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Barkley Marathon Finisher John Kelly

John Kelly Becomes 15th Runner Ever to Complete Barkley Marathons

Barkley Marathon Finisher John Kelly

Ultrarunner John Kelly just become the 15th person EVER to complete The Barkley Marathons 100 Miler in a time of 59:30:53 less than 30 minutes before the 60 hour cut off.

You can follow John on Twitter @RndmForestRnnr

Canadian Gary Robbins reached the yellow gate 6 seconds after the 60 hour cutoff in 60:00:06 with all the book pages but was 6 seconds late and had gotten lost returning on the wrong trail. Amazing, amazing effort by Gary. Congrats to him as well. The most painful near Barkley finish ever. Video of an emotional Gary reaching the gate seconds too late can be viewed on our Twitter HERE.

Barkley Marathons Finishers
18 finished by 15 runners

– 1995 Mark Williams 59:28:48 New record
– 2001 David Horton 58:21:00 New record, Blake Wood 58:21:01
– 2003 Ted “Cave Dog” Keizer 56:57:52 New record
– 2004 Mike Tilden 57:25:18, Jim Nelson 57:28:25
– 2008 Brian Robinson 55:42:27 New record
– 2009 Andrew Thompson 57:37:19
– 2010 Jonathan Basham 59:18:44
– 2011 Brett Maune (1) 57:13:33
– 2012 Brett Maune (2) 52:03:08 Current record,  Jared Campbell (1) 56:00:16, John Fegyveresi 59:41:21
– 2013 Nick Hollon 57:39:24, Travis Wildeboer 58:41:45
– 2014 Jared Campbell (2) 57:53:20
– 2016 Jared Campbell (3) 59:32:30
– 2017 John Kelly 59:30:53

Laz’s Regret with Gary Robbins Near Barkley Finish

source: Wikipedia

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2013 Barkley Finishers – Nick Hollon and Travis Wildeboer

Nick Hollon and Travis Wildeboer Finish The Barkley Marathons

Today was a historic day in the ultramarathon world as Nickadedemus ‘Nick’ Hollon became the 13th man to ever finish the famed Barkley Marathons, the toughest 100 mile race in the world, that takes place at Frozen Head State Park in East Tennessee.

Shortly thereafter Travis Wildeboer became the 14th man in history to finish the race.

Many experts thought that no one would finish the race this year with three having finished it last year.

The rugged and extremely tough course consists of five 20-mile loops with nearly 60,000 feet of elevation gain and loss (120k change).

Hollon finished (and won) the race in 57 hours and 41 minutes.  A bit over 2 hours before the 60 hour cutoff.

Wildboer was just a bit behind finishing in 58 hours 41 minutes.

The race was created by the devious Gary Cantrell (Lazarus Lake).

Fourteen men have now finished the race in it’s long history. A woman has yet to but that will likely happen in the next couple of years.

Congrats to Nick and Travis on an amazing feat!

[photo via @lord_balls]

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Naresh Eating a Rattlesnake Cooked by Lazarus Lake in Bell Buckle, TN (Gary Cantrell)

Extreme Ultra Runner Naresh Kumar Eats a Rattlesnake

Extreme ultra-runner Naresh Kumar came to the United States from his native India two years ago.  Within his first months here he trained for and easily completed a road marathon.

However, he quickly fell off the deep end once he started running in Vibram Five Fingers and found trails. He started doing every ultra he could find in his trusty rubber-toe shoes. He all of a sudden had completed dozens of ultras, including a couple of 10o milers and the Vol State 500K foot race, along with many others.

Then he added extreme cycling, rock climbing, helicopter lessons, and anything he could find to try to satisfy his savage desire for adrenaline and fun.

He then started doing these crazy ultras in Bedrock Sandles.

During this time he became friends with the wicked King of Pain Gary Cantrell, better known in the running community as the sinister Lazarus Lake.  Lake known for covering hundreds of miles in his prime just for the heck of it, solo, is the founder of the Strolling Jim 40 Miler, a cakewalk compared to his other creations – The Barkley (toughest ultra-marathon in the world with 11 finishers since it’s inception years ago) and The Last Annual Vol State 500K which covers a brutally hot and humid Tennessee for 314 miles in July.

Today, I was scrolling my Tweets when I saw one from my good friend Naresh that had him holding a plate of what looked liks soft-serve frozen yogurt from Ryan’s Steakhouse except it wasn’t yogurt…

It was a skinned Rattlesnake that Lazarus was preparing for Naresh to eat.

Below, you will see the blow by blow pictures of the rattler being skinned, deep-fried, and served to Naresh to eat.  The final picture in the series being a medicine bottle, as a souvenir of his decision to dance with the Dr. Kevorkian of ultra-madness – Lazarus Lake in his Bell Buckle, Tennessee kitchen.

Anyone else for some deep-fried rattlesnake?

You can follow Naresh Kumar on Twitter @iamarunr

He is also RIF #2 in Run It Fast – The Club

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Barkley Marathons Swag, Bling, Book Pages, Bib – 2012

Barkley Marathons Swag/Bling (2012)

The famed Barkley Marathons eat the young and old alike.  The 100-mile race consisting of 5-20 mile loops is considered the toughest race to finish in the world. It is the sick creation of race director Lazarus Lake.

This year was no different with the small exception that three people actually finished the race and Brett Maune (story) set a course record in finishing and winning the brutal race that takes place at Frozen Head State Park.

Above is a look at some of the Barkley swag from Naresh Kumar who competed at the race this year.  Along with the bib # you will see a map of the state park along with book pages. Each runner has to tear a corresponding page out of books places upon the course to prove they made it to those points of the race.  If they lose a page on the way back to race headquarters then they are disqualified.

Like Lake’s Last Annual Vol State 500K race there is no bling or medal for finishing this beast….just pride.


[Submitted by Run It Fast Member #2 Naresh Kumar. Follow Naresh on Twitter @iamarunr]

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Three Finishers at Barkley Marathons – First time ever

Three Finishers at Barkley Marathons – First time ever

Barkley Marathons, the toughest race you have never heard of had three finishers for the first time EVER. Until last year there were only 10 finishers in the 25 years of the race history. This year, the course record was shattered by Brett Maune who was the sole finisher at Barkley Marathons last year.

Brett Maune 52:03:08,

Jared Campbell 56:00:15,

John Fegyveresi 59:41:21

(Brett and Jared sharing a lighter moment at the Yellow Gate)

Photo Courtesy: Matt Hart :: Coaching Endurance LLC :: TrailRunner Mag’s Ask the Coach

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Brett Muane

Brett Maune crushes the Barkley Marathons Course Record

Brett Maune from California crushes the Barkley Marathons course record in 52:03:08.  The previous course record was set by Brian Robinson in 2008 55h 42m 27s. Last year Brett M was the sole finisher with a finish time of 57:13:33. Also Brett Maune is also the only person to finish the Barkley twice. A legendary performance.

Jared Campbell and John Fegyveresi are still OUT THERE.

Photo Courtesy: Matt Hart :: Coaching Endurance LLC :: TrailRunner Mag’s Ask the Coach

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