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Rocket City Marathon Medal – 2012 – Run It Fast

Rocket City Marathon Medal (2012)

Here is the finisher’s medal from the Rocket City Marathon that took place on December 8, 2012 in Huntsville, Alabama.

Great medal from a really good and fast marathon that the great Dink Taylor and his wife put on each year.


[Marathon medal photo submitted by RIF #187 Daniel Escue who is now a marathoner after Rocket City. Congrats!!!]

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3N3 Alabama Marathon Challenge Medal

3N3 Challenge Marathon Medal (2012)

THe 3N3 Challenge Marathon(s) medal is a nice bonus medal given to those that do the three big Alabama marathons – Rocket City Marathon [medal pic], First Light Marathon, and Mercedes Marathon [medal pic] – in three consecutive months (December-February).


The medal above was given to Alex Morrow for pulling off the trifecta.  Follow Alex on Twitter @BhamAlex]

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Rocket City Marathon Medal – 2011

35th Annual Rocket City Marathon Medal (2011)

Here is the beautiful, colorful, yet simple finisher’s medal from the 35th Annual Rocket City Marathon that took place in Huntsville, Alabama on December 12, 2011.

The Rocket City Marathon is an extremely well run marathon that is put on by elite ultramarathoner Dink Taylor and his wife.

Timothy Agee ran it fast, finishing with a time of 3:18:44. Congrats to Tim on a new PR!!


[Medal photo submitted by Timothy Agee. Follow him on Twitter @timagee]

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Charles Reagan – Milan Bulldogs Elite 5k and 10k Runner

Legendary Tennessee Runner Charles Reagan Murdered

Charles ‘Charlie’ Reagan, one of the best runners from West Tennessee, was brutally robbed and murdered this afternoon at his muffler shop in Milan, Tennessee.

Reagan was found brutally stabbed to death inside his business, Supreme Muffler Center.  He was pronounced dead at Milan General Hospital.  He was 54 years old.

Milan police have arrested a 17-year old boy on charges of 1st degree murder and especially aggravated robbery according to The Jackson Sun.

Charles is survived by his wife, Trenia, and three daughters.

Charlie was a good running friend and one of my favorite people.  We always knew when Charlie showed up at a 5k or 10k race that we were racing for second place.

Reagan ran mostly 5k and 10k’s of recent but was an accomplished marathon runner as well.

He ran the Rocket City Marathon back in December 2010 in 3 hours and 7 minutes.  Earlier this year he ran the Germantown Half Marathon in 1:24.  His best marathon time I could find was a 2:52 in the 2002 Rocket City Marathon.

He was still knocking off sub 18 minute 5k’s this spring.  I had last run with him at the Medina Hornet 5K back just last month.  That day for some reason he went into great detail about how he ‘got fast’ and shared with me his speed workout that had helped make him speedy.

I had picked up a medal for him from a previous 10k a few weeks before that he had to leave early. I gave it to him that day. He looked at it a couple of times and told me, “This thing is puny!” He then found a small child to give it to.  The little boy lit up!

Charles would often wear all purple for his hometown Milan Bulldogs (high school).  After a win, he would famously shout out “How ’bout them Milan Bulldogs” or “Go Milan Bulldogs!”

A lot of us just run, but Charlie would truly Run It Fast!

He will be missed!

Read More About Charlie Reagan’s Death and Life

Charlie Reagan Memorial Video

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2010 Rocket City Marathon Medal (Back)

2010 Rocket City Marathon Finisher’s Medal

Here is the official finisher’s medal from the 2010 Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, Alabama.  You won’t find too much bling more colorful than Rocket City’s out on the marathon trail.

2010 Rocket City Marathon Winners and Results List

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2010 Rocket City Marathon Logo

Daniel Ellis Wins 2010 Rocket City Marathon

Alabama native Daniel Ellis won the 2010 Rocket City Marathon on Saturday.  The 27-year old ran the course in a time of 2:24:37.  Ellis barely edged out Kameron Ulmer who finished just 13 seconds behind with at time of 2:24:50.  Scott Wietecha claimed third crossing the line at 2:27:08.

Candace Jacobs, of Huntsville, Alabama, won her hometown marathon as she was the first woman to finish at 2:54:21.  Second place was 37-year old Gina Krabbendam in 3:02:25.  Lisa Tolley took third with a time of 3:02:54.

2010 Rocket City Finisher’s Medal

Place Overall No Name              Age City      State    Time
                ********** MALE OVERALL RESULTS ***********
    1     1 Daniel Ellis               27 Birmingham   AL 2:24:37
    2     2 Kameron Ulmer              23 Boise        ID 2:24:50
    3     3 Scott Wietecha             29 Goodlettsvil TN 2:27:08
    4     4 David Riddle               29 Cincinnati   OH 2:28:14
    5     5 Michael Deren              23 Johnson City TN 2:29:40
               ********** FEMALE OVERALL RESULTS ***********
    1    27 Candace Jacobs             30 Huntsville   AL 2:54:21
    2    42 Gina Krabbendam            37 Lookout Mtn  TN 3:02:25
    3    45 Lisa Tolley                43 Seneca       SC 3:02:54
    4    50 Kathy Wolski               44 Knoxville    TN 3:05:01
    5    56 Isabelle Ledroit           44 Montreal, Qc    3:06:54

Dink and Suzanne Taylor put on a great race.  The shirt, medal, and finisher’s hat were all top notice. The pasta dinner was solid and Sarah Reinertsen, the guest speaker, told her inspirational story of being the first above-the-knee amputee to finish an Ironman.

View Complete 33rd Annual Rocket City Marathon Results

Rocket City Marathon Website

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