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After the Flood

Running on what remained of Blackburn Fork Road

Josh wanted sixteen, and I had fourteen. That is, he wanted to go for a sixteen mile run, and I had a fourteen mile loop. My fourteen-mile loop went into Jackson County, a rural place where the dogs run free; and past Cummins Falls where the water runs wild.
The water of Blackburn Fork jumps off the falls and meanders down a narrow valley for ten miles before it joins Roaring River. You might call the valley a gorge; it is pretty narrow at the bottom and bounded by steep wooded slopes with some bluff outcroppings. A road surfaced with creek gravel, paved in places, follows the stream on its journey.
But I didn’t even mean to go there, down the gorge, I mean. The fourteen mile loop stayed above the valley. It merely went past the falls, staying on top. But, see, Josh wanted sixteen miles that morning.
The weather was hot, August hot. One bottle in a waist pack is not enough for such heat. The well-equipped ultra runner made preparations. I dug out the backpack I use for journey runs and such. It’s a tiny thing probably designed for the shorter torso of a woman. But it is just right. It is short enough to leave room for my regular waist pack below it. So I can go with both the waist pack for my bottle and still have a bit of cargo room in the little backpack.

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Ellie Greenwood and Mike Morton Ultrarunners of the Year

Mike Morton and Ellie Greenwood Named Ultrarunners of the Year

UltraRunning magazine has named Mike Morton and Ellie Greenwood as it’s ‘Ultrarunners of the Year’ according to the magazine’s website.

Morton won five races in 2012 including some amazing performances at the Badwater 135 (2 minutes off course record), Umstead 100 Miler (course record), Florida Keys 100 (course record), and IAU 24-Hour where he put down 172.457 miles in 24-hours (an American record).

Greenwood, who has resided in Canada over the past decade, repeated as the female ‘Ultrarunner of the Year.’  Ellie won the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run where she broke the female course record.  She won a total of eight ultramarathons in 2012 including a smashing course record at the JFK 50 Miler back in November.

2012 UltraRunning Magazine Ultrarunners of the Year Voting (Male)

  1. Mike Morton, 41, Lithia, Florida (14) – 313
  2. Timothy Olson, 28, Ashland, Oregon (6) – 264
  3. Max King, 32, Bend, Oregon (2) – 227
  4. Hal Koerner, 36, Ashland, Oregon – 137
  5. Dakota Jones, 21, Durango, Colorado (1) – 122
  6. Brian Rusiecki, 34, South Deerfield, Massachusetts (1) – 74
  7. Dave Mackey, 42, Boulder, Colorado – 68
  8. Nick Clark, 38, Fort Collins, Colorado – 57
  9. Jon Olsen, 38, Modesto, California – 56
  10. Jeff Browning, 40, Bend, Oregon/Karl Meltzer, 44, Sandy, Utah – 49
Others receiving votes: David Riddle 31, Dylan Bowman 27, Sage Canaday 19, Ian Sharman 17, Scott Brockmeier 9, Zach Bitter 9, Mike Foote 8, Michael Wardian 7, Michael Dixon 6, Tomasz Kochanowicz 4, Anton Krupicka 4, Jorge Maravilla 4, Jorge Pacheco 4, Leigh Schhmitt 4, Eric Grossman 3, Leor Pantilat 3, Joe Uhan 3, Zach Gingerich 2, Christopher Kollar 2,  Michael Arnstein 1, Gary Gellin 1, Neal Gorman 1, Nick Lewis 1, Chris Lundstrom 1, Steven Moore 1

2012 UltraRunning Magazine Ultrarunners of the Year Voting (Female)

  1. Ellie Greenwood, 33, North Vancouver, B.C., (24) – 360
  2. Connie Gardner, 48, Medina, Ohio – 228
  3. Darcy Africa, 37, Boulder, Colorado – 155
  4. Amy Sproston, 38, Portland, Oregon – 145
  5. Rory Bosio, 28, Soda Springs, California – 95
  6. Joelle Vaught, 37, Boise, Idaho – 89
  7. Tina Lewis, 39, Boulder, Colorado – 80
  8. Meghan Arbogast, 51, Corvallis, Oregon – 74
  9. Aliza Lapierre, 32, Williston, Vermont – 64
  10. Sabrina (Moran) Little, 26, Waco, Texas – 56
Others receiving votes: Nikki Kimball 52, Liz Bauer 30, Pam Smith 29, Denise Bourassa 26, Kristin Moehl 17, Kerrie Bruxvoort 14, Shawna Tompkins 12, Stephanie Howe 11, Melanie Bos 8, Amy (Lane) Rusiecki 8, Devon (Crosby-Helms) Yanko 8, Ashley Nordell 5, Suzanna Bon 4, Kathleen Kusick 4, Traci Falbo 4, Sada Crawford 3, Cassie Scallon 2, Leah Dougherty 1, Meg Harnett 1, Bethany Lewis 1, Tyler Stewart 1

source: UltraRunning

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