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Liz Howard’s Course Shattering Javelina Jundred Race Report

As we covered the Javelina Jundred 100 mile ultramarathon Saturday night we quickly realized that Hal Koerner had set a course record of 13:47:46.  Shortly after Hal’s finish, Liz Howard totally destroyed and crushed the previous female course record of 17:11:32 (Jamie Donaldson) with a finishing time of 15:47:00.

She has now put her historic race into a race report on her blog.  In it she details her 101.4 mile journey in the 1st installment (read HERE) and her ER visit and hospital stay in the 2nd installment (read HERE).

Here is a quick tidbit from the 2nd installment of Liza’s race report:

I made it to a lovely private room and spent the next ten minutes trying to convince another tech that I should be fed.

“But I ran 100 miles and I’m REALLY hungry.  Actually it was 101.4 miles.  And  I’ve only had a couple of handfuls of Garden Herb Triskets since I finished six hours ago.”

“The kitchen doesn’t open for two more hours.”

I didn’t strangle the tech because my legs weren’t really serviceable anymore and it would have been too difficult with the urinary catheter they’d inserted anyway.

Read more at: Liza Howard’s Javelina Jundred Race Report (Part 1) and (Part 2)

Javelina Jundred 100 Mile Buckle

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