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The End of Something

It is eighty miles from my home to Nashville. Give or take a few miles. It depends on where in town you are going. Yesterday I was going to LP Field, the place where most Country Music runners park.

I got up at 3:30 a.m. drove I-40 blurry-eyed. Once parked, I headed across the Shelbly Street Pedestrian Bridge, joining a stream of runners. A slate gray morning light that earlier had hit the downtown towers now turned red. I hoped to meet a Twitter pal I’ve never seen.

I was assigned Corral 6. Always before I’d started from Corral 1 so as to lower the gun time used in state records. This year it didn’t matter. Even though I wore a marathon bib number I intended to run the half marathon. And I intended to run it slow. State record was a non factor.

Intended to run the half because on Monday I’d run the Boston Marathon, and by some miracle actually finished it, although I’d not run much prior in a couple of months. So wasn’t going to run 26.2 again so soon.

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The Dreaded Ds

I’ve been thinking about the Dreaded Ds lately: DNF (did not finish), DNS (did not start), and DFL (dead f@#king last).

I have a 50 Miler coming up that is freaking me out just a little bit (ok, a lot). I knew when I signed up for it that it would be a big STRETCH for me but I did it anyway. Sometimes, I feel so overwhelmed by it that I think maybe I shouldn’t run it. Maybe I’m not ready. Maybe I need another year of ultras under my belt before I tackle a 50 Miler with 12,000+ feet elevation gain. But no, I WILL show up on race day and I WILL give it my all. Whatever happens, happens. However, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about a DNF.

Luckily, I haven’t had a DNS for any of my races yet. But it could happen. It would be disappointing but injuries or family commitments may interfere and you have to go with what life throws at you. Sometimes, that means missing a race.

I’m not worried about being DFL either. It’s a possibility. I’ve been last before. It’s hard on the ego. Really hard. Especially when you think you’re all that and a bag of dark chocolate chips and then find out you’re not. But I can live with a DFL as long as I know I did my best.

The DNF though…I think it would depend on the reason. If it happened because of an injury…okay. If it happened because I gave up or quit because it was too hard…not okay. If it happened because I missed a course cut-off…I don’t know how I’d feel about that. THAT is what I’m most worried about.

I was curious to see what everyone else thought and I posted a poll on Twitter – Which of the Dreaded Ds do you fear the most: DNF, DNS, or DFL? 40 people responded and these are the results:

DNF – 18

DNS – 13

DLF – 6

The other 3 people responded with DNSU (did not sign up), DNS (did not sleep which could cause one of the 3 above), and MA (monkey attack – which is an issue at this marathon).

I was a little surprised that DNF & DNS were so close. It seems that those who’d had injuries in the past or missed races for whatever reason would rather DNF than not race at all. It seems like the longer the distance you try, the more you have to accept the possibility that DNFs happen or at least ultrarunners seemed more accepting of it. Those that chose DNF said it was because they didn’t want to quit or break a commitment to themselves. DFLs…they didn’t say but I’m sure you can guess why.

I suppose which one you dread most depends on your running experiences so far and what you have/haven’t dealt with in a race. Good to know. I guess the only “D” we should worry about is DNT (did not try). As long as we train and try to get to the start, try to do the best we can, and try to finish…that’s all that really matters.

But I still would rather not have a DNF!

What about you? Do you dread one of the 3 or have you accepted they are a part of racing?

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