Day 8: Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA – Memorial Day

Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA paused today to remember those that have fallen serving our country and thank everyone that has to protect our land and freedoms.

On the road today, the Harlem Globetrotters were up to their usual tricks and domination of their opponents. They ended the day with 193.61 miles which is about their magic spot during the workweek.

In the Washington Generals division, the race saw The Metcalvary continue to create separation from the other ten teams. Currently the Rev’s are on another planet, then there is The Metcalvary creating it’s own modular radius around them.

The biggest bounce up today came from Kicking Glass that finished 3rd on the day with 138.48 miles, a 40-mile jump from yesterday.

[aside: Tuck n’ Stroll’s Doug Barnette played several years on the Washington Generals, never once beating the Globetrotters. As a member of the Generals, they were something like 0-345.]

The Top 5 Teams on Day 8

  1. Rev Run – 193.61
  2. The Metcalvary – 148.64
  3. Kicking Glass – 138.48
  4. Tuck n’ Stroll – 137.44
  5. Mojo Rising – 131.82

Link to the Google Map showing where each team is on it’s Race Across the USA

Race Across the USA Overall Standings (daily total)

  1. Rev Run – 1,573.94 miles (193.64)
  2. The Metcalvary – 1,216.01 miles (148.64)
  3. Tuck ‘n Stroll – 1,098.24 miles (137.44) +1
  4. Crowe Bars – 1,085.55 miles (116.30) -1
  5. Grapes of Rath – 1,070.53 (122.62) +1
  6. Mojo Rising – 1,064.57 miles (131.82) +1
  7. Trip 2 My Lou – 1,063.64 miles (104.51) -2
  8. Alfa’s Omegas – 1,045.54 miles (118.16)
  9. Peers One – 939.09 miles (113.00)
  10. Kicking Glass – 934.72 miles (138.44)
  11. The Beetroots – 894.67 miles (100.17)
  12. Eli’s PR Ice – 861.13 miles (103.92)

New York City to Santa Monica Pier Distance: 2,907.00 Miles

Today on Memorial Day we had two veterans that really above and beyond their normal mileage to remember those who have fallen in combat for our freedom. Two truly amazing performances today.

J.d. Barnette (Tuck n’ Stroll) and David Essary (Alfa’s Omega’s, photographed above) are the Race Across the USA’s Peak Performers of the day with 31.20 and 32.20 miles, respectively. A big thank you to both of these guys along with all the other men and women in our race who have served or are serving to protect us.

J.d. Barnette photographed with his dad, Doug Barnette, both team members of Tuck n’ Stroll.

Top 10 Miles of the Day

  1. Lisa Devona (REV) – 36.09
  2. Chris Clemens (GOR) – 33.00
  3. David Essary (AO) – 32.20
  4. Ximena Kriete (TNS) – 31.55
  5. J.d. Barnette (TNS) – 31.20
  6. Marylou Corino (LOU) – 27.20
  7. David Pharr (REV) – 26.55
  8. Tiffani Glass (KG) – 26.41
  9. Karl Studtmann (REV) – 26.31
  10. Leslie Studtmann (BR) – 26.27

The Day’s Quick Team-by-Team Recaps

REV RUN- Day 8: 193.61 Miles (1st) – 1st overall

Lisa Devona was back at the top of the board for the Rev’s on Day 8 with 36.09 miles. She leads the entire event with 274.1 miles. Team Captain David Pharr got in on the big-mile action with 26.55 miles. Dr. Karl Studtmann went for a marathon distance with 26.31 miles. Emily Ryan and Steve Snyder went for 20+ as the team has been flawless every single day.

The team is currently about 1/3 a nation ahead of the other teams and is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

RR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Lisa Devona – 36.09 miles
  2. David Pharr –  26.55 miles
  3. Karl Studtmann – 26.31 miles

THE METCALVARY – Day 8: 148.64 Miles (2nd) – 2nd overall

Jen Metcalf has captained The Mets into a strong grip of 2nd place overall. They likely won’t catch Rev Run, but she has the team in a spot where no team behind them will likely catch them, as well.

Not a massive day from anyone, but really solid days from so many that gave them the 2nd most miles on the day. Elissa Higgins, a rising star, led the team with 22.08 miles. She was followed by Erik Pascual with 21.48, and Randy ‘Mustaine’ Broadway has been rock (n’ roll) solid every day.

The team is in Little Rock, Arkansas.

MET’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Elissa Higgins – 22.08 miles
  2. Erik Pascual – 21.48 miles
  3. Randy Broadway – 21.16 miles

TUCK N’ STROLL – Day 8: 137.44 Miles (4th) – 3rd overall

X always marks the spot on The Tucks. Ximena Kriete had 31.55 miles on Monday, but as mentioned above, J.d. Barnette was spectacular with his 31.20 miles.

They moved up a spot in the standings since yesterday.

TNS’s Top Performers of the Day.

  1. Ximena Kriete – 31.55 miles
  2. J.d. Barnette – 31.20 miles
  3. Rene Fosdal-Griffin – 17.68 miles

CROWE BARS – Day 8: 116.30 Miles (8th) – 4th overall

A relaxing day of BBQ, yard-darts, and cake-pops at the Crowe Bars n’ Grill. Steve Troxel, taking a step back from his 50K-a-day, still knocked down a double-dime (20.37 miles). Amy Hazlewood was splendid again with 18.32 miles and Cathy Downes rebounded from her big Saturday to have 18.29 today.

The team is in Bartlett, Tennessee which might explain why their miles were down and spirits were high. Fleet Feet – Jackson owner Danny Crossett was reportedly seen with the team earlier and likely the leader in their Memorial Day celebration.

CB’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Steve Troxel – 20.37 miles
  2. Amy Hazlewood – 18.32 miles
  3. Cathy Downes – 18.29 miles

GRAPES OF RATH – Day 8: 122.62 Miles (6th) – 5th overall

GOR tore down I-40 today between Jackson and Memphis. With the temps up, and tired legs-a-dragging, team captain Scott Kufferath decided to take the team to Adventure River to enjoy the water slides and wave pool. It seemed to work as the team had a bit more lift in their legs late in the afternoon when they got back to putting miles on the road.

They were led in miles today by Chris Clemens with 33.o0. Lisamarie Griffin ran 23.02 miles and Elva Matamoros ran 17.88.

GOR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Chris Clemens – 33.00 miles
  2. Lisamarie Griffin – 23.02 miles
  3. Elva Matamoros – 17.88 miles

MOJO RISING- Day 8: 131.82 Miles (5th) – 6th overall

A bit of a rebound today for Mojo Rising. After a rough weekend, the team finished 5th on the day with 131.82 miles and moved up a spot in the standings. They were led by Audrey Davis with 24.08 miles. JR Reynolds continued his shirtless work with another strong day of 23.84 miles. Lindsay Phenix upped her mileage for the 8th consecutive day to 23.24 miles.

The team is currently near Mason, Tennessee. They enjoyed dinner at the original Gus’s World Famous Chicken…sweet tea, fried pickles, chicken, and chess pie. Does it get any better?

MR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Audrey Davis – 24.08 miles
  2. JR Reynolds – 23.84 miles
  3. Lindsay Phenix – 23.24 miles

TRIP 2 MY LOU – Day 8: 104.51 Miles (10th) – 7th overall

A drop in miles for the Lou’s and down two spots in the standings, but not really a huge deal as most everyone was down a bit today. They are in 7th overall but less than a mile behind Mojo.

They were led by team captain Marylou Corino’s 27.20 miles. Russ Metteer continued his 3-day hot streak with 23.03 miles. Christy Brewer, currently passing through her hometown of Memphis, contributed a total of 13.10 miles for Lou.

LOU’S Top Performers of the Day

  1. Marylou Corino – 27.20 miles
  2. Russ Metteer – 23.03 miles
  3. Christy Brewer – 13.10 miles

ALFA’S OMEGAS – Day 8: 118.16 Miles (7th) – 8th overall

David ‘Five-O’ Essary really dug deep all day to compile 32.30 miles for the Alfa’s. He was magnificent, and the Alfa’s really needed those miles to save the day. Essary got to see his wife and children as the race came down I-40 close to his homestead in Lexington.

The Alfa’s miles were down a good bit from yesterday, but they still placed higher on the day than they are overall which is good.

Team captain Alfa Severino added 20.28 miles. Allison Barcelona landed on 14.93 for the day.

AO’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. David Essary – 32.30 miles
  2. Alfa Severino – 20.28 miles
  3. Allison Barcelona- 14.93 miles

PEERS ONE- Day 8: 113.00 Miles (9th) – 9th overall

Peers One was led on Day 8 by Sofie Romero with 20.10 miles. Captain Rich Peers ran 17.58 miles, and Diane ‘Vol State’ Taylor walked a strong 13.89 miles.

The team is currently in Bucksnort, Tennessee.

PR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Sofie Romero – 20.10 miles
  2. Rich Peers – 17.58 miles
  3. Diane Taylor – 13.89 miles

KICKING GLASS – Day 8: 138.48 Miles (3rd) – 10th overall

The most impressive performance of the day came from Kicking Glass with 138.48 miles, 3rd most on the day. It didn’t bump them up in the overall standings, but it moved them a lot closer to the teams ahead of them.

Team captain Tiffani Glass led the way with 26.41 miles. Canadian Lisa Van Wolde ran 22.03 miles, and Aaron Debord ran 20.05.

KG’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Tiffani Glass – 26.41 miles
  2. Lisa Van Wolde – 22.03 miles
  3. Aaron Debord- 20.05 miles

THE BEETROOTS – Day 8: 100.17 Miles (12th) – 11th overall

The Roots got over 46% of it’s daily production from Leslie Studtmann (26.27) and Amy Costa (20.25). Kendra Schoffstall added 16.04 miles for the yo-yo’s as well.

The team is currently in Bell Meade, Tennessee

BR’s Top Performers of the Day

  1. Leslie Studtmann- 26.27 miles
  2. Amy Costa – 20.25 miles
  3. Kendra Schoffstall – 16.04 miles

ELI’S P.R. ICE – Day 8: 103.92 Miles (11th) – 12th overall

An 11th place finish for the day for the Eli’s. They were led today by Francesca Muccini with 22.19 miles. Abbi Auger added 17.80, along with 15.01 from team captain Melissa Price.

The team is near Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

ELI’S Top Performers of the Day

  1. Francesca Muccini – 22.19 miles
  2. Abbi Auger – 17.80 miles
  3. Melissa Price – 15.01 miles

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