. My first 50K where I run the entire race barefoot.

Strolling Jim 40 Miler: This 40 Mile Ultra marathon is run entirely on paved roads in Wartrace, TN. The race is challenging, very hilly yet the course is beautiful offering spectacular view of the southern country side.

Run Under The Stars 10Hr: Another great race organized by Steve Durbin. This is a night time run. Run, jog, walk, rest, stop and start as much as you’d like. Really cool swags including a finisher’s Award indicating your total distance. Whether you are trying to race or want to have a party with your running mates, RUTS 10Hr is the perfect race.

Flying Monkey Marathon: As mentioned in the website, The Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon is meant to be an antidote. It is a marathon that is about running. Running hard. Running over big and memorable and painful rolling hills through dense woods. The Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon is about the joy and pain of running a unique, and uniquely challenging and a beastly–26.2 mile course in the beautiful and historic Percy Warner Park, nestled among the Middle Tennessee Harpeth Hills. Trent is the funniest and the best RD. The race is so popular that it got filled in under 3 minutes. A race where I got the nick name THE INDIAN MONKEY and I am so proud of it. The one marathon I will run every single year without fail.

Sweet H2O 50K: The moment I saw pictures of runners crossing a raging river holding on to a rope, I signed up to run this awesome 50K. A 50K Ultra in Sweetwater Creek State Park, Lithia Springs, GA.  Trails with creek crossings in and around the park, following the lovely rapids of Sweetwater Creek, and venturing past Civil War-era textile mill ruins. They had to reroute the course in 2011 due to heavy floods and I didn’t get to cross the raging river but I will definitely be back next year. You will get Very Wet.

Naresh’s Adventure Blog

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Woolley Run Ultra 50K Medal – 2012 Woolley Butt

Woolley Run 50K/Marathon/Half Marathon Medal (2012)

Here is one of the best medals we’ve received so far this year. It’s the finisher’s medal from the 2012 Woolley Run 50K-Marathon-Half Marathon that took place on February 18, 2012 in Sedro-Woolley, Washington.

This race did a good job of not doing anything ass-backwards or did they…


[medal photos submitted by Jack Curtis. Follow him on Twitter @JackCurtis_WA]

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Louisville’s Lovin’ The Hills 50K Medal

Louisville’s Lovin’ The Hills 50K Medal (2012)

Here is the finisher’s medal from the 2012 Louisville’s Lovin’ The Hills 50K that was held on February 11, 2012 in Louisville.

Simple and pure wood medal in the shape of a heart which is a good reminder that Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday.

Lots of real hills and lots of fun make up the challenging LLTH 50K.


[medal photo submitted by Hal Fraser. Follow Hal on Twitter @Hal9058]

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Karl Studtmann Wins Inaugural Jackson Jackass 50K

Karl Studtmann Wins Inaugural Jackson Jackass 50K

Jackson native Karl Studtmann won the inaugural Jackson Jackass 50K on Saturday, February 4, 2012 in Jackson, Tennessee. He won the race with a blistering time of 5:23:25 on the rain soaked, slippery, and muddy course.

Arthur Priddy held a substantial lead until the 7th loop when Studtmann caught and passed Priddy who was using the race as a training run for the Andrew Jackson Marathon in March.  Priddy was able to hold on to a close 2nd place finish with a time of 5:32:20.

Third place went to Cordova’s Kevin Leathers who ran the tread off his Hoka One’s with a finishing time of 5:53:33.

The female winner was Lakeland’s Emily Conley who easily won by over an hour with a time of 6:37:05.  She even took a wrong turn and ended up doing some extra distance on her last loop.

It was a big day for several first-time ultramarathoners as Jonathan Bobbitt, Cody Whitehead, Jonathan Harrison, Brad Box, Arthur Priddy, Kam Otey, Gene Pierce, and Lisa Gonzales all finished their first 50K.

Other finishers included Chris Estes, Jeff Fugate, Joshua Holmes, Jennifer Whitley, Sulaiman Seriki, and the legendary Dallas Smith.

2012 Jackson Jackass 50K Results

Photos of the Inaugural Jackson Jackass 50K

Jackson Jackass 50K Race Reports

[images by Naresh Kumar]

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