Day 4: 2013 Last Annual Vol State 500K Live Blog

Day 4 and the course record is on the line! Will we see it broken today? Will there be a new King of the Road? We already had one team finish over night and we should expect more finishes today. It’s been a pretty funny morning so far and things will only get loopier as the race goes on.

Come back and visit throughout the day so you don’t miss a thing!

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Last Annual Volstate 500K Spreadsheet & Map – for runner tracking (updated twice a day).
Carl’s 2013 Last Annual Volstate 500K Album, Day 2 Drive Thru, and Day 3 Photos

RunItFast: @runitfast
Joshua Holmes: @bayou
Shannon Burke: @s4121burke
Dallas Smith:  @smithbend
VS500: #VS500 or #VS500K

UltraJoshua – Facebook page for Joshua Holmes
Last Annual Vol State Road Race – Facebook page for VS500K

So far today:

Lisa: I added links for Carl’s photos of Day 2 and Day 3 above.

Lisa: Top 10, Top 3 Women, and Team standings as of 84 hours:

Top 10
1. Joe Fejes – 314 miles (3 days 8 hours 10 min 16 secs – course record)
2. Alan Abbs – 251 miles
3. John Fegyveresi – 238 miles
4. Sung Ho Choi – 233 miles
5. Sal Coll – 201 miles
6. Jim Ball – 198 miles
7. Joshua Holmes – 197 miles
8. Ray Krolewicz – 187 miles
9. John Price – 182 miles
10. Jeff Kasal, Tim Purol, Joel Gat, Brad Compton, and Richard Westbrook  – 179 miles

Top 3 Women
1. Sherry Meador – 177 miles
2. Psyche Wimberly – 174 miles
3. Dusty Hardman – 150 miles

1. Team Stinky Feet – 314 miles (2 days 19 hours 14 min 17 sec)
2. Team Country Gentlemen – 258 miles
3. Team Two Step – 250 miles
4. Team Saturday – 134 miles

Team Dancing Bears dropped at 250 miles. 🙁  #2 Alan and #3 John are still on track to break the Uncrewed course record. There is a pack of runners in the 172-179 range, a 12 pack. Hopefully they are keeping each other company out there. The Top 3 Women haven’t changed in a while but it looks like Sherry might catch some of the men and move into the top 10. I wonder what will happen overnight!

Email from Mike Dobies at 8:57 pm:

Vol State – 84 Hour Update

Tracking Sheet:


Lisa: Staying on top of blisters is a big key to completing VS500K. It’s one of the main reasons I’ve seen runners drop. So glad Dallas was able to take care of it!

Tweet from Dallas at 8:02 pm:

Lisa: Congratulations to King Joe from everyone at Run It Fast!

Email from Laz at 5:10 pm:

the new king

it is official now.
we have a new king.

the official time (and new record)

all hail king joseph!


Lisa: What is the “bench of despair”? Here’s an excerpt from one of Charlie Taylor’s recap of the 2012 VS500K:

“Word is that many runners, having run 185 miles , when taking a break on this bench would call it quits.  We all got our pictures made in front of and sitting on the bench and all declared that they would not quit on that silly bench.  This store owner was smart, she had painted the name on the back of the bench and I’m sure she got plenty of questions from outsider about why that was painted on the back.”

Facebook post by Josh at 3:23 pm:

Email from Laz at 1:57 pm:

fejes across the river

not long now

Tweet from Dallas at 9:38 am:

Lisa: Here is the Top 10, Top 3 Women, and Team standings as of 72 Hours:

Top 10
1. Joe Fejes – 280 miles
2. Alan Abbs – 218 miles
3. John Fegyveresi – 204 miles
4. Sung Ho Choi – 202 miles
5. Jim Ball – 178 miles
6. Joshua Holmes – 177 miles
7. Sal Coll – 175 miles
8. Jeff Kasal – 170 miles
9. Tim Purol – 169 miles
10. Ray Krolewicz – 166 miles

Top 3 Women
1. Sherry Meador – 145 miles
2. Psyche Wimberly – 128 miles
3. Dusty Hardman – 124 miles

1. Team Stinky Feet – 314 miles (done!)
2. Team Dancing Bears – 228 miles
3. Team Country Gentlemen – 225 miles
4. Team Two Step – 201 miles
5. Team Saturday – 91 miles (they started on Saturday)

So one team done and happy to say there were no more drops. 🙂 Joe Fejes put down 50 miles in that last 12 hours despite saying his legs were “trashed” yesterday. He only has to do 34 miles in 17 hours and 42 minutes to beat the course record. I’m thinking that barring a disaster, he’s got it. Good luck Joe!

Also, in case you didn’t know Alan in 2nd and Joe in 3rd are running this Screwed (solo, un-supported)! Pretty amazing, right? They are on track to beat the Unaided Course Record (5 days 3 hours 9 minutes 33 seconds) set by Dan Fox last year.

What a year this is turning out to be!

Email from Mike Dobies at 9:06 am:

Vol State – 72 Hour Update

Tracking Sheet:


Lisa: The emails this morning were awesome! Now you can see what being on the road for 3 days does to a person. Much respect to the runners out there!

Email from Wayne McComb at 9:06 am:

Sunday morning, com in’ down

So I fumbled through my backpack to find my
cleanest, dirty shirt.
And I tried to find a way to put my shoes on my feet
that didn’t hurt.
On a Sunday morning sidewalk,
Lord I’m wishin’ I was stoned.
Cause there’s something ’bout the VolState,
That makes a body, feel alone.


Email from Laz at 8:48 am:

clear thinking after 3 days on the road

this morning’s check-ins are off to a flying start.
i am groggy when the phone rings,
after having been up most of the night waiting on the stinky feet
to finally choose the correct roads into alabama and georgia.

the connection seems to be no clearer on the opposite end.

shaking out cobwebs, i answer;
“good morning! 3-day check-in”
“this is marcia”
(ah, this one remembered to tell me who was calling!)
“so how was your night?”
“yes, yes it was.”
then she hangs up.
i have all the critical information,
except where she is.

i don’t have long to think about this,
because the phone rings again.
“good morning! 3-day check-in”
“do you have any coffee?”
“no, i don’t have any coffee here.”
“i thought you might bring some coffee.”
“no, i won’t be bringing any coffee.”
“oh well; i am at the church of latter day saints.”
“who is i?”
“diane bolton.”
“i don’t know the distance for that church.”
“between parsons and linden.”
(that would be between 103 and 125)
“which side of the tennessee river are you on?”
“you haven’t reached the tennessee river yet?”
“oh no, we crossed that a long time ago…

but we haven’t got to linden yet.”
i am trying to think of a way to narrow this down some, and she volunteers a clue.
“dallas is right behind us.”
“oh, dallas.”
“dallas smith. poor dallas.”
“poor dallas?”
“i have a crew, and he doesn’t.
(she laughs)
i think i have lost my humanity.
i should feel guilty, up here eating ice chips….

and there is poor dallas.
he doesn’t have a crew.
he doesn’t have anything.”
then she laughs again and hangs up.

so far i know that marcia had a night,
and diane has ice chips, but would like coffee.
(also dallas still has no crew, but that is only hear-say)

the phone rings again.
“good morning! 3-day check-in.”
“this is (garbled) bruce’s crew”
“and how are yall doing this morning?”
“we are doing good. bruce is at 102.”
“102? it seems more likely he is at 202?”
“oh, yes. it is probably 202. not that it makes any difference….

well, it might make a difference to bruce.”
(i am sure it makes a difference to bruce.)
“i have you down, ya’ll have a fun day out there.”
she hangs up.

i am not sure the vol-state is good for brain function.
but the important thing is,
everyone seemed to be in very good spirits.

i better get these results to carl,
so we can start figuring out where people are
(within a planet)


Email from Carl Laniak at 8:18 am:

vol state: the un-coolest race around.

72 hours in. a runner checks in.

“had a good night. mile xxx. it’s raining.”

“well done. see you on the road later.”

“cool. thanks. i ate out of a garbage can last night.”

Lisa: Fun stuff from overnight…

Instagram post from Josh at 4:40 am:

Lisa: So Team Stinky Feet is the first team to complete the VS500K. They are Sue Scholl and Ben Herron. Congrats Team Stinky Feet!

Email from Laz at 4:18 am:

stinky feet


would have been faster without the side-trip into Alabama
when sue missed the turn to new hope.


Tweet from Dallas Smith at 3:41 am (this is what the solo runners have to deal with)



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