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Scott Jurek Chasing Valmir Nunes in Taiwan 24 Hour Ultra

Scott Jurek Chasing Record at Soochow International 24-Hour Ultra in Taiwan (Results)


Scott Jurek, the most famous ultramarathoner in United States history, is at the Soochow International Ultra-Marathon 24-Hour Track Invitational in Taiwan attempting to break the 24-hour record of 188 miles.

The race started a couple hours ago at 8pm ET.

Connie Gardner is representing the woman for the USA at the event.

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Soochow International Ultra-Marathon 24-Hour Track Invitational in Taiwan UPDATES

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Final Results (unofficial) – 1. Ryoichi Sekiya 261.2K, 2. Mami Kudo (1st female) 255.2K, 3. Emmanuel Fontaine 254.4K, 4. Tsou, Shuang-His 238.4K, 5. Yang, Hung-Hui 230.4K —– 20. Scott Jurek 170.4K —- 23. Connie Gardner (female) 155.6K —– 26. Valmir Nunes 132.8K

5:28pm – 1. Sekiya 236.4K, 2. Kudo (f) 230.8K, 3. Fontaine 227.2K

3:44pm – 1. Sekiya 220.0K, 2. Kudo (f) 216.0K, 3. Fontaine 209.2K….14. Jurek 170.4K

2:47pm – Jurek is back to 12th at 170.4K. Top 3: Sekiya 211.2K, Kudo (f) 206.8K, Fonatine 199.2K

1:35pm – Top 5 overall: Sekiya 199.6K, Kudo (f) 194.8K, Fontaine 186.8K, Flyer 182.4K, Shuang-His 180.0K —- Jurek 11th 169.6K

11:42am – I turn away for a few hours and the world is turned upside down. Nunes has fallen way back, down to 22nd place with 132.8K.  Ryoichi Sekiya has taken the lead with 181.6K.  Female Mami Kudo is the #1 female and 2nd overall with 177.2K.  Emmanuel Fontaine is in 3rd with 167.2K.  Jurek is back in 7th at 160.oK.

4:52am – Nearly 9 hours in…Jurek has dropped back to 3rd/4th with 104.0K (64.6 miles), tied with the lead woman Mami Kudo.  Nunes is in 1st with a sizable lead at 112.4K (69.84 miles).  2nd is Sekiya at 104.8K.  According to Jurek’s Twitter his ‘low’ spot is over as he feels rejuvenated, strong and ready to make a move.  Nearly 15 hours left to go.

1:36am – Last update as I catch some sleep. Nunes has increased his lead to 13 laps. He is now at 73.2K. Jurek is at 68.0K and Ryoichi Sekiya is now in third with Bogar dropping back to the 5th spot. Mami Kudo is the top woman in 4th place with 65.6K.

1:00am – Nunes 65.6K, Jurek 61.2K, Bogar 59.6K. 11 lap lead for Nunes over Jurek at this point.  Connie Gardner is at 53.2K in 2nd place for the ladies. Leading lady, Mami Kudo is at 58.4K and in 5th place overall.

12:12am – Runners change track direction every 4 hours.

12:00am – Nunes now holds a 9 lap lead. 136 laps to Jurek’s 127 laps (54.8k to 51.2k). Bogar remains in third.

11:00pm – Nunes still holds a 2.8k lead with 102 laps (40.8K), Jurek now in 2nd 95 laps (38.0K), and Bogar also with 95 laps (38.0K). Connie is 82 laps (32.8K)

10:00pm – Brazils’ Valmir Nunes is off to the quick lead. He has put down 63 laps so far (25.2K). I had the chance to race with Nunes at the Strolling Jim 40 Miler a couple of years ago in Wartrace, TN. The guy is a machine. János Bogár is in 2nd place with 60 laps (24.0K) and Jurek is in third just behind with 59 laps (23.6K).

Connie Gardner is currently the 2nd female 51 laps (20.4K).

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Badwater 135 Mile  Ultra Marathon Sign

Oswaldo Lopez Wins the 2011 Badwater 135 Mile Ultra Marathon

Californian Oswaldo Lopez won the extremely tough and brutal Badwater 135 mile ultra marathon through Death Valley on Tuesday.  Lopez finished with a time of 23:41:40.

Japan’s Ryoichi Sekiya was leading for most of the way before Lopez overcame him in the last 35 miles.  Sekiya finished in 2nd with a time of 24:49:37.

2011 Badwater 135 Top 5 Results

  1. Oswaldo Lopez (USA-California) – 23:41:40
  2. Ryoichi Sekiya (Japan) – 24:49:37
  3. Michael Wardian (USA-Virginia) – 26:22:01
  4. Zach Gingerich (USA-Illinois) – 26:45:15
  5. Nobumi Iwamoto (Japan) – 27:30:48

Sumie Inagaki was the women’s Badwater champion finishing with a time of 28:49:27

More 2011 Badwater 135 Results

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