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Martin Richard 8 Year Old Boy Killed in Boston Marathon Bombings

Photo of 8-year old Martin Richard Who Was Killed in Boston Marathon Bombing

Three people to date have died from the tragic Boston Marathon bombings. One of them was a 8-year old boy named Martin Richard (photographed above).

Martin was at the Boston Marathon with his mom, Denise, and sister to watch his father, William, finish the famed marathon. Both of them are in serious condition. His mom underwent brain surgery last night at the hospital.  Martin’s sister, who is 6-years old, lost a leg in the explosion.

The family is from Dorchester, Massachusetts. WHDH also reports that Martin has a brother in the 5th grade as well. It is believed that he wasn’t at the race.

The photo above of Martin is chilling!

Our deepest and sincere thoughts and prayers go out to the Richard family.

[photo Facebook via Gawker]

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World Newspapers Respond to Boston Marathon Tragedy

World Newspapers Response to Boston Marathon Massacre

Here is a look at the front page of newspapers from around the world in wake of the bombings that took place at the 117th Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013.

You can track all of our coverage of this horrific day at this link: Bombs Explode at Boston Marathon Finish: Race Stopped (Photos)

#BostonMarathon #PrayforBoston

More Stories Related to the Boston Marathon Bombings:

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