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Joshua Holmes at Born to Run, photo by Joel Livesey – Run It Fast

Born to Run 100 Offers Pink/Yellow Combo, Fails to Deliver Knockout Punch


Born to Run is a mixture of races that take place in Los Olivos, California. The races were created and hosted by famed runner Luis Escobar.

Born to Run is a bit of a cult race with a hippie-like Woodstock meets Burning Man vibe to it with good music, large consumptions of alcohol, and other extracurricular activities, as well as a bit of running. This year’s event had distances of 200mi, 100mi, 60mi, 30mi, 10mi, and a 1mi beer run.

Run It Fast® member, and good friend, Jeff Liu had selected this race a few weeks prior to run as his 4th 100 miler. I wanted to be there to support him but was undecided on running it until three days before the race when I signed up. That’s enough time before a 100 to decide to run it, right?

Naturally, I was late leaving Los Angeles, traffic piled up, and I finally arrived at the BTR ranch about 10 minutes before the race was to commence. Since I had signed up at the last minute there was some confusion as to who had my race bib. I finally located it and rushed to get ready in my truck as Jeff waited shaking his head at my rushed entry onto the BTR scene. Jeff had been there for several hours, all set up, laid back in his Lazy Boy recliner soaking in the BTR vibes, scents, and mentally preparing to run 100 miles. I finally told Jeff to head on over to the starting line as I wrestled with some bags to find socks and Gu’s. Shortly after, I heard the final call to start the race and ran the 1/10th of a mile to the starting line.

Run It Fast Born to Run Pre Race

Right before the gun went off, I was able to locate the other RIF members there including Christy Scott, Liu, Jeff Genova, Martine Sesma. I found everyone from RIF except Ed ‘the Jester’ Ettinghausen, and Ed is very hard to miss. Not being able to find Ed before a 100 he’s supposed to be at (which is about every one) is like not hearing a screaming kid at Chuck E Cheese at closing time.

Luis fired the shotgun and we started the Born to Run 100 mile race as the sun was starting to set on the ranch. I spent the first mile chatting with Christy and then with Andrew Snope, from Georgia, whom I met back in August at the Six Days in the Dome races in Alaska. I then caught Scott Newton, from Soul to Sole, and we ran the next mile or two together before he took off and left me as I helped a poor oak tree from the tough California drought with a solid 53-seconds of hydration. It was during those early miles that I realized all the things I had forgotten to do in my mad rush to make it to the starting line. The most glaring was that I forgot to put on my Zensah® calf compression sleeves. It was not a major deal though since the race would return by my truck at the 10-mile point.

The first 10 miles was on what was referred to as the ‘pink’ loop, pink ribbon…pink loop.  The pink loop winds all over before bringing runners back to race headquarters. Then we headed out on a 10 mile ‘yellow’ loop (yellow ribbon) that returned us to the same spot as well. You do each loop 5x to reach the 100 miles. I’ll give Liu a pass because he had never done the race before, but Liu, Newton, the Jester, and everyone I spoke to before the race talked about how BTR was a fast course with some easy rolling hills. Four miles into that first ‘pink’ loop and I thought this isn’t that rolling or that easy. As fate would play out the ‘pink’ loop was the easier loop of the two. SMH!

Joshua Holmes at Born to Run, photo by Joel Livesey - Run It Fast

I finished the first pink loop in 1:29 which was pretty fast, too fast actually! I had run it thinking that the yellow loop would be as friendly or more friendly.  Upon getting back to my truck I killed several minutes, finding and putting on my Zensah’s, reloading my bottle, etc. I think I also grabbed my headlamp because the race had started at 6pm, and the sun would be down before I got back around. I headed out on the first ‘yellow’ loop and ran the first couple miles of it with Snope. He’s a super-fast young dude who is usually bare foot or in some Gandhi sandals. We talked a bit, co-mingled in the sunset, and I finally found some weeds to water so he’d get on his fast way. I was running too hard to keep up with his ‘easy’ pace.


That ‘yellow’ loop was no joke. Yellow is supposed to be the color of friendship I thought, but ‘yellow’ was not mellow and slapped me around a bit. I quickly realized that this course was going to be challenging and that I needed to figure out how and when to attack it. It’s one of the advantages of doing a looped course. You’ll be back on subsequent loops so know where you want to run, power hike, let gravity pull you (and where the aid stations are). I got back to home plate finishing my first ‘yellow’ loop in 2:04 for that 10mi and 3:33 for the first 20 miles.

Somewhere between 15-20 miles into BTR my right achilles felt fried and like it was on the verge of popping. My lower back decided to join in around the same time and give me a two piece harmony of pain that couldn’t help me to not think that the next track to be played would be ‘Symphony of Destruction.’ I immediately prepared myself that it might be near impossible to finish 85 more miles and I might ring up my first DNF…after 143 races. After all it’s only a matter of time…I started to prepare myself for all outcomes. When a DNF does finally happen, I’ll just start another streak and hope it’s just as long as the first. However, I knew as long as I could keep taking a step forward that I would continue.


The next ‘pink’ was slower but felt comfortable, followed by a slower ‘yellow’ as my run went deep into the night. My third time around was my slowest on each side, but I knew it was the last miles before the sun reappeared. My aggressive goal coming into the race was to hit 60 miles in the first 12 hours. I think in reality I hit about 57 miles in the first 12 hours. My achilles had slowed me a bit as had hunger and a bit of sleepiness throughout the night, but overall I was pleased with my movement over the first 60 miles that brought me back to BTR headquarters with the completion of three big loops (3 pink and 3 yellow). It took me 13hr 10min to do 60 miles. During that time I hit 50 miles in 10hr 27min.

With daylight anew, I felt confident with 60 miles completed. With the light it’s easier to feel more confident about your footing. It’s no myth that the sun brings energy with it as well. Also with the daylight there would be no more green eyes glowing back at me like they had throughout the night. The ranch had lots of cattle, deer, and other wildlife that kept you alert during the night. Like most trail ultras at night though, you are just going on blind faith and eventually get to the point where you don’t care what is out there…and even further to the point that it usually gets so bad during a 100 that you hope something will attack you and take you out of your misery, but even the wildest of wildlife has standards and will thumb it’s nose at you at that point.

On the fourth set of pink and yellow loops I was strong. I had my 2nd strongest pink loop on that fourth round and also my 2nd strongest yellow loop of the five total completed. I did the combined set of 20 miles from 60-80 in 4:33 (2:00/2:33). This left an ‘easy’ pink that would bring me back to BTR headquarters at 90 miles, leaving the tough yellow loop that I could simply mark off one mile at a time.

The last few times back to BTR HQ Tony Scott, Christy’s husband, who has helped me many times during the Strolling Jim 40 Miler in Tennessee, made sure I had was well fed and I had anything I could think of as he went above and beyond to help me have a good race. I’m very appreciative for Tony’s kindness and help during BTR & SJ40 two weeks before. His tent and food spread became my aid station. Tony had some great lil turkey sandwiches, with pepper jack, on Hawaiian bread that were amazing. I almost turned around once after heading out on a loop to get a few more.  And of course he had Southern favorites, Zebra Cakes and Oatmeal Pies.

During that last pink loop I finally found ‘The Jester.’ I had not seen him before or during the race so I assumed he was a no-show. When I lapped Ed he told me that he had been late to the start (sound familiar?) and had started 30 minutes late. It’s always good to see Ed. He was having a rough day but would go on to complete his 100th 100-miler. Yeah, that’s a pretty amazing number. The whole Jester outfit can really detract at times from what a great runner Ed is and has been for a long time.  He holds a 100 PR of like 14:50.

Around mile 80 I started hallucinating that I saw a hot air ballon with the same colors of my race bib.


Pink 80-90 went smoothly and I headed out quickly for my very last loop, my last yellow loop. I was ready to finish and for several hours I had kept my focus on the number 22:30 to keep me tuned in and keep me tight on the rail to try to finish this race without burning too much more time than necessary. It’s 100% that RIF attitude of maximizing potential and seeing what we are truly capable of doing. On that last yellow it had warmed up as it was now the hottest part of the day. I was pushing pretty hard to finish, and I started to get a bit light headed coming up one of the long climbs. I dialed it back a bit, slowed down on that last big climb, and waited to turn it back up when the next descent hit.


Around mile 96ish I went down that nasty triple-dip ridge descent for the last time. This left close to 3 miles to go and with that came a good feeling that my 30th 100-mile finish was in the bag. I enjoyed those last miles and kind of played the entire race throughout my head again as I also wondered how Christy, Jeff, and Ed were doing on the course. I had not seen Jeff in about 25 miles when we crossed at one point at an intersection. I kept hoping he had not DNF’d and succumbed to the vices of BTR HQ.

I then came down the last mile, through the BTR alley of cheering & debauchery, and crossed the finish line in 22:16:51. It was good enough for 5th overall. RIF’s Jeff Genova, the official race photographer, gave me my finisher’s amulet and buckle moments after crossing the finish.


I was pleased with my finish and my time. I had battled for many miles against my achilles, gutted it through certain sections, but had given it my all every step of the way. I could have saved more time by being more organized with my gear/food/etc at my truck where I burned more time than I should have, but that is the only thing I felt like I could have done better. My moving time was 20:27:53….so I could have done better and been more efficient at my truck when I stopped at it for sure. I felt like I minimized time at the actual aid stations.

Here is a look at some of my splits from the 2015 Born to Run 100:

Pink Loops: 1:29, 2:04, 2:17, 2:00, 2:09
Yellow Loops: 2:04, 2:33, 2:43, 2:33, 2:24
20 Mile Loops: 3:33, 4:37, 5:00, 4:33, 4:33
10-1:29, 20-3:33, 30-5:37, 40-8:10, 50-10:27, 60-13:10, 70-15:10, 80-17:43, 90-19:52, 100-22:16

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Born to Run 100 Elevation Chart  - Run It Fast

Christy Scott finished sub 24 in 23:50:22 and was 1st female. Jeff Liu finished in 25:52:37. Ed ‘Jester’ Ettinghausen finished in 29:18:34 for his 100th 100-mile finish. Martine Sesma PR’d the 30-mile race in 6:00:14.

The great Oswaldo Lopez won the BTR 100mi in 17:10:07, Andrew Snope was 2nd in 17:45:22, and Ben Holmes was 3rd in 18:45:24.


Born to Run is laid back and fun for those there running one of the races, but is also a fun atmosphere for those not running as well with the live music, spirits, etc. The course is more challenging than advertised or friends remembered from prior years, but it’s a pretty course with great views and wildlife throughout.

I hope to be able to make it back next year!

– joshua holmes (RIF #1)
Run It Fast®

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2014 Double Black Diamond 40 Miler Starter Photo

Greg Armstrong Wins the 2014 Black Diamond 40 Miler (Results)

Greg Armstrong 2014 Black Diamond 40 Miler Winner

The Black Diamond 40 Miler

Castilian Springs native Greg Armstrong won the Black Diamond 40 Miler on November 28, 2014 finishing with a time of 5:46:21. He was able to hold off Joshua Holmes who finished in second place with a time of 5:53:15.

Third place went to ultramarathon newbie Randy Broadway with a time of 6:38:20.

The win for Armstrong was his second run of the course as he arrived at midnight, in freezing temperatures, and ran the course by himself for a warmup as part of his training for the Desert Solstice 24 Hour on December 14th.

Christy Scott was the first female across the line in 6:41:48, fourth overall. Second place went to Kendra Schoffstall in 7:26:31 and third place was held down by Beiyi Zheng in 8:36:46.

2014 Black Diamond 40 Miler Results
1. Greg Armstrong – 5:46:21
2. Joshua Holmes – 5:53:15
3. Randy Broadway – 6:38:20
4. Christy Scott (1st Female) – 6:41:48
5. Anthony Ohrey – 6:54:13
6. Danny Staggs – 7:22:25
7. Kendra Schoffstall (2nd Female) – 7:26:31
8. Kevin Gerteisen – 7:26:31
9. Rob Philip – 7:28:10
10. Beiyi Zheng (3rd Female) – 8:36:46
11. Amanda Staggs – 8:55:53
12. Sandy Staggs – 8:55:53
13. David Oglesby – 8:58:10
14. Daniel Wilson – 9:21:35
15. Diane Taylor – 10:35:21
DNF – Chris Estes (mi31)
DNS – David Wingard, Bill Wells, Israel Chaffin, James Barnard, Sulaiman Seriki

The Black Diamond 40 Miler Relay Race

The Black Diamond 40 Miler Relay was won by the team Just a Blur III, consisting of Steven Reagan, Shayne Fawcett, Klyne Fawcett, and Cody Whitehead, with a blitzkrieg time of 4:30:11 which easily set a new course record.

2014 Black Diamond 40 Mile Relay Results
1. Just a Blur III – 4:30:15 (CR)
2. Asphalt Runners – 5:37:08
3. Black Diamond Over 40’s – 5:38:55
4. Lenahan Learning (2 person) – 5:47:38
5. The Fab 40’s – 6:09:56

2014 Double Black Diamond 40 Miler Starter Photo

The Double Black Diamond 40 Miler

Nashville’s Francesca Muccini won the Double Black Diamond 40 Miler on November 29, 2014 with a time of 6:30:43.  Joshua Holmes finished second once again with a time of 6:41:36 on his second day of running the 40 Mile race. Third place went to Illinois native Heather Zeigler in 6:45:33.

2014 Double Black Diamond 40 Miler Results
1. Francesca Muccini – 6:30:43 (1st female)
2. Joshua Holmes – 6:41:36 (1st male, Day 2 B2B 40s)
3. Heather Zeigler – 6:45:33 (2nd female)
4. John Leighton – 8:02:35 (2nd male)
5. Kevin Gerteisen – 8:11:53 (3rd male, Day 2 B2B 40s)
6. Kendra Schoffstall – 8:11:53 (3rd female, Day 2 B2B 40s)
7. Joseph Nance – 8:23:24
8. Diane Bolton – 9:18:38
9. Rob Apple – 9:18:38
10. Terri Durbin – 9:52:28
11. Steve Durbin – 9:52:28
12. Mary ‘Vickie’ McDonald – 10:40:28
13. Diane Taylor – 12:25:17 (Day 2, B2B 40s)

DNS – Bill Baker, Anthony Ohrey, David Wingard, Bill Wells, Israel Chaffin

Four runners ran both the Black Diamond 40 Miler and Double Black Diamond 40 Miler including Holmes, Kendra Schoffstall, Kevin Gerteisen, and Diane Taylor.


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RIF121 Ed Ettinghausen

Extreme Racer 2014 Is Off And Running!

RIF #121 Ed Ettinghausen

We are a little late getting started but Extreme Racer 2014 is off and running!

RIF #121 Ed Ettinghausen is in the lead with 300 points! Ed, the Jester, is followed by RIF #279 George Southgate in second with 292.3 points and RIF #259 Rob Distante in third with 255.805 points. They are also the top 3 on the Men’s Leaderboard.

RIF #323 Jennifer Hatcher leads the women with 194.1 points. Jennifer is followed by RIF #277 Donna England in second with 118.6 points and RIF #231 Christy Scott in third with 113 points.

Here are the full standings through February 2014:

Top Ten
1. Ed Ettinghausen – 300 (RIF #121)
2. George Southgate – 292.3 (RIF #279)
3. Rob Distante – 255.805 (RIF #259)
4. Hideki Kinoshita – 245.4 (RIF #88)
5. Joshua Holmes – 209.6 (RIF #1)
6. John Kent Leighton – 206.1 (RIF #190)
7. Jennifer Hatcher – 194.1 (RIF #323)
8. Danny Staggs – 139.3 (RIF #186)
9. Bill Wells – 135.8 (RIF #327)
10. Eric Spencer – 121.23 (RIF #320)

Women’s Leaderboard
1. Jennifer Hatcher – 194.1 (RIF #323)
2. Donna England – 118.6 (RIF #277)
3. Christy Scott – 113 (RIF #231)
4. Robin Mancinelli – 112.4 (RIF #134)
5. Kim Crowe – 112.3 (RIF #245)
6. Suzanne Spiceland – 91.7 (RIF #280)
7. Amber Goetz – 82.2 (RIF #15)
8. Christy Bowers – 71 (RIF #60)
9. Amanda Staggs – 57.2 (RIF #210)
10. Natalie Torres – 13.1 (RIF #72)

Men’s Leaderboard
1. Ed Ettinghausen – 300 (RIF #121)
2. George Southgate – 292.3 (RIF #279)
3. Rob Distante – 255.805 (RIF #259)
4. Hideki Kinoshita – 245.4 (RIF #88)
5. Joshua Holmes – 209.6 (RIF #1)
6. John Kent Leighton – 206.1 (RIF #190)
7. Danny Staggs – 139.3 (RIF #186)
8. Bill Wells – 135.8 (RIF #327)
9. Eric Spencer – 121.23 (RIF #320)
10. Denis McCarthy – 114.12057 (RIF #263)
11. Jeff Le – 107.2 (RIF #248)
12. Jeff Liu – 82.4 (RIF #275)
13. Ben Pennington – 62 (RIF #315)
14. Nathan Bass – 44.1 (RIF #174)
15. Alex Barrientos – 41.7 (RIF #258)
16. Jeff Van Demark – 41.7 (RIF #322)
17. Stephen Griffin – 26.2 (RIF #48)
18. Dennis Arriaga – 26.2 (RIF #140)
19. Robin Robbins – 6.2 (RIF #33)
20. Steven Reagan – 3.1 (RIF #157)
21. Bill Baker – 3.1 (RIF #196)

This has been a tough winter for racing but now that spring is here…mostly…racing should be kicking into high gear! Good luck RIFers and Run It Fast!

Since we didn’t do a January post, we picked 2 names for our drawing winners from the submissions for January and February. This month’s  winners of the random drawings are RIF #15 Amber Goetz and RIF #248 Jeff Le! Congratulations!

Details on joining Run It Fast – The Club

[Extreme Racer points are rewarded per each racing mile completed. Example: marathon = 26.2 points, half marathon 13.1 points, etc.]

[photo from Lisa Gonzales]

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JFK 50 Mile Medal 2013

JFK 50 Mile Medal (2013)

This is the medal for the 51th Annual JFK 50 Mile that was held on November 23, 2013 in Washington County, Maryland.

Congrats to RIF #231 Christy who set a PR at the JFK 50 Mile!


[Medal photo submitted by RIF #231 Christy Scott.]

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RIF 159 Diane Bolton

May 2013 Extreme Racer Standings

RIF #159 Diane Bolton

Time for May Extreme Racer Standings! In the last 5 months, our RIF Club Members have raced 650 races, including 250 marathons, 14 100 Milers, 12 50 Milers, 38 50Ks, 90 Half Marathons, 109 5Ks, 32 10Ks, and 105 races of non-traditional distances. That’s 12,859.52 miles raced so far this year! 71 RIF Club members have submitted points and/or monthly miles so far for 2013 (only points count in the standings so only 69 Club members are listed below).

We have new club members in the Top 3 Overall, Men, and Women and in the Top 10! AND…there are more women than men in the Top 10 this month! Woo!

The race between 1st and 2nd looks to be getting a little closer but RIF #159 Diane Bolton is still in the lead with 809.9 points, followed by RIF #190 John Kent Leighton in 2nd 741.7 points and RIF #279 George Southgate is now 3rd with 598.7 points.

On the Women’s Leaderboard, Diane is in 1st, followed by 2 new club members to the top 3. RIF #287 Carol Earles is in 2nd with 466.4 points and RIF #231 Christy Scott is in 3rd with 432.6 points. On the Men’s Leaderboard, John is in 1st followed by George in 2nd and RIF #1 Joshua Holmes in 3rd with 584.1 points.

Here are the full standings through May:

Top Ten Overall
1.   Diane Bolton – 809.9  (RIF #159)
2.   John Kent Leighton – 741.7  (RIF #190)
3.   George Southgate – 598.7  (RIF #279)
4.   Joshua Holmes – 584.1  (RIF #1)
5.   Carol Earles – 466.4  (RIF #287)
6.   Christy Scott – 432.6  (RIF #231)
7.   Elaine Bickel Green – 424  (RIF #217)
8.   Rob Distante – 409.13  (RIF #259)
9.   Katrina Mumaw – 399.5  (RIF #268)
10.   Carol Goslin – 397.8  (RIF #218)

Women’s Leaderboard
1.   Diane Bolton – 809.9  (RIF #159)
2.   Carol Earles – 466.4  (RIF #287)
3.   Christy Scott – 432.6  (RIF #231)
4.   Elaine Bickel Green – 424  (RIF #217)
5.   Katrina Mumaw – 399.5  (RIF #268)
6.   Carol Goslin – 397.8  (RIF #218)
7.   Kerri Haskins – 359.7  (RIF #261)
8.   Heather Zeigler – 296.1  (RIF #246)
9.   Heather Shoemaker – 261.8  (RIF #44)
10.   Suzanne Spiceland – 259.7  (RIF #280)
11.   Laura Raeder – 258.9  (RIF #20)
12.   Sandy Staggs – 243  (RIF #220)
13.   Lisa Gonzales – 216.56  (RIF #5)
14.   Alicia Eno – 149.6  (RIF #126)
15.   Robin Mancinelli – 142.3  (RIF #134)
16.   Shannon Burke – 136.8  (RIF #171)
17.   Amanda Staggs – 121  (RIF #210)
18.   Michelle Mitchell – 112.4  (RIF #133)
19.   Melanie Kayal – 108.9  (RIF #202)
20.   Jennifer Wood – 91.7  (RIF #243)
21.   Christy Bowers – 91.5  (RIF #60)
22.   Marj Mitchell – 85  (RIF #4)
23.   Jennifer Whitley – 82  (RIF #160)
24.   Michelle Lenahan – 76.58  (RIF #283)
25.   Beth Hosick – 76.2  (RIF #219)
26.   Donna Pittman – 62.8  (RIF #181)
27.   Leigh Marsh – 61.7  (RIF #192)
28.   Jill Hassen – 57.2  (RIF #242)
29.   Natalie Torres – 55.5  (RIF #72)
30.   Marlene Deem – 52.4  (RIF #189)
31.   Martine Kincade – 26.2  (RIF #260)

Men’s Leaderboard
1.   John Kent Leighton – 741.7  (RIF #190)
2.   George Southgate – 598.7  (RIF #279)
3.   Joshua Holmes – 584.1  (RIF #1)
4.   Rob Distante – 409.13  (RIF #259)
5.   Hideki Kinoshita – 396.2  (RIF #88)
6.   Danny Staggs – 348.9  (RIF #186)
7.   Jeff Le – 293.96  (RIF #248)
8.   Denis McCarthy – 271.3  (RIF #263)
9.   Nicholas Norfolk – 225.8  (RIF #116)
10.   Billy Cannon – 208.9  (RIF #169)
11.   Mark Watson – 194  (RIF #173)
12.   Houston Wolf – 182.2  (RIF #254)
13.   Jeff Liu – 178.6  (RIF #275)
14.   Anthony Ohrey – 167  (RIF #27)
15.   Nathan Bass – 145.4  (RIF #174)
16.   Kevin Brandon – 116.3  (RIF #214)
17.   Dennis Arriaga – 109.6  (RIF #140)
18.   Nikiah Nudell – 94.8  (RIF #234)
19.   Rodrigo Jiménez – 93.56  (RIF #203)
20.   Charles Carmen – 89.63  (RIF #255)
21.   Steven Reagan – 88.2  (RIF #157)
22.   Josh Liggett – 85.7  (RIF #147)
23.   James Krenis – 84.8  (RIF #67)
24.   Rick Thiounn – 79.5  (RIF #111)
25.   Kevin Ronayne – 72.9  (RIF #11)
26.   Mark Ogletree – 70.3  (RIF #247)
27.   David Wingard – 65.5  (RIF #101)
28.   Stephen Griffin – 60.3  (RIF #48)
29.   Robin Robbins – 58.3  (RIF #33)
30.   Neil Dryland – 57.2  (RIF #252)
31.   Jason Scott – 55.5  (RIF #265)
32.   Naresh Kumar – 50  (RIF #2)
33.   Bill Baker – 39.3  (RIF #196)
34.   Stewart Crouch – 29.3  (RIF #89)
35.   Brian Wooldridge – 26.2  (RIF #141)
36.   Chris Haynes – 26.2  (RIF #223)
37.   Daniel Escue – 22.4  (RIF #187)
38.   Austin Coates – 22.4  (RIF #241)

I know June was a HUGE month for Run It Fast Club members and can’t wait to see what happens. Will there be a big mix-up in the standings? Who will emerge next month? Check back next month to find out!

Oh, we also did a random drawing to pick one RIF Club member who submitted points for May and this month’s winner is RIF #181 Donna Pittman We will be sending her a Gone For A Run sign. Don’t forget to submit your points/monthly miles next month for a chance to win!

Details on joining Run It Fast – The Club

[Extreme Racer points are rewarded per each racing mile completed. Example: marathon = 26.2 points, half marathon 13.1 points, etc.]

[photo from Lisa Gonzales]

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Podog Vogler, Trapper Presley, and Feb Boswell at Bartlett Park Ultra

Feb Boswell, Matt Walker, Podog Vogler Crush Bartlett Park Ultra 50K, 40 Mile & 50 Mile Course Records

Memphis runner Feb Boswell crushed the Bartlett Park Ultra (BPU) 50K course record on Saturday in Bartlett, Tennessee with a blazing time of 4:02:12.

Feb on Facebook after the race, “Pretty stoked with doing a training run at the BPU 50K this morning and getting a course record! Great race put on by some great folks!”

The previous course record for the BPU trail ultra was 4:07:10 by Eric Charette back in 2009.

Stacey Shaver-Matson broke the female 50K course record with a 5:16:27.

BPU 50K Top 5 Results

  1. Feb Boswell – 4:02:12
  2. Trapper Presley – 4:21:56
  3. Erno Lindner – 4:51:47
  4. Joseph Antoine – 4:58:02
  5. Stacey Shaver-Matson  (F) – 5:16:27

The beauty of the BPU race is that you have three options.  You can stop at the 50K or continue to run either a 40 miler or 50 miler.

Matt Walker set a record, as well on Saturday, for the BPU 40 Miler – finishing in a time of 6:37:30.  The previous course record for the 40 miler was by Mark Denherder in 6:48:02

Second place finisher Chris Estes had the fourth fastest time in the 40 mile course’s history running a 6:52:32.

BPU 40 Mile Top 5 Results

  1. Matt Walker – 6:37:30
  2. Chris Estes – 6:52:32
  3. Christy Scott (F) – 7:06:20
  4. Gary Thornton – 7:49:50
  5. George Peterka – 8:07:23

But the most impressive performance of the day came in the BPU 50 Miler where Podog Vogler demolished the course record by over 72 minutes, running a 7:28:12 to beat Harry Camp’s record of 8:40:27 from 2007.

Karen Martin also broke her own female 40 mile course record by nearly 35 minutes.

BPU 50 Mile Top 5 Results

  1. Podog Vogler – 7:28:12
  2. Karen Martin (F) – 9:01:10
  3. John Loucks – 9:39:27
  4. Michael Poole – 9:42:25
  5. Bruce Tanksley – 10:12:04

Congrats to all three men who set course records in the 50K, 40 miler, and 50 miler on Saturday. Impressive feats on a trail with so many roots and turns.

Race director Mike Samuelson and his team of volunteers do a really great job of putting on this race every year.

Bartlett Park Ultras Official Website (Link to Full Results as well)

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