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Southern Tennessee Plunge Half Marathon Medal – 2012 – Run It Fast

Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon & 1/2 Marathon Medals (2012)

Here are the finisher medals from the Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon & Half Marathon that took place on October 6, 2012 in Winchester, Tennessee.

This beautiful and large medal is just another reason why the STP races continue to grow in size from year to year. Time will tell if the race can continue the trend next year with a new race director.

Photos of the STP Winchester Full and Half Marathon Medals


[Medal photos submitted by RIF #4 Marj Mitchell (full) and RIF #192 Leigh Marsh (half). Follow Leigh on Twitter @MsPrincessLeigh]

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Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Oct 6-7, 2012)

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Oct 6-7, 2012)

Here is a look at where everyone is running this weekend. We had 62 responses this week. Good luck to everyone and Run It Fast!

Most of you will be at either the Chicago Marathon, Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon, Portland Marathon or Stump Jump 50K.

To join Run It Fast – The Club then click HERE to read more details.

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Oct 6-7, 2012)

Storified by Joshua Holmes · Fri, Oct 05 2012 10:34:44

@runitfast Yellowstone-Teton 100 Miler – gonna be a cold one. Low of 24 deg Sat night. #runitfastJoshua Holmes
@runitfast Crewing @bayou at Yellowstone-Teton 100 and going to get a couple of runs in for fun! So far it’s beautiful! #IdahoFallsLisa Gonzales
@runitfast STP Marathon in Winchester, TN this Saturday. Weather looks great!Danny Staggs
Off to @ChiMarathon #ChicagoMarathon for @BoMFnyc @backonmyfeet http://tinyurl.com/runkinobomfnyc ! Looking to @RunItFast er than my 4:52:16 time in 2008Hideki Kino 木下秀樹
@absolut_zer0 @runitfast @c2crelay have a great run #GoGetItLeigh Marsh
@runitfast Rock ‘n’ Roll San Jose Half Marathon http://j.mp/p54C1T. #runitfastDennis Arriaga
@runitfast Carrboro 10K, Carrboro NC 🙂 RIF#15Amber Goetz
@runitfast Chicago Marargon baby!!!!!elizabeth v rehmer
@runitfast STP 1/2 marathon in Winchester, TNRobin Robbins
@runitfast Saturday- summer 2 mi xc series final(Moscow) Sunday-Serpukhov Half @50k race pace (unless I sleep in ) 2+hrs south of MoscowMichelle Mitchell
@runitfast Running @steamtown26. Hoping for no rain!Robin
@runitfast Portland Marathon!Josh Liggett
Let’s #runitfast! RT @JohnHulsey: Texas Toast Team, Van 1. We’re ready to run! #c2c3 #c2ctxtoast http://pic.twitter.com/u9SgIDi1 cc: @runitfastNicholas L. Norfolk
@runitfast @beukdeup and I will be running the StumpJump 50k on Signal Mtn in Chattanooga TN. #runitfastDavid J. Pharr
@runitfast Stump Jump 50k in Chattanooga.Nathan Judd
@runitfast st George marathon.Jason Howard
@runitfast – I’m going to run the Chapel of the Cross 5k Saturday morning. It’s just down the road from my house in Madison, MS. #runitfastNathan Bass
@runitfast Tyler Rose Half MarathonChristy Bowers
@runitfast I hate to admit it, but I worked in a 1 mile run today. My life has gotten in the way of training & I have 15k next wkend. Yikes!CharmedTortoise
@runitfast Running a half in Evansville, IN this Sunday.Barbara Mitchell
@runitfast Applefest Half Marathon, Hollis NHDSailorcrew
@runitfast Okanagan MarathonMurray Meads
@runitfast Long Beach, the full marathon!Jacqueline Gonzales
@runitfast I am running on the Northshore of VancouverAdam Haesler
Love the view from up here!! NOLA marathon training! @jfinch27 @runitfast @WomensRunning http://pic.twitter.com/woL5cfSdJulie Bryson
@runitfast running on Magic @DisneyCruise headed towards Gulf of Mexico!Run_Eat_RT
@runitfast running here in Columbus, Ohio, getting ready for the @route66marathon half in November!Melanie
@runitfast Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon in Winchester, Tennessee!Chris Haynes
@runitfast I’m #running the Southern Tennessee Plunge #halfmarathon in Winchester, TN tomorrow! #run #runchat #runnerd #runningSam Lasseter
@runitfast Going out for a 12 miler tomorrow…last training run before my 2nd half marathon.Amy Good
Blues Cruise Trail 50k near Reading, PA Sunday morning http://bit.ly/PEfjGU RT @runitfast: Where are you running/racing this weekend?Perry Ligon
@runitfast Chicago this weekend!!Rich Palo
@runitfast Steamtown marathon – scranton paamber
@runitfast BAA Half Marathon in Boston. First of 2 this fall! #runitfastShalini Patel
@runitfast Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon. Hoping to PR ;)Catherine
@runitfast Chicago!KristineN
@runitfast For last long run b4 first half marathon, hills or no hills? Does it matter? Thoughts anyone?Diane
@runitfast doing the FBI Jerry Dove Memorial 5k in Clarksburg, WV on Saturday!Mandi
@runitfast 5K charity race on Saturday. Two hour long slow run on Sunday.Rob Benefiel
@runitfast Like 51,000 other folks, I will be running Chicago this weekend. It shall be great!James Meredith
@runitfast Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race, nice little training runGavin O’ Donovan
@runitfast 15kms from home to the Beni State Forest near Dubbo NSW and back. Have to go early to avoid the heat though. Can’t wait :)Samantha Skinner
@runitfast #Komen race for the cure #Houston Tx. Largest friends & family 3yrs in a row going for 4 @180 team members strong!Vanessa Goodman
@runitfast I pulled out of the Budapest marathon due to injury, but I’ll be there cheering the runners on!Kate Reid
@runitfast racing Chester marathon on Sunday. My first marathon, wish me luck…!Steve Chew
@runitfast Kings Park (800m) and Inanda Dam 5km trail run!!Paul Smuts
@runitfast Great Cumbrian Run, Carlisle UKRussell Bowden
@runitfast Vegas Tough Mudder #grittymaniacsShanna Rodenbaugh
@runitfast Saturday, Marine Corp Half Marathon – Jacksonville, FL.E. Smith
@runitfast Cape Gate 5k, Cape Town ZA.Daniel Malan
@runitfast the Ormskirk 10k, England Lyns Rimmer
@runitfast st. George yeah!lisa trevino
@runitfast Chapman 5K in Orange CA with 115 kids and parents from St. John’s Lutheran Church and School! http://pic.twitter.com/oR9gUre4Jeff Courvoisier
@runitfast Rock ‘N’ Roll San Jose Half. #RnRSJFrancis L.
@runitfast The Hogweed Muggles in Gloucestershire tomorrow morning. 15 miles of muddy fun :)RunningAddictAndrew!
@runitfast 12-miler, likely in Kensington Park west of Detroit.don morris
@runitfast wooot! Doin my 10th halfmara in Kelowna at the @okanaganmara Awesome #roadtrip tomoz!TinaFab
@runitfast Portland Marathon !!!Trish Spinar
@runitfast chicago marathon! my first one ever and i am psyched!victoria grabner
“@runitfast: 55 Responses So Far: Where Are you running/racing this weekend? http://runitfast.com/2012/10/05/where-run-it-fast-runners-are-running-this-weekend-oct-6-7-2012/” @LWFallClassic Race in #Winnipeg!Drew Gourdie
@runitfast @chestermarathonIan Richards
@runitfast 20 miles on the Delaware toepathamy dedic
@runitfast back home in the Netherlands after doing four runs on this four day trip to ArgentinaHedzer

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Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon Medal 201111

Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon Medal (2011)

Here is the extremely impressive finisher’s medal from the 2011 Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon (website) that took place in Winchester, Tennessee on October 1, 2011.

This piece of hardware is massive, thick, and so gangsta that I’ve had four West Coast rappers contact me about purchasing it.  One went as far as to offer his ’68 Caddy and catalog of 13 unpublished 2Pac recordings.

2011 Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon & 1/2 Marathon Results

Photos Below Show the Impressive Size of this STP Bling

[STP Bling images by Joshua Holmes. You can follow him on Twitter @bayou]

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Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon Swag

The 10 Best Marathons in Tennessee

Here is a look at The 10 Best Marathons in Tennessee. The list is up for debate and based on some personal preferences and experiences. Feel free to drop a comment below with your thoughts on any of the marathons listed below or any that might have been omitted.

  1. Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon (race website)- If you have never run a marathon then don’t dare attempt this one as your cherry-thon.  It is by far the best in Tennessee and the most beautiful, but it is extremely challenging with nearly 10,000 feet of ascents and the same amount of descents in the beautiful Harpeth Hills near Nashville.  The best race swag you will ever receive at any race (this side of a belt buckle) is at the Monkey.  Race participants in 2010 received a long sleeve personalized tech shirt, a tie-dyed Monkey t-shirt, and a beautiful wooden Monkey finisher’s medal.  And yet the post-race food buffet was even better than the race and swag combined. But this race fills up fast, like really fast, like 32 minutes fast.
  2. St. Jude Marathon (race website)- The most meaningful marathon you can run in Tennessee and perhaps the United States. All of the proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Hospital that treats children with cancer regardless of ability to pay.  The race is in early December and the weather is usually cold but good running weather.  It starts right outside of Auto Zone Park and finishes inside the stadium, after rounding the outfield warning track.  During the 26.2 miles you hit almost every major Memphis landmark including the Pyramid, Fedex Forum, Sun Studios, the Memphis Zoo, along with running through the St. Jude campus early in the race with several of the patients outside cheering you on. They will inspire you to run further and faster.  The race is a must-do for any Tennessean and highly recommended for out-of-staters as well.
  3. Andrew Jackson Marathon (race website) – My hometown marathon so naturally it scores a bit higher with me than it probably would with others. The course is beautiful and rolling. Approximately 20 of the miles are out in the country, with the rest of the race in peaceful suburban neighborhoods with almost no traffic. It starts and finishes at Union University.  The field is usually small (less than 100), which I have come to enjoy, and most that run it have run it before at some point.  The AJM also includes a half marathon and 5K as well on race day. The finisher’s medal was actually a paper weight but aren’t all medals once they make it home?
  4. Rock Creek Scenic City Trail Marathon (race website)- The only trail marathon to make this list. It is truly a great and peaceful run out in the woods of Chattanooga.  If you love the outdoors and endurance running then you won’t want to miss this beautiful trail run from the Rock Creek people.
  5. Blister in the Sun Marathon (race website) – The toughest marathon in Tennessee due to three things: 1. heat, 2. repetition, and 3. hills.  The Blister lives up to it’s name as it takes place in early August which is a no-no for most Tennesseans to even run out to their car to grab their Marlboros.  Race day temps at the inaugural blister reached a blistering 89 degrees. The course at Cane Creek park in Cookeville consisted of 5 loops through a park before ascending a hellacious hill up and around Cane Creek elementary school.  The field in 2010 consisted of just 14 freaks, all with resumes that would easily have condemned the Bush administration if it had forced terrorists to attempt their feats.  Blister and Flying Monkey are by far the two toughest marathons in Tennessee.  The RD is a sub-3 hour freak so good luck beating him on his home course.
  6. Southern Plunge Marathon (race website) – The inaugural Plunge in 2010 was surprising in how many things they did extremely well right off of the bat.  The Race Director put together an impressive logo that was then placed on top-notch Zorrel tech shirts and finisher’s medals.  The course was tougher than expected.  I had been told there was a small hill at mile 2. Well that was correct. It was the smallest hill that day.  The course had several climbs and the second half was rather taxing to most of the runners.  There is a rumor already circulating that the course will be changed for the second edition of the Plunge in 2011.
  7. Knoxville Marathon (race website) – The best part of this marathon, especially for Tennessee Volunteer fans, is that you get to run the last 50 yard to the finish inside of Neyland Stadium.  The first half of the course is hilly, but it levels out a bit towards the end.  Nearly 700 people raced it last year.  The race t-shirt and medal were sub-par but that is nitpicking a bit.  There are better options to run a marathon in Tennessee, but if you are nearby Knoxville when this one is held you should check it out.
  8. Country Music Marathon (race website) – One of the biggest half marathons in the United States, as well as one of the most overrated marathons in America. It’s a Rock N’ Roll series event which means it will be very large and populated. Usually there is around 26,000 runners for the half and just 4-5,000 for the full.  The best part of this race is the first half, even with the thick stack of people, where you run down Broadway and up Music Row.  After the 26,000 half marathoners divert off for the half finish the course gets extremely boring, hilly at points, and runs through the most industrial parts of Music City.  If you want to run in extreme weather this might be the right marathon for you.  In 2009, the marathon had temperatures in the mid 80’s and last year 75% of marathoners got diverted to a shortened finish (around 22 miles) due to tornadoes in the area.
  9. Endorphin Marathon (race website) – One of the younger marathons on this list. It is located in Jackson, Tennessee and takes place around Labor Day each year.  The course is relatively flat and easy.  The field has grown each year and the swag is pretty impressive from what I’ve seen of it.  There is also a half marathon, 10K and 5K that takes place the same morning.  With a little bit more promotion and exposure this hidden gem of a marathon could become much larger and even rival Andrew Jackson.
  10. Rutledge Marathon (race website) – If you have ever wanted to finish a marathon on a working-farm then this is the race for you.  The race is rather small but the race director does a very good job of making everyone feel welcomed and appreciated for coming out.  Rutledge is in east Tennessee so the course is one rolling hill after another, but the hills are minor and help keep the legs fresh throughout the race.

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Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon Finisher’s Medal (2010)

2010 Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon Medal

2010 Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon Finisher's Medal

Here is the official finisher’s medal for the 2010 Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon that took place in Winchester, Tennessee on October 2, 2010.

2010 was the first year for the marathon, but as you can see, the bling for this inaugural race was top notch.

The race was won by Josh Hite in a time of 3:00:30.  Rebecca Murray took second place with Chris Estes taking the bronze (More Results).

Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon Website

View More Marathon Bling

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Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon 2010 Winners Josh Hite, Rebecca Murray, Chris Estes

2010 Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon Results

Josh Hite, Rebecca Murray, and Chris Estes

Here is a look at the Top 20 Results from the Inaugural 2010 Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon in Winchester, Tennessee (Event Website):

Name City Time
1. Josh Hite Cookeville, TN 3:00:30
2. Rebecca Murray Franklin, TN 3:15:27
3. Chris Estes Murfreesboro, TN 3:23:04
4. Drew Randolph Chattanooga, TN 3:25:45
5. Rodney Walker Ooltewah, TN 3:26:17
6. Robby Callahan Prattville, AL 3:30:16
7. Mohamed Hassanein Madison, TN 3:31:39
8. Joshua Holmes Jackson, TN 3:34:56
9. Mark Pierett Franklin, TN 3:35:38
10. Ryan Taylor Murfreesboro, TN 3:39:18
11. John Thompson Birmingham, AL 3:46:46
12. Tony King Athens, AL 3:48:50
13. Stan Mullins Athens, GA 3:50:14
14. Nathan Meek Hendersonville, TN 3:51:51
15. Byron Haitas Nashville, TN 3:53:05
16. Mircea Basaraba Winchester, TN 3:53:36
17. Lance Jones Pearl, MS 4:02:32
18. Robert Knies Winchester, TN 4:04:38
19. Danny Staggs Livingston 4:05:14
20. Robert Raydor Collierville, TN 4:06:07

View Full 2010 Southern TN Plunge Marathon Results

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