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JFK 50 Mile

David Riddle Smokes JFK 50 Miler (Results)

Ohio native David Riddle smoked the JFK 50 Mile ultramarathon on Saturday in Maryland with a time of 5:40:45.  Virginia’s Michael Wardian finished nearly as fast in 2nd place in 5:43:24.

Cassie Scallon was the first female finisher in 6:31:22.

2011 JFK 50 Mile Results (Top 10)

  1. David Riddle – 5:40:45 (6:49 pace)
  2. Michael Wardian – 5:43:24
  3. Jeffry Buechler – 5:53:25
  4. Kalib Wilkinson – 6:05:05
  5. Michael Arnstein – 6:07:54
  6. Zach Bitter – 6:11:59
  7. Jon Lawler – 6:13:50
  8. Matthew Lavine – 6:15:22
  9. Jake Reed – 6:16:39
  10. Ethan Coffey – 6:21:55

Notable Friends of the Program

  • Dink Taylor – 6:59:56
  • Hideki Kino – 10:43:00

First and second place finishers gain automatic entry into the 2012 Western States 100.

View Full JFK 50 Results

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Philadelphia Marathon Medal (2011) Race

Philadelphia Marathon Medal (2011)

The 2011 Philadelphia Marathon was run on Sunday in Philly.  Here is the finisher’s medal from the race.

It was a tragic day for the sport as two runners died near the finish of the race.

The marathon was won by Folisho Tuko with a finishing time of 2:19:16.

[Medal photo submitted by John Longo. Follow him on Twitter @speed13jl]

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Philly Marathon 2011

Folisho Tuko Wins 2011 Philadelphia Marathon (Results)

New York native Folisho Tuko won the 2011 Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday in a time of 2:19:16.  He barely edged out Californian Kevin Pool who finished just six seconds behind at 2:19:22.

2011 Philadelphia Marathon Medal

Third place went to Hollary Cheruiyot who was less 41 seconds back of 1st with a time of 2:19:57

2011 Philadelphia Marathon Top 10 Results

  1. Folisho Tuko – 2:19:16
  2. Kevin Pool – 2:19:22
  3. Hollary Cheruiyot – 2:19:57
  4. Tyler Gruszewski – 2:20:46
  5. Jynocei Basweti – 2:21:01
  6. David Bedoya – 2:21:53
  7. Philip Kamau – 2:22:02
  8. Terrance Shea – 2:24:05
  9. Christopher Zablocki – 2:24:11
  10. Nicholas Wheeler – 2:24:15

Mariska Kramer was the first female finisher with a time of 2:35:46. Tezeta Dengersa (2:44:05) and Jodie Conway (2:44:09) rounded out the top three females.

View Full Searchable Results on Philadelphia Marathon Website (HERE)

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Tragic Day in Philly: Two Runners Die Running Philadelphia Marathon

Bad news out of Philadelphia earlier today as two marathoners died during the 18th annual Philadelphia Marathon.

One was a 21-year old who died at the finish line and the other was a 40-year old who collapsed less than 1/2 mile from the finish.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

According to a source, the 21-year-old male is Jeffrey Lee, a California native. Mr. Lee was a senior nursing and business student at The University of Pennslyvania.

Both were rushed to the hospital where they passed away from heart attacks.

Several others were sent to the hospital out of the 25,000 runners that ran the race.

The deaths add to number of those that have already died at marathons this year.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to the families of these two.

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Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend! (November 19-20, 2011)

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend! (November 19-20, 2011)

We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and a record 41 of you responded!

The most popular events this weekend according to you will be The Flying Monkey Marathon in Nashville, Philadelphia Marathon, Route 66 Marathon in Oklahoma, and Big Sur in California..

Good luck to everyone running this weekend, especially all of you that are running your first 1/2, full, or any distance.  Run It Fast!!!!

Joshua Holmes – @bayou – The 6th Flying Monkey Marathon #MonkeyMarathon

Michele Gonzalez – @nycrunningmama – Knickerbocker 60k in Central Park!! =)

Kiki – @CapnKeeks – I’m running in the Moonlight 4-Miler in Indianapolis on Saturday night. I can’t wait.

Emma Marlow – @emmamarlow – 8.5km in preparation for my 10k race in 3 weeks time #prepgoing well #10km

Gerard Pescatore – @GPescatore – Running 26.2 miles in Philly as a rabbit for my wife as she attempts to qualify for Boston!

Ravelle Mohammed – @ravmo – I’ll be running in LA, along #SantaMonicaBeach

Brad Dulay – @braddulay – Philly Marathon!

Carrie Tarver – @CarrieTarver – I will be at The Ultracentric this weekend running the 24hr race :D!

Amy Ringler – @amyb_714 – halfy is Kansas City-the Gobbler Grind!

Karla Thomas – @kjoto – Fall Classic 10k at beautiful UBC

Half the Girl – @Half_The_Girl – Warrior Dash Central Texas!!

Karen A. – @Karen_Ferri – Philly Marathon!!!

Alberto Barrantes – @AlbBarrantes – Madrid. Spain. About 15 kms.

Beth Lynch – @bethlynch – Running around my neighborhood!

Melissa – @assilem529 – Lincolnwood Turkey Trot!

Lauren McIntire – @Elbiechic – Philly! Doing my first half

Willie May – @williewaysworld – Mesquite Tri States Marathon

TJ – @MrsRMH#MonkeyMarathon in Smashville

Georgina Walker – @Georgina_w7 – route 66 marathon in Tulsa oklahoma!!! First solo marathon, but feels like home territory so I’m ready to dominate! #livefit

Jarrett Moore – @j_d_moore@route66marathon Tulsa,OK

Gregory Wilson – @gdubWW – Big Sur Half Marathon on Sunday

Ian Harper – @ianhar01 – Flying Monkey Marathon – I’ll try to stay one step ahead of the Monkeys

Theresa Unruh – @RNrunnerdiva – The Route 66 half marathon, Tulsa, Oklahoma!! My first half ever!!

Lisa Gonzales – @runlikeacoyote – I’m doing 20 miles tomorrow on any hill I can find!

Nathan Kreeger – @KreegSauceRuns – NC Marathon, High Point, NC

Doug Thielen – @dthielen – IM AZ this Sunday! Woot!

Peter G – @peterg11742 – Eisenhower Park, 10 miles

Navin Sandarangain – @navin48 – Doing a half around the block in Montego Bay

Hannah Violin – @hannahviolin – doing the st louis track club marathon relay!

Rugged Radnage – @RuggedRadnage – i am not racing this weekend but organising a10k which is on sunday Rugged Radnage 10k…does that count? 🙂

Joe Herkenstein – @JoeHerkenstein – I’ll be doing a 20km (10km out and back) along the towpath of the Birmingham Canal on Sunday

Suann – @SuannTris – Ultracentric 12 hour! Grapevine TX

David – @DavidRoadRunner – Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon  #monkeymarathon

Hudi – @RunHudi – Tiberias (Galilee) Marathon, Here We Come!

Rigo Tellez – @rigotellez – I’ll run the Mesquite Tri States Marathon. It’ll start in Utah, cross Arizona and finish in Nevada.

Ange Clas – @AngeClas – my wife  @01jodiekelly and me are running the gospprt half marathon on Sunday. Hoping the wind stays down

Aaron Johnston – @aarongeek – recovery run from SA marathon / training run for the @austinmarathon

Craig Brett – @craigbrett – Swindon 10k

Amy G – @AmyG11742 – Team Challenge Long Island 10-12 miles

Scott Stader – @ScottStader – Philly Marathon!! State #20

Monkey Trent – @hhFlyingMonkey – Hey, I will be running the #MonkeyMarathon!

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Thunder Road Marathon Medal 2011 – Volume 2

Charlotte’s Thunder Road Marathon Medal (2011)

Finisher’s medal from the 2011 Charlotte’s Thunder Road Marathon that took place on November 12, 2011 in North Carolina.

Strong medal, full of color with a nice thick, printed ribbon to top it off.

Charlotte’s Thunder Marathon Website


[Medal photo submitted by Eric Stanbro.  Congrats to Eric who had a PR of 3:51:10.  Follow him on Twitter @ess286]

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Indiana State Capitol

Bad Enough To Be Good

It was bad enough to be good. I’m talking about my performance in the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, November 5. It is best to write about your bad runs and avoid the good ones. Then you won’t be accused of indulgence or self aggrandizement. So my performance was bad enough to be good enough to write about. Here goes then, a story full of excuses.

Which started the second night before the marathon, one of the days where you try to load up on carbohydrates. So my stepson, Derek, who lives in Indianapolis and who ran the half marathon, and I went to an Italian restaurant for spaghetti. Spaghetti with meat sauce. That means ground beef. It was a fateful choice.

You may assume ground beef contains cowshit. Cowshit in turn contains E. Coli, a powerful bacterium which will give you a bellyache and diarrhea. Unless, of course, it is thoroughly cooked.

Read more HERE

The Monument Marathon starts and ends at the Indiana state capitol

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Pinhoti 100 Mile Ultra Buckle (2011)

Pinhoti 100 Mile Belt Buckle (2011)

Sulaiman Seriki completed his first 100 mile ultramarathon back in October at the Heartland 100 in Kansas with a time of 23:16:00.

For his encore, just a few weeks later, he tackled and completed the challenging Pinhoti 100 Mile ultramarathon in Alabama on November 5, 2011.

Sulaiman after the race, “Pinhoti was tougher than I thought, but I’m glad I finished within time limit.”

He was kind enough to send us a photo of his badda-bling buckle from completing Pinhoti.

A very nice 100 mile buckle and well earned by Sulaiman.


[Buckle photo submitted by Sulaiman Seriki]

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Ultramarathoner Liza Howard

Liz Howard’s Course Shattering Javelina Jundred Race Report

As we covered the Javelina Jundred 100 mile ultramarathon Saturday night we quickly realized that Hal Koerner had set a course record of 13:47:46.  Shortly after Hal’s finish, Liz Howard totally destroyed and crushed the previous female course record of 17:11:32 (Jamie Donaldson) with a finishing time of 15:47:00.

She has now put her historic race into a race report on her blog.  In it she details her 101.4 mile journey in the 1st installment (read HERE) and her ER visit and hospital stay in the 2nd installment (read HERE).

Here is a quick tidbit from the 2nd installment of Liza’s race report:

I made it to a lovely private room and spent the next ten minutes trying to convince another tech that I should be fed.

“But I ran 100 miles and I’m REALLY hungry.  Actually it was 101.4 miles.  And  I’ve only had a couple of handfuls of Garden Herb Triskets since I finished six hours ago.”

“The kitchen doesn’t open for two more hours.”

I didn’t strangle the tech because my legs weren’t really serviceable anymore and it would have been too difficult with the urinary catheter they’d inserted anyway.

Read more at: Liza Howard’s Javelina Jundred Race Report (Part 1) and (Part 2)

Javelina Jundred 100 Mile Buckle

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2011 Huntsville Half Marathon Medal

Huntsville Half Marathon Medal (2011)

Here is a photo of the Huntsville 1/2 (Half) Marathon that took place on November 12, 2011 in Huntsville, Alabama.


[Medal photo submitted by George Titsworth. Follow him on Twitter @titsworth]

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