Day 8: 2013 Last Annual Vol State 500K Live Blog

RIF #159 Diane Bolton shopping during the VS500K

Thanks to RIF #286 for sharing this photo of Diane shopping for antiques yesterday. It’s not all about the grind out there! I think it’s more about the little moments. At least, it seems that way reading the emails from the ultra list about this race. Something must keep them coming back every year. They can’t all be masochists for the pain, right?

I hope you’ll check back here throughout the day to see all of today’s happenings!

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Last Annual Volstate 500K Spreadsheet & Map – for runner tracking (updated twice a day).
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RunItFast: @runitfast
Joshua Holmes: @bayou
Shannon Burke: @s4121burke
Dallas Smith:  @smithbend
VS500: #VS500 or #VS500K

UltraJoshua – Facebook page for Joshua Holmes
Last Annual Vol State Road Race – Facebook page for VS500K

So far today:

Email from Mike Dobies at 12:18 am:

Vol State – 180 Hour Update

Tracking Sheet:


Email from Carl Laniak at 11:37 pm:

Scott Krouse – 7:16:01:53

Lisa: Here is where the runners still out there were at the 180 Hour check in:

Scott Krouse – 300 miles
Jeff McGonnell – 299 miles
Jeff Stephens – 297 miles
Psyche Wimberly – 295 miles
Dallas Smith – 293.5 miles
David Wingard – 290 miles
Becky Lockard – 290 miles
Jeff Venable – 283 miles
Paul Heckert – 252 miles
Marcia Rasmussen – 252 miles
Jan Walker – 247 miles
Joe Kowalski – 235 miles
Diane Taylor – 235 miles
Brian Curro – 233 miles
TJ Nagies – 201.5 miles

Looks like there will be a bunch of finishes tonight too. Don’t think Laz and Carl will be getting much sleep again.

Lisa: Both Team Saturday and Team Dancing Bears (Patrick) also finished. I don’t have their times yet but will post those as soon as I know. It’s just 15 solo runners left on the course now.

Lisa: Woo! This was her first time running the VS500K! We are so proud of her! Congratulations Diane!

Email from Carl Laniak at 9:55 pm:

Diane Bolton – 7:14:13:05

Lisa: Apparently flavoring was an autocorrect. LOL! But then he let us know that she had just a mile to go about 20 minutes ago! The waiting is killing me!

Facebook post by RIF #1 Joshua Holmes:

Email from Carl Laniak at 5:32 pm:

Joseph Nance – 7:09:56:26

“That’s some good stuff”


Facebook post by Diane Bolton’s crew RIF #286 Phil Min showing the “cool” weather on today’s course (as if running 314 miles wasn’t hard enough!):

Lisa: Here are 2 great photos that RIF #1 Joshua Holmes shared as he wanders the course cheering on runners:

Josh with RIF #79 Dallas Smith

Josh with RIF #159 Diane Bolton

Lisa: There are no ties at the VS500K and because they want runners to enjoy their time at the “rock”, they set up a sprint line 30′ from the rock so whoever gets to that line first, gets to go to the rock first. Congrats to Johnny and Charlie! Way to Run It Fast! Here’s a great quote from RIF #2 Naresh Kumar about Johnny and Charlie’s finish:

Just amazing how a 314 mile race ended up to be a sprint finish for two runners. Epic!! Congrats CT and Johnny! Way to finish it. ~Naresh Kumar

Email from Carl Laniak at 2:36 pm:

correction – Johnny Adams – 7:05:30:36

Sorry, sleep deprivation at work…Johnny was ahead of Charlie


Email from Carl Laniak at 1:07 pm:

Charlie Taylor – 7:05:31:03

Johnny won the sprint to the finish-order-line, so got the right to approach the rock first. It was closer than the 30 second finish difference. A true sprint.


Email from Carl Laniak at 1:05 pm:

Johnny Adams – 7:05:31:03

Sprint finish!


Email from Mike Dobies at 12:36 pm with the solo runners finishing rates since 2009:

For solo runners:

2009 – 75% (12/16)
2010 – 43% (6/14)
2011 – 68% (13/19)
2012 – 61% (14/23)

2013 – 40% (16/40) so far, with 19 still on the course (almost 3 days remaining)

Tweet from Dallas at 11:38 am sharing some of the views from the road:

Lisa: And here is a great tweet from the Awesome RIF #79 Dallas Smith earlier this morning:

Lisa: Here’s a great quote from the 2012 Last Annual Vol State 500K winner Dan Fox:

It’s just that Vol State is so huge that it can contain a lot of life’s vicissitudes.

It’s big enough to go to hell and back, and still have time left over. ~Dan Fox

Lisa: Congrats to Roy and Sherry! Oh, and Sherry is the 1st Woman to complete this year’s VS500K! Woo!

Email from Carl Laniak at 10:20 am:

Tamez & Meador, 15 & 16

Roy Tamez – 7:00:42:51
Two hours later…
Sherry Meador – 7:02:42:52
She wants a yoohoo.


Lisa: There are now 21 runners and 2 teams out on the course. Here’s where they are:

Roy Tamez – 310 miles
Sherry Meador – 304 miles
Joseph Nance – 296 miles
John Adams – 296 miles
Charlie Taylor – 296 miles
Team Saturday – 296 miles
Team Dancing Bears – 291 miles
Jeff Stephens – 291 miles
Jeff McGonnell – 274 miles
Scott Krouse – 274 miles
Psyche Wimberly – 274 miles
Diane Bolton – 272 miles
David Wingard – 265 miles
Becky Lockard – 265 miles
Dallas Smith – 262 miles
Jeff Venable – 259 miles
Paul Heckert – 235 miles
Marcia Rasmussen – 233 miles
Jan Walker – 230 miles
Joe Kowalski – 217 miles
Brian Curro – 213 miles
Diane Taylor – 213 miles
TJ Nagies – 197 miles

I guess Team Dancing Bears is back on the road as Patrick has decided to continue on his own. Two more runners should be finishing any minute now and more are very close. Sadly, 4 runners are behind the Grim Reaper (219.8 miles which is the daily avg miles needed to complete the VS500K in 10 days). 🙁 But like Brad mentioned in his email below, they all are determined to make it so send them all the Run It Fast vibes you can today!

Email from Mike Dobies at 8:34 am:

Vol State – 168 Hour Update

Tracking Sheet:


Lisa: Here’s what happened overnight… 3 more runners finished in sub 7 days! John Price finished in 6:15:36:26, Jeff Kasal finished in 6:22:03:21, and Tim Purol finished in 6:22:03:22! Congrats to John, Jeff, and Tim!

Email from Carl Laniak at 7:33 am:

Kasal and purol – done

Sub 7 days.
They finished alone at the rock.
Race management had been up for 2 days and somehow didn’t make it to the Rock. Glad they stopped at the finishline.


Email from finisher Brad Compton at 6:53 am:

Driving home

Getting breakfast in Pelham – Harry & Ollie’s.  seen several runners.  No look of “quit” in any of their eyes; just grim determination.

Email from Laz at 12:16 am:

RE: John price – done.


in the rain.

Email from Carl Laniak at 11:39 pm:

John price – done.

Time to follow




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