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First Robot Marathon (26.22 miles) in Japan

Sorry Humans! First Robot Only Marathon

The first robot marathon is set to take place in Osaka, Japan, on February 24th.  The race will feature no humans, simply mechanical robots that will cover 26.22 miles.

The robots will have to “run” around the 328ft course 422 times to complete the marathon.

It will take them an estimated four days to finish.

Robot Robovie-PC said in Japanese: “Stretch to prevent injuries and aim to run the whole marathon.”

If the robots fall over they have to get back up on their own.  However, if their batteries get low or die than are allowed to be changed by a human.

No word yet on when the Vibram-Robot, Naresh Kumar, will arrive in town for the race.

Check out the video below to see the robots putting down some practice laps:

With the new Boston Marathon Qualifying Times released yesterday these robotic tadpoles would be systematically challenged to qualify.

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