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Boston Marathon Runners Stopped at Mile 21 – 2013 – Run It Fast

Bombs Explode at Boston Marathon Finish: Race Stopped (Photos)

[Check back for updates!]

Out of the Ashes, Humanity Will Win the Boston Marathon by Joshua Holmes.

UPDATE 40: MIT Shootout/Explosions Connected to Boston Marathon Bombings. Suspect #1 is dead while Suspect #2 is on the run. Suspect #2 identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev!

UPDATE 39: FBI Releases Photos of Two Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects

UPDATE 38: Boston Police are saying NO ARREST has in fact been made per Breaking News on Twitter.

UPDATE 37: Fox News is reporting that the Boston police have arrested the suspect they believe did the Boston Marathon bombings. CNN and AP were also reporting the same thing. Other networks are saying that an arrest HAS NOT been made.

UPDATE 36: The name of the second victim killed in the blasts is Krystle Campbell from Arlington, Massachusetts according to CNN.

UPDATE 35: Investigators found circuit board believed used to trigger marathon bombs per Boston Globe.

UPDATE 34: Chilling Sports Illustrated Cover from the Boston Marathon is of Bill Iffrig After He Fell (VIEW)

UPDATE 33: Photo of 8-year old Martin Richard who was killed in the Boston Marathon bombings. Pray for his family! His sister lost a leg as well and his mom has a brain injury.

UPDATE 32: Ed Davis: “176 is the best number I have right now, 17 of them are critical, 3 have died.” [via Huff Po]

UPDATE 31: U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel calls bombings ‘cruel act of terror’ per AP.

UPDATE 30: President Obama: Not known whether Boston bombings an act of an organization or an individual [CNN]

Pope Francis offers prayers for all Bostonians (story).

UPDATE 29: The Boston Celtics game against the Indiana Pacers for Tuesday night has been cancelled (NOT POSTPONED) and will not be made up per ESPN.

UPDATE 28: Three deaths are too many but the good news is that number has not risen in the past few hours.

UPDATE 27: Keep passing this story around on Facebook and Twitter: FULL STORY It’s a good story from a very bad day in Boston. Keep sending good thoughts and prayers to those impacted directly by today.

Several reports of this or that regarding the investigation into the bombing suspects floating around at the moment. Nothing that I think is link worthy at the moment.

UPDATE 26: Report (updated): 23,326 started, 17,584 finished, 4,496 made it to 40k but never crossed the finish line, and 1,246 never made it to 40k. (via @flotrack)

UPDATE 25: The man who went crumbled to the ground in the bombing video? His name is Bill Iffrig and he’s ok. He’s 78-years young. He dusted himself off and finished the remaining 20 feet to the finish line where he placed second place in his age division. (FULL STORY)

UPDATE 24: Boston Athletic Association Releases Statement

UPDATE 23: Doctors are “pulling ball-bearings out of people’ in the ER, suggesting #bombs were designed to propel shrapnel.

UPDATE 22: Reports that more undetonated devices are being found in packages near marathon route. Officials are going to scour the entire 26.2 mile route with bomb sniffing dogs to try to find any bombs and info.

UPDATE 21: Quick Look at the Front Pages of the Boston Marathon Massacare on the Front Pages of World Newspapers

UPDATE 20: Last runners to cross the line before the explosion crossed at 2:57pm ET per Fox News.

UPDATE 19: Reports continue to surface of a person of interest being held at hospital. 2 dead, over 110 injured. Many have lost arms and legs.

UPDATE 18: One of the two killed was 8-years old according to Wolf Blitzer of CNN.

UPDATE 16: President Obama, “Michelle and I send our deepest prayers and thoughts….”

“We still don’t know who did this or why…but make no mistake we’ll get to the bottom of this.”

“We will find out who did this and we’ll hold them accountable.”

It was a very quick, 3-minute, but firm statement by President Obama to find out who did it and hold them responsible.

UPDATE 15: Boston Police confirm they have no suspects in custody.

UPDATE 14: President Barack Obama will speak to the nation about the Boston Marathon bombings at 6:10pm ET.

UPDATE 13: BAA: 4,496 runners crossed the 40K mark and did not reach finish line. 1,246 runners were diverted/stopped before 40K. [H/T Runner’s World]

UPDATE 12: Photo via @CarissaAnneB

UPDATE 11: Via ESPN’s Darren Rovell: The avg Boston finish time (when the most people are crossing) was 4:18 last year. Explosion went off at 4:09:40. Most people in area.

UPDATE 10:Here is a LINK to Google’s Boston Marathon Person Locator. Please post it everywhere you can on Facebook, Twitter, email to help out!!!

UPDATE 9: THE WORST VIDEO WE’VE SEEN FROM THE BOMBING (watch with caution, no kids). Pray for all!!!

UPDATE 8: Third explosion at the JFK Library just confirmed by Boston Police during their press conference.

UPDATE 7: There are many updates I could post from what I’m hearing from the local hospitals. You can easily read them on Twitter and one in particular from Darren Rovell. I’ll just say there is no good news coming from the hospitals in Boston. Many victims including both runners and spectators. Hopefully most will survive and live but their lives won’t ever be the same.

UPDATE 6: The Boston Globe is reporting 2 dead with up to 64 wounded.

UPDATE 5: NY Post reporting, “Authorities have a identified a suspect, who is currently being guarded in a Boston hospital with shrapnel wounds.”

UPDATE 4: Reports are claiming that a 3rd explosive device was found…undetonated.

UPDATE 3: Boston police confirming 2 are dead and at least 22 are wounded.

UPDATE 2: The 26th mile of the Boston Marathon this year was dedicated to the victims of the Newtown Shooting.

UPDATE: One news outlet is reporting three people dead. Let’s hope that is an erroneous report.

Two bomb explosions have gone off at the finish area of the 117th Boston Marathon injuring dozens of runners.

The race has been STOPPED. The race had just gone over the four hour mark.

CNN is reporting that at least six have been injured. Explosions possibly came from garbage cans.

And here is video from CNN of when the actual explosion took place:

More photos below from the explosion. The last one is very bloody so proceed with caution.


Explosion on Vine (Again view with caution. It’s on a loop here but shows you that this was no accident. CLICK to view the loop)

[photos via @Boston_to_a_T, @GlobeDavidLRyan, @BGlobeSports and @theoriginalwak]

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