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Fukushima Nuclear Plant Meltdown in Japan

Fukushima ‘Let’s Die Together’ Ekiden Marathon Exposes Young Women to Extremely High Radiation

The Tohoku earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011 in Fukishima created several nuclear meltdowns and radiation releases from the Fukushima 1 Nuclear Power Plant.

The ongoing nuclear/radiation disaster there in Japan is the largest since the Chernobyl meltdown in 1986.  (Read more on it HERE)

So much radiation and nuclear waste was leaked into the ocean and air.  The damage to the environment, human life, animals, and our food chain is still taking place.  The Japan government claims to be making progress but watchdog groups have caught the Japanese government in coverup after coverup.

The faux safety PR campaign in Fukushima is continuing with the Japanese government allowing and supporting the Ekiden ‘Let’s Die Together’ Marathon that took place on November 13th in Fukushima.

From #Radioactive Ekiden Road Race: Girls Are Running in Radiation Often Higher Than That in Front of J-Village:

J-Village is located just inside the 20 kilometer radius from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, and is the staging area for the plant work. Ordinary citizens cannot even enter (it is a “no entry” zone).

But the female athletes as young as 13 are running in the Ekiden Road Race in Fukushima City in the radiation often much higher than at J-Village. And the nation is supposed to cheer for the wonderful recovery of Fukushima Prefecture by watching these girls run.

Geiger counter readers all along the marathon route show extremely high radiation readings that have led to the cancellation of horse races to protect the lives of the thoroughbred horses:

One irony about the 1.41 microsievert/hour in front of the race track: he wryly and angrily notes that the race track is closed for this year, having canceled all races out of concern for the thoroughbred horses that are worth tens of millions of yen. The race track is doing the decontamination, replacing the turf for the horses. Yet, it is perfectly OK for all concerned to have underage girls run in the radiation.

The writer is sorry that he couldn’t have the event canceled. He is asking “What are we doing? Is this the “recovery” we want for Fukushima? Are we human, to allow this to happen? “

The Geiger readings that were taken along the course measured higher in many places than were recorded at the entrance to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant where the meltdown and cleanup work is ongoing and will be for decades.

Almost all of the girls in this race are junior high and high school girls, girls in their teens.

One of the leading Fukushima critics, Taro Yamamoto, put it this way, “I just don’t understand why they are forced to run there to spread propaganda that Fukishima is safe, even though it’s not.”

Sickening, disgusting, and discouraging to hear. One would hope that any government would put the well being of it’s citizens (especially minors) above good publicity and a dire attempt to make it’s country appear to be safe to inhabit.

This ill-planned marathon should come as no real surprise though. The Japanese government has been trying to cover up the severity of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant disaster since it happened.  The government’s lies to the Japanese people likely will cause terminal cancer and disease amongst many citizens that could have avoided the radiation if they had been properly advised.

Fukushima will never be the same! It’s time for the Japanese government to own up to that fact and start taking care of it’s people.

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First Robot Marathon (26.22 miles) in Japan

Sorry Humans! First Robot Only Marathon

The first robot marathon is set to take place in Osaka, Japan, on February 24th.  The race will feature no humans, simply mechanical robots that will cover 26.22 miles.

The robots will have to “run” around the 328ft course 422 times to complete the marathon.

It will take them an estimated four days to finish.

Robot Robovie-PC said in Japanese: “Stretch to prevent injuries and aim to run the whole marathon.”

If the robots fall over they have to get back up on their own.  However, if their batteries get low or die than are allowed to be changed by a human.

No word yet on when the Vibram-Robot, Naresh Kumar, will arrive in town for the race.

Check out the video below to see the robots putting down some practice laps:

With the new Boston Marathon Qualifying Times released yesterday these robotic tadpoles would be systematically challenged to qualify.

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