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Laz’s Regret with Gary Robbins Near Barkley Finish

Lazarus Lake explains the hectic and chaos at the finish of The Barkley Marathons yesterday when Gary Robbins arrived at the yellow gate after 60 hours 00 minutes 06 seconds.

Here is what he said to clarify what happened at The Yellow Gate:

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Explained in a way only Laz can explain.

Congrats to John Kelly on becoming the 16th finisher of The Barkley Marathons. Big tip of the hat as well to Gary Robbins on an amazing effort that was just barely short. True #RunItFast Grit.

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Barkley Marathon Finisher John Kelly

John Kelly Becomes 15th Runner Ever to Complete Barkley Marathons

Barkley Marathon Finisher John Kelly

Ultrarunner John Kelly just become the 15th person EVER to complete The Barkley Marathons 100 Miler in a time of 59:30:53 less than 30 minutes before the 60 hour cut off.

You can follow John on Twitter @RndmForestRnnr

Canadian Gary Robbins reached the yellow gate 6 seconds after the 60 hour cutoff in 60:00:06 with all the book pages but was 6 seconds late and had gotten lost returning on the wrong trail. Amazing, amazing effort by Gary. Congrats to him as well. The most painful near Barkley finish ever. Video of an emotional Gary reaching the gate seconds too late can be viewed on our Twitter HERE.

Barkley Marathons Finishers
18 finished by 15 runners

– 1995 Mark Williams 59:28:48 New record
– 2001 David Horton 58:21:00 New record, Blake Wood 58:21:01
– 2003 Ted “Cave Dog” Keizer 56:57:52 New record
– 2004 Mike Tilden 57:25:18, Jim Nelson 57:28:25
– 2008 Brian Robinson 55:42:27 New record
– 2009 Andrew Thompson 57:37:19
– 2010 Jonathan Basham 59:18:44
– 2011 Brett Maune (1) 57:13:33
– 2012 Brett Maune (2) 52:03:08 Current record,  Jared Campbell (1) 56:00:16, John Fegyveresi 59:41:21
– 2013 Nick Hollon 57:39:24, Travis Wildeboer 58:41:45
– 2014 Jared Campbell (2) 57:53:20
– 2016 Jared Campbell (3) 59:32:30
– 2017 John Kelly 59:30:53

Laz’s Regret with Gary Robbins Near Barkley Finish

source: Wikipedia

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Run It Fast – runitfast on Instagram

20 Runners You Should Be Following on INSTAGRAM

Here is a compilation of twenty very different and diverse runners that you should be following on Instagram. They are runners of all levels from all over the world. They all have very lively Instagram feeds and are worth a follow.

If you have someone you believe we should have included then drop a comment below with your suggestion and we’ll check them out.

1. Steve Clemons (@vo2_max)

Trail runner and adventurer living in paradise (Hawaii) and sharing his world and his travels with his family through envy inducing photos.

2. Melissa Middleton (@melissamiddleton)

Talented ultramarathoner who always has her iPhone in it’s holster and ready to capture that perfect nature shot during one of her intense ultramarathons.

3. Joshua Holmes (@joshuaholmes)

Extreme ultrarunner and founder of Runitfast.com that Instagrams frequent photos of his training, racing, children, friends, travels and interesting people he meets from across the globe.

4. Catra Corbett (@dirtdiva33)

Hot body, extreme-inked runner whose Instragrams are as fun and colorful as her skin and adventures.

5. Scott Jurek (@scottjurek)

One of the greatest ultramarathons of all-time. He uploads beautiful photos of his mountain runs and food, but Scott doesn’t Instragram all that much. Just 106 photos in the past 56 weeks.

6. Ashley Ringo Walsh (@ashruns100s)

Many beautiful photos of the unique and scenic places that Ashley runs in the deep South. She Instragrams a lot and rarely disappoints with her steady stream of uploads.

7. Carlos Henrique Silva (@carlossilva07)

International runner from San Paulo, Brazil. His photos show a lot of life, fun, run, and beautiful sights from his native Brazil.

8. Cecilia Santos (@ceci_run)

Inked Puerto Rican ultramarathoner from North Georgia that runs challenging races, lives a diverse life, and has the coolest ‘ULTRA’ tattoo on the planet.

9. Andy Baldwin (@drandybaldwin)

Dr. Andy from ‘The Bachelor’ fame shows he’s not just a pretty face but very serious about charity, health, being fit, and endurance sports in his Instagram photos.

10. Norma Bastidas (@ultrarunwild)

Accomplished ultramarathoner who posts tons of inspirational message-grams mixed with some training and race photos.

11. Gary Robbins (@garyrobbins)

Canadian ultramarathoner who is a multiple winner of the extremely tough HURT 100 ultramarathon in Honolulu. Beautiful photos from snow-capped mountains to tropical beaches can be found in his feed.

12. Leigh Marsh (@msprincessleigh)

Disney princess masquerading as a runner. Leigh’s photos are fun and filled with lots of bling and tiaras. Guaranteed to make you smile when you see how happy she is running.

13. Ian Sharman (@sharmanian)

Super speedy (sometimes costumed) marathoner and ultra runner sharing fun pics of running, costumes, travels, his pups, and beer & food.

14. Lisa Gonzales (@runlikeacoyote)

RIF #5 and regular contributor to Run It Fast who races often and posts amazing photos from all over Southern California. Easily the most skilled photographer on this list.

15. Josh Cox (@josh_cox)

An elite marathoner with an eclectic mix of Instagrams that are all over the map with no real pattern or recognizable rhythm, but that will suck you in and have you hitting that like/heart button on the next one of his that pops up.

16. Pavement Runner (@pavementrunner)

Bay Area runner sharing sights, music, and motivations as he runs this year (2013 miles in 2013) in and around San Francisco, CA.

17. Naresh Kumar (@iamarunr)

A combination of the adventure of Indiana Jones, mixed with the heart of Gandhi, combined with the daring antics of Evil Knievel and his Instragrams reflect just that.

18. Colin Cooley (@runwicked)

Wicked SoCal boy with a lot of sun, surf, run, and fun pics.

19. XPlantRunner (@xplantrunner)

Runner with a heart transplant who is using his second chance to do a little trail running and share his adventures on the trails around England’s Lake District.

20. Krissy Moehl (@krissymoehl)

Ultra runner and race director who shares lots of trail and race pics that make you want to sign up for a race immediately!

You can follow Run It Fast on Instagram @RunItFast to see photos of runners we admire, Run It Fast-Club members, and repost of the best running photos we come across.

We also feature other runners on Instagram on our feed, who tag their running photos with the hash tag #runitfast, to help us find their photos.

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