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2011 Vol State Last Supper Marvin Skagerberg, Lazarus Lake (Gary Cantrell)

My Vol State 500K Photo Journal + Race Report (2011)

Along the course of this year’s Last Annual Vol State 500K I documented the 314+ mile journey on my Twitter and my FacebookRunning Page‘ (view here).

Below is my race report along with a few of those Facebook updates and photos I took throughout the race (and others).  The race report is very long and was done for me, to help me remember the race as time goes by and memories begin to fade.  If others happen to enjoy it or benefit from it then that is even better.

The Vol State 500K is one of the toughest races in the world. The race starts in Missouri then touches part of Kentucky before making it to the July oven on earth that is Tennessee for the next 290+ miles. The race concludes by leaving Tennessee and dipping down into Alabama briefly before runners finish at ‘The Rock’ atop a mountain in Castle Rock, Georgia some 314 miles after starting. Read the full story

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Don Winkley 2011 Vol State 500K Winner

2011 Last Annual Vol State 500K Results

Here is a look at the full results from the 2011 ‘Last Annual Vol State 500K Foot Race’ that covered 314 miles through 5 states and the hot-oven that is the state of Tennessee.

73-year old Don Winkley, the Hemmingway of multi-day road racing, won the esteemed title of ‘King of the Road’ finishing the race in 5 days 14 hours 21 minutes and 32 seconds.

Naresh Kumar was the first unaided runner (without crew) to cross the finish line with a time of 7 days 55 minutes and 4 seconds. Naresh completed the brutal race wearing Vibram 5 Fingers the entire way.  He came in 4th overall.

Abi Meadows was the first woman to Castle Rock finishing with a time of 6 days 15 hours 45 minutes and 47 seconds. She finished third overall.

2011 Vol State 500K Final Results

  1. Don Winkley – 5:14:21:32
  2. Mike Matteson – 5:21:21:06
  3. Abi Meadows – 6:15:45:47
  4. Naresh Kumar – 7:00:55:04
  5. Sherry Meador – 7:15:09:01
  6. Fred Murolo – 7:23:42:46
  7. Joshua Holmes – 8:00:07:44
  8. Paul Lefelhocz – 8:04:15:55
  9. Sal Coll – 8:06:40:29
  10. John Price – 8:07:27:00
  11. Erika Matheny – 8:18:57:45
  12. Lynnor Matheny – 8:18:58:42
  13. Diane Taylor – 9:15:11:34


Started but didn’t finish:

  • Joe Judd – 252 miles
  • Fred Davis – 177 miles
  • Stu Gleman – 175 miles
  • Shannon Burke – 130 miles
  • Joe Ninke – 106 miles
  • Marvin Skagerberg – 76 miles

Congrats to all the finishers and to those who started as well. This is a very tough race that takes a very special and determined person to even show up at the ferry for the start at Dorena Landing.

‘King of the Road’ Don Winkley’s Winning Vol State 500K Race Report

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