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Barkley Marathons Swag, Bling, Book Pages, Bib – 2012

Barkley Marathons Swag/Bling (2012)

The famed Barkley Marathons eat the young and old alike.  The 100-mile race consisting of 5-20 mile loops is considered the toughest race to finish in the world. It is the sick creation of race director Lazarus Lake.

This year was no different with the small exception that three people actually finished the race and Brett Maune (story) set a course record in finishing and winning the brutal race that takes place at Frozen Head State Park.

Above is a look at some of the Barkley swag from Naresh Kumar who competed at the race this year.  Along with the bib # you will see a map of the state park along with book pages. Each runner has to tear a corresponding page out of books places upon the course to prove they made it to those points of the race.  If they lose a page on the way back to race headquarters then they are disqualified.

Like Lake’s Last Annual Vol State 500K race there is no bling or medal for finishing this beast….just pride.


[Submitted by Run It Fast Member #2 Naresh Kumar. Follow Naresh on Twitter @iamarunr]

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