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Run It Fast – The Club Profile Kenneth Williams #28

Kenneth Williams #28

This week’s Run It Fast – The Club profile is Kenneth Williams #28. Kenneth, aka MarathonKoach, has been running for a long time and has traveled the world to do it! But it’s not about what he gets from running that matters most to him…it’s what he can give back.

Check out his amazing story:

Name:  Kenneth Williams
RIF #:    28
Twitter: @marathonkoach
Facebook: Kenneth Williams

Years Running:  35
Favorite Race Distance: The marathon
Favorite PR:  I ran two 3:34s at age 66.  They were only 9 minutes off my marathon PR, 25 years before.
Favorite Race:  Coke 10k, Corinth, MS.  I’m founder and Race Director of the 32 year old 10k

Favorite Bling:  Boston Medallion

Next Race:  Dublin Marathon, Dublin Ireland.  Oct. 28th
What Makes You FEEL Fast?:  Getting a Boston Qualification!


Who inspires your running and why?
My runners!  I coach (Koach) marathoners and have for years. It gives me a huge thrill to see runners accomplish a life-goal like finishing a marathon (or qualifying for Boston).  It’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.  (I have my RRCA Coaching Certification and I coach free, but often my quota is full)

If you could go for a run with any famous person (living or dead), who would it be and why?
One of my running heroes came tipping up beside me at the Germantown Half Marathon a couple of years ago.  “Boston Billy” Rogers.  We chatted for 5 minutes or so before he eased away.  Obviously, he was just out for a morning jog, but it gave me a thrill!  Like most world class runners, he was so nice and personable.

What is the strangest/funniest thing you’ve ever seen while running?
I was deep in the bush in Africa a few years back and determined to run.  After a few dusty miles, I glanced over my shoulder to see a pack of wild African Cape Hunting Dogs jogging along just off to my side. Don’t know who it frightened more, me or my guide who came rushing to get me in a jeep.  I’ll never forget the sight of seeing the feared pack of wild dogs.

What’s the most beautiful place that you’ve run? 
The most beautiful sight I’ve seen was at the Kilimanjaro Marathon a couple years ago. I was running up a gradual 6 mile ascent and a part of the great mountain broke free from her usual cloud cover and appeared like a gigantic mirage, covering a good portion of the horizon. Awesome sight.

Which of your running routes makes you the happiest and why? 
We have a challenging stretch of highway near my community called Hwy 350.  It’s very difficult, but has taken on rather a cult following of area runners.  New runner’s goals are to “get good enough to where I can run on #350”. We run it every Saturday, sometimes with as many as 30 runners of all abilities.

What running moment are you most proud of? 
I over-took my friend and running student, Joy, at the 25 mile mark in Memphis and begged, fussed and screamed her to a BQ.  She had to have a sub 3:40 and ran a 3:39:54.  I followed her across at 3:39:57.


There were a lot of very cool things in Kenneth’s profile (hello? Kilimanjaro…WOW!) but the one thing that stood out the most is that his proudest moment was about another runner’s achievement. Loved that! He is using his experience as a runner to help other runners achieve their dreams and goals. And he not only encourages his runners but countless others as well with his Coke 10K. The other thing I loved about his responses is all the adventures he’s had with running…and outside of running too. From running in wild places like Africa to kayaking, scuba diving, and sky diving! That’s the kind of life I want to live! Here’s one more photo of him to inspire you. 🙂

Live your dreams!

Thanks for sharing Kenneth and good luck at Dublin (I’m SO jealous!). Run It Fast!

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[All photos submitted by Kenneth Williams]



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