Day 9: 2013 Last Annual Vol State 500K Live Blog

RIF #159 Diane Bolton and Lazarus Lake

Yesterday, we saw 6 runners and 2 teams finish! A few more finished overnight and sadly, I hear there are 2 more runners who dropped. But there are still runners on the course though so this race isn’t over yet!

Check back throughout the day to see how things are going out there!

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Last Annual Volstate 500K Spreadsheet & Map – for runner tracking (updated twice a day).
Carl’s 2013 Last Annual Volstate 500K AlbumDay 2 Drive Thruand Day 3 Photos

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So far today:

Lisa: TJ did drop so we are down to 6 runners. Here’s where they were at the 204 Hour Update:

Marcia Rasmussen – 279 miles
Jan Walker – 278 miles
Paul Heckert – 277 miles
Brian Curro – 268 miles
Joe Kowalski – 266 miles
Diane Taylor – 266 miles

Joe and Diane are .9 miles behind the Grim Reaper but are steadily moving forward. They have less than 36 hours to get to the rock now. Like Laz said in the email below, “I am anxious to see where they will stand when the sun next rises.

Email from Mike Dobies at 9:23 pm:

Vol State – 204 Hour Update 

Tracking Sheet:


Email from Laz at 9:18 pm:

FW: Now the real fun begins!

for me, the race remains as compelling as it has been for the past 8+ days.
I find the challenges faced by people who are stretching the limits of their ability
and competing to the end
equally compelling,
regardless of their level.

we have one last pack of runners on the course.
with only a tiny distance separating the last 6 heroes,
I am anxious to see where they will stand when the sun next rises.

I have watched these people compete for more than a week;
I have seen them in their moments of weakness,
and I have seen them rise to the challenge.
I have come to feel like I know something of them,
from how they have faced the demons.

I cannot wait to see the great victories to be won tomorrow…
and tomorrow night.

and great victories will be won.
anyone who does not back down,
who gives their all,
is a great champion.
whether they finish 1st,
or 40th.

Lisa: Having been at the back of the pack in a few races, I can appreciate that email!

Email from Frank Lilley at 6:42 pm:

Now the real fun begins!

Not to take a single thing away from all the unbelievable achievements of Vol State finishers to this point . . . but now it starts getting REALLY tough! These next folks to finish are my peeps!!!

These folks have been out there suffering away, every day with no notoriety! Everyone rightly focuses on Joe Fejes and Alan Abbs and Bruce Sung Ho Choi and Ray Krolewicz and Psyche Wimberly and all the others that have finished already. What they have done is awesome!

But here come my peeps!

I love the back of the packers! The folks that are slow and not all that gifted when it come to speed and endurance. See . . . I am siure that part of our performance is a genetics gift! Oh . . . those with the “gift” . . . they work hard at excelling I know. But there is love in my heart for everyone else!

Us slower, maybe undertrained, maybe overweight folks who just “try.” Those people that know they will be the tail of the dog . . . and they just don’t give a rat’s ass! They are there just simply to see if the can do it! Period.

Finishing is not an absolute given for my peeps! This is a gut wrenching testament to pure desire! The desire to accomplish the seemingly impossible!

So I honestly do love all you guys and gal that have already achieved greatness by finishing Vol State . . . but here come my peeps!!


Lisa: There is no medal or prize for finishing this race but a couple of runners had these souvenirs made. Pretty cool, huh?

Tweet from Dallas Smith that shows a couple of his souvenirs:

Email from Joel Gat at 3:02 pm:

Texas Jeff – 8:07:26:06

“It was long… if my feet hadn’t been blistered, it still would have been long.”

Lisa: Great clip of RIF #79 Dallas finishing the VS500K (thanks to @bayou for sharing!):

Lisa: Congratulations to David and Dallas! This is the first Last Annual Vol State 500K for both of them and they did it uncrewed! Love that Dallas sprinted at the end! 🙂

Email from Joel Gat at 1:10 pm:

Dallas Smith – 8:05:34:11

“Whoa! Slow down!” – as Dallas charged at a sprint to the finish…

Email from Joel Gat at 12:26 pm:

David Wingard – 8:04:48:43

Lisa: Pics from life on the road at Vol State 500K…

Photos from RIF #1 Joshua Holmes:

RIF #79 Dallas Smith with 1st time finisher RIF #159 Diane Bolton

RIF #79 Dallas Smith

With RIF #101 David Wingard

Tweet from Dallas at 9:40 am:

Email from Joel Gat at 9:52 am:

Becky Lockard 8:02:09:55

“I did this because I didn’t know if I could.”

Email from Joel Gat at 9:48 am showing a sleeping RD:

But what about us? 

The runners come in at all times of the day and night, so Carl and Laz have slept a total of about 6.5 hours since Sunday. That’s been one 4 hour sleep and a few 15-45 minute snoozes.  This one lasted about five minutes…

Lisa: It looks like Jeff Stephens is a definite drop. And rumor on the list is that TJ Nagies is a drop too though he’s not listed as that on the spreadsheet. He is, however, still at the same mileage he was for the 180 Hour Update. 🙁 Here is where the rest of the runners were at during the check in:

Becky Lockard – 303 miles
David Wingard – 300 miles
Dallas Smith – 300 miles
Jeff Venable – 290 miles
Jan Walker – 267 miles
Marcia Rasmussen – 266 miles
Paul Heckert – 258 miles
Brian Curro – 256 miles
Joe Kowalski – 252 miles
Diane Taylor – 250 miles
TJ Nagies – 201.5 miles

It looks like we should have 3 more finishers very shortly including two of our RIFers – RIF #101 David Wingard and RIF #79 Dallas Smith!

Email from Mike Dobies at 9:46 am:

Vol State – 192 Hour Update

Tracking Sheet:


Lisa: Congrats to Jeff and Psyche! We are glad Psyche found her way to the rock! W

Lisa: Here’s what happened overnight…

Email from Carl Laniak at 6:50 am:

Psyche – 7:23:14:59

An epic struggle the last 2 miles….


Email from Carl Laniak at 5:44 am:

From laz:

This is the longest Monday if my life.

The sun keeps coming up and going down, while runners are fed out from Kimball at regular intervals. I spent this last dark period smoking camel filters and listening to “let’s kill all these morherf#ckers,” by Lair of the Minotaur.

Psyche found a way to buy time for the next runner to start by getting lost at mile 312 (of 314).
She’s now laying in a ditch a half mile off course, refusing all offers of assistance, while regrouping for another attempt to locate the state of Georgia.

I’m entertained by the view from the rock, 4 acre lily pads in the ocean below. I may be hallucinating from lack of sleep…..

They call it the volstate.


Email from Carl Laniak at 1:09 am:

Jeff McGonnell – 7:17:32:38



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