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Seattle RnR Half Medal 2012

Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon Medal (2012)

Here is the medal for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon that took place on June 23, 2012 in Seattle, WA.

They changed it up a little from last year’s medal but kept all the main elements of Seattle in it. I like it.


[Medal submitted by Michael Miller. Follow him on Twitter @spaceneedl]

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Trail Marathon Wales 2012

Trail Marathon Wales Medal (2012)

Here is the medal for the inaugural Trail Marathon Wales that took place on June 23, 2012 at Coed y Brenin in the Snowdonia National Park in Wales.


[Medal submitted by Gavin Reeves. Follow him on Twitter @GavinJReeves]

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Mayors Half Marathon Medal 2012

Mayor’s Half Marathon Medal (2012)

Here is the medal for the Mayor’s Half Marthon that was held on June 23, 2012 in Anchorage, Alaska.


[Medal submitted by Ruth Rickey. Follow Ruth on Twitter @RuthRickey2U]

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Maritime Marathon Medal 2012

HFM Maritime Marathon Medal (2012)

Here is the medal for the HFM Maritime Marathon that was held on June 24, 2012 in Manitowoc, WI.


[Medal submitted by Arturo Moreno. Follow him on Twitter @marathonarturo]

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The Backass Jackal Marathon:Relay Finishers – 2012

Arthur Priddy Wins The Jackal Trail Marathon (Jackal and Backass Jackal Results)

Arthur Priddy won The Jackal Trail Marathon that was held on June 23, 2012 in Jackson, Tennessee with a time of 3:52:41

Priddy, who earlier this year won the Andrew Jackson Marathon, was able to hold off David Mickelsen who finished in 4:04:36.

The Jackal Trail Marathon Results – 2012

  1. Arthur Priddy (Jackson, TN) – 3:52:41
  2. David Mickelsen (Brentwood, TN) – 4:04:36
  3. Joshua Holmes (Jackson, TN) – 4:32:32
  4. Chris Estes (Murfreesboro, TN) – 4:34:53
  5. Jeff Fugate (Jackson, TN) – 4:38:01
  6. Dan Meier (Clarksville, TN) – 4:41:22
  7. Nathan Judd (Finger, TN) – 4:41:41
  8. Jonathan Harrison (Henderson, TN) – 4:52:26
  9. Anthony Ohrey (Henderson, TN) – 4:59:52
  10. Wade Anderson (Readyville, TN) – 5:16:41
  11. Jonathan Young (Benton, AR) – 5:18:19
  12. Sulaiman Seriki (La Vergne, TN) – 5:19:31
  13. Todd Shadburn (Jackson, TN) – 5:24:35
  14. Clark Bilbrey (Dickson, TN) – 5:31:14
  15. Naresh Kumar (India) – 5:38:36
  16. Mikki Trujillo (Cookeville, TN) – 6:13:17
  17. David Oglesby (Jackson, TN) – 6:20:34
  • Brad Box (Jackson, TN) – 4:38:10 (early 5am start)

On Sunday (June 24, 2012), five runners returned to attempt a second day of marathon madness in what was dubbed The Backass Jackal Trail Marathon.

The Backass Jackal was won by Chris Estes who finished the second day of the back-to-back with a time of 4:41:22.

The Backass Jackal Trail Marathon Results -2012

  1. Chris Estes (Murfreesboro, TN) – 4:41:22
  2. Joshua Holmes (Jackson, TN) – 4:52:51
  3. Sulaiman Seriki (La Vergne, TN) – 6:02:15
  4. Naresh Kumar (India) – 6:26:30
  5. Mikki Trujillo (Cookeville, TN) – 6:38:05 (F)

These five runners were joined by four other runners that made up two relay teams during The Backass Jackal.

The Backass Jackal Trail Marathon Relay Team Results – 2012

  1. Robin Robbins/Nathan Bass – 4:19:31
  2. Daniela Obregon/Ben Pennington – 5:48:10

Congrats and thanks to all of the great runners who came out to make this a wonderful first time event.

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Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (June 23-24, 2012)

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (June 23-24, 2012)

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend

Storified by Joshua Holmes · Fri, Jun 22 2012 14:50:58

Here is a look at where everyone is running this weekend. We had 35 responses this week. Good luck to everyone and Run It Fast!

To join Run It Fast – The Club then click HERE to read more details.

@runitfast The Jackal Trail Marathon on Saturday and The Backass Jackal Trail Marathon on Sunday.Joshua Holmes
@runitfast @bayou This weekend you ask? Jackal. Oh yes the Jackal. I may still be on the course attempting to finish next weekend too :-)Scott Stader
@runitfast running trails with a friend as the sun rises!Carlos Straight
@runitfast leadville!Can’t Stop Endurance
@runitfast Cottage Hill trail run then the afterspace trail. 10 miles of trails, #heavenLarisa Dixon
@runitfast Run this weekend: Grays and Torreys trail run in Summit County CO. from Keystone to Loveland Pass on dirt.Charles Miske
@runitfast Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon in Malaysia on Sunday! #SCKLMFairy M
@runitfast The first ever Mudderland/Mud & Guts 5K obstacle course in Kingsbury, IN!!Katie Maas
@runitfast HFM Maritime Marathon in Manitowoc, WIArturo Moreno
@runitfast I’m running the Billy Goat Half Marathon Hill Climb in Corona, CA on Sat & 18 miles on the road on Sun! #animalracing #runitfastLisa Gonzales
@runitfast Rescheduled Memorial Day 5k, Orange Park, FL.E. Smith
@runitfast Niagara (Ontario) Ultra MarathonChad Dawson
@runitfast Charlevoix (Michigan) marathon.Marcy Sacks
@runitfast Winter Half Marathon in Curitiba BrazilVitor B. Nascimento
@runitfast Downer’s Grove 5m in Illinois!Mick Beige
@runitfast I’ll be refereeing the Olympic Development finals at Kirkwood Soccer Complex! Does that count?! 🙂 #running!Lee’Ann Wells
@runitfast 16 mi. trail run at Dana Peak Park (Central TX)Aaron Johnstone
@runitfast Seattle RNR!Laura Raeder
@runitfast Backass Jackal marathon relay Sumday.Robin Robbins
@runitfast running the seattle rock n roll half marathon @runrocknrollmichael c. miller
@runitfast Luzhniki Half- Moscow SaturdayMichelle Mitchell
@runitfast 5k for PAWS Porter county. Come out to Valpo and adopt a dog or cat!Josh Gambill
@runitfast ~ Skippack, PAMarion Gendron
@runitfast Samsung 10K Olympic Day Race June 24 – Lima Perú.xrunner65x
@runitfast 69 miles over 2 days! I’m running #thewallrun ultra from Carlisle to Gateshead :)Mark Kirkham
@runitfast heading home from Denver today to run #humberhalf marathon on SundayPaul Russell
@runitfast standard chartered kuala lumpur marathon in Malaysia #SCKLMisyamtheklgooner
@runitfast BOSTON for the BAA 10k on Sunday morning! #BeaconHill #Fenway #Kenmore #BostonCommon #BUCity Sports (4 her)
@runitfast 10 miles @ the beach in Guatemala, Sun June 23rdRuthie Picciotto
@runitfast The Color Run–Tulsa!Alyssa Lam
@runitfast first big race of the summer, Mayors Midnight Sun Marathon on Saturday!Jared Friesen
@runitfast I’m running the #BAA10K this Sunday in Boston! can’t wait to take on my first 10K!Kelsey Stevens
@runitfast Im running in my first race not in Iowa! Im running the firecracker 5k run/walk at Linn Creek City Park #iowarepTyler Henson
@runitfast 4 miles around lake Auburn in Auburn, Maine!Ali Papatsoris
First triathlon in Spain! RT @runitfast: Where are you running/racing this weekend? Responses will be posted today on RIF!!Dream Travel Canada

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Tim Dockery – Lance Armstrong Tweet – Run It Fast – The Club

Is the USADA’s Travis Tygart Out to Get Lance Armstrong?

I was innocently scrolling my Twitter feed moments ago when I saw a Tweet from Lance Armstrong mentioning Run It Fast Club Member Tim Dockery (RIF #42) nailing it.

So I went to Tim’s Facebook page and saw that it was indeed longtime friend and RIF member of the same name, Tim Dockery.

The post on Opposing Views is titled, ‘USADA’s Travis Tygart Plays Prosecutor, Jury and Judge in Lance Armstrong Case‘ (FULL STORY)

The title of the article doesn’t hide much but here is a couple of excerpts from the well written piece.

Imagine walking into a courtroom as the defendant in a lawsuit. The prosecuting attorney reads the charges against you citing nothing more than the testimony of anonymous witnesses as evidence. You object, claiming this is unjust! To your surprise the prosecutor walks to the judge’s bench, puts on a judge’s robe and denies your motion. The prosecutor, still wearing his judge’s robe, then takes out his cell phone and calls three of his friends to serve on your “independent” jury.

No, despite the officially sounding name, it turns out the “United States Anti-doping Agency is not a part of the federal government. Although it receives almost 90 percent of its funding from the federal grants, the USADA is a government program masquerading as a non-profit organization. This non-profit status allows it to investigate and prosecute athletes without affording them the constitutional and due process protections required of other federal agencies. This status also allows it to prosecute athletes with a lower burden of proof than the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard that would have been required in the previous investigation by the USDOJ. Finally, it allows a situation where the same man, Mr. Travis T. Tygart is allowed to serve as Prosecutor, Jury and Judge in the investigation of Lance Armstrong.

Dockery in concluding:

Do I think Mr. Tygart has some kind of personal vendetta against Lance? My personal opinion is yes, but I also think actions sometime speak louder than words. The 2012 London Olympic Games are a little more than a month away. Mr. Tygart and his staff are responsible for testing all US athletes headed to the games. However, he has chosen to use the majority of his offices resources investigating whether a retired cyclist doped 16 years ago.

The investigation and sanctioning process at the USADA is unconscionable. The partiality of the prosecutor, the lack of due process for the accused, and the lack of an independent fact finder are completely at odds with our American system of justice and fairness.

Take the time to read Tim’s full analysis of Tygart’s actions against Armstrong.

(Read Dockery’s full story HERE).

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<em>Run It Fast – The Club</em> Extreme Racer Point Standings (thru May 2012)

Run It Fast – The Club Extreme Racer Point Standings (thru May 2012)

About 33% of Run It Fast – The Club members have submitted their race data (January-May) to be tabulated into the Extreme Runner/Racer Standings.

The overall leader is Joshua Holmes (RIF #1) with 464.5 race points.  Second place goes to Hideki Kinoshita (RIF #88) with 442.2 points and David Wingard (RIF #101) remains in third with 365.4 points.

The top overall female is Emily Conley (RIF #24) with 326.4 points.

Runners are awarded a point for every mile of a race they complete. (Example: marathon = 26.2 pts, half marathon = 13.1 points, 50K = 31 points, 5K = 3.1 points, etc.).  More details HERE

The male and female leaders at the end of the year will be named RIF’s Extreme Runner/Racer(s) of the Year.

Top 10 Overall Extreme Runner Point Standings

1.   Joshua Holmes – 464.5 (RIF #1)

2.   Hideki Kinoshita – 442.2 (RIF #88)

3.   David Wingard – 365.4 (RIF #101)

4.   Emily Conley – 326.4 (RIF #24)

5.   Rick Jarvis – 296.8 (RIF #18)

6.   Nadia Ruiz Gonzales – 267.1 (RIF #69)

7.   Scott Stader – 222.4 (RIF #40)

8.   Laura Raeder – 216.7 (RIF #20)

9.   David Donald – 203.96 (RIF #54)

10.   Heather Shoemaker – 196.6 (RIF #44)


Extreme Racer Male Leaderboard 

1.   Joshua Holmes – 464.5 (RIF #1)

2.   Hideki Kinoshita – 442.2 (RIF #88)

3.   David Wingard – 365.4 (RIF #101)

4.   Rick Jarvis – 296.8 (RIF #18)

5.   Scott Stader – 222.4 (RIF #40)

6.   David Donald – 203.96 (RIF #54)

7.   Alvin Lee – 172 (RIF #30)

8.   Jonathan Bobbitt – 154.4 (RIF #3)

9.   Kevin Leathers – 143 (RIF #12)

10.   Trent Rosenbloom – 141.6 (RIF #57)

11.   Nicholas Norfolk – 139.01 (RIF #116)

12.   Rick Thiounn – 125.4 (RIF #111)

13.   Jason Howard – 124.1 (RIF #150)

14.   Wade Anderson – 100.3 (RIF #22)

15.   Naresh Kumar – 83.4 (RIF #2)

16.   John Hudson – 79.6 (RIF #63)

17.   Brian Wooldridge – 74.8 (RIF #141)

18.   Victor Fleitas – 59.6 (RIF #21)

19.   Dennis Arriaga – 68.46 (RIF #140)

20.   Scott Lochridge – 65.5 (RIF #32)

21.   Stewart Crouch – 64.8 (RIF #89)

22.   Perry Ligon – 64 (RIF #146)

23.   JD Leman – 39.3 (RIF #139)

24.   Kevin Ronayne – 19.3 (RIF #11)

25.   Chris Nelson – 19.3 (RIF #135)

26.   Mark Sikkila – 16.2 (RIF #108)

27.   Steven Reagan – 15.5 (RIF #157)

28.   Scott Gorski – 12.4 (RIF #107)

29.   Josh Liggett – 9.32 (RIF #147)


Extreme Racer Female Leaderboard 

1.   Emily Conley – 326.4 (RIF #24)

2.   Nadia Ruiz Gonzales – 267.1 (RIF #69)

3.   Laura Raeder – 216.7 (RIF #20)

4.   Heather Shoemaker – 196.6 (RIF #44)

5.   Michelle Mitchell – 188.6 (RIF #133)

6.   Lisa Gonzales – 178 (RIF #5)

7.   Jennifer Whitley – 171.8 (RIF #160)

8.   Alicia Eno – 117.9 (RIF #126)

9.   Mikki Trujillo – 137.2 (RIF #13)

10.   Nicole Knutson – 104.8 (RIF #47)

11.   Robin Mancinelli – 99.5 (RIF #134)

12.   Diane Bolton – 83.4 (RIF #159)

13.   Daniela Obregon – 59.5 (RIF #49)

14.   Christy Bowers – 57.2 (RIF #60)

15.   Marj Mitchell – 42.6 (RIF #4)

16.   Natalie Torres – 42.4 (RIF #72)

17.   Lisa Edwards – 30.6 (RIF #122)

18.   Debra Jacildo – 17.39 (RIF #98)

19.   Meredith Yox – 15.5 (RIF #128)

Thanks to all 48 members who have submitted race data to date. This should become a lot of fun as the year goes on and more members start to participate.

For information on joining Run It Fast – The Club click HERE.

Club Members be sure to read more about ERS and enter your races -> Extreme Racer Standings Program (details).

Complete Run It Fast – The Club Member Directory

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4 miler

Run It Fast Club Member Profile – Laura Raeder #20

Laura Raeder #20

This week’s profile is Laura Raeder #20. Laura is on a mission to run in every state and she’s more than half way to her goal. My goal is to run in every state as well so she is really inspiring to me. Who/what is inspiring to Laura? Check out her profile below and find out!

Meet Laura Raeder…


Name: Laura Raeder
RIF #: 20
Twitter: @LauraRaeder


Years running: 6

Favorite PR: Boston Marathon 2010 3:37 I wish I would have appreciated this more, instead of wondering how to shave 7 more minutes off my time! (see photo above)

Favorite Race: Chicago Marathon 2009. The temperature was 32 at the start–perfect for this South Dakota runner. The race has great crowd support! Plus, my sister and Brother-in-law ran this race with me ….and my parents came to cheer!

Favorite Bling: I don’t have a favorite medal…I feel like I birthed them all and just can’t pick a favorite child!

Next Race: Seattle RNR marathon June 23rd.

What makes you FEEL fast?: Every Wednesday, I run with my former trainer. We run 5 miles and each time we run …she asks for a walk break. 🙂 (However, I think I have persuaded her to train for a fall marathon! Good-bye Wednesday recovery runs…Hello mid-week long runs!)


Who inspires your running and why? Every other runner. Honestly…perfect form speeding past, hunched over and shuffling…new runners with passion and questions…experienced runners with passion and answers. I am motivated by each person…why they run…their goals…their stories.

Which of your running routes makes you the happiest and why? There is a piece of our Bike Trail that goes around our airport. There is no shade, no wind breaks, and no water…so, not many people. I love running here. There is a 1.5 mile straight stretch that can feel like 3 miles some days or .25 miles other days…it all depends on how many problems you have to solve!

What is the thing you splurge on after a race? Airport pizza! Ha! I am trying to run a marathon in all 50 states before I am 40…I have 27 states and 24.5 months…so, I fly in the day before the race, get my packet, sleep, race, shower, and fly home. So, by the time I arrive at the airport after a race I am craving something salty and heavy…pizza it is!

Why do you race? For the feeling of crossing the finish line. My response is extremely selfish…but it is the truth. The fatigue, accomplishment, nausea, strength…the nirvana.

What running moment are you most proud of? My first 1/2 marathon. I ran it with my sister. I was exhausted and she stayed with me encouraging me to finish. Of course she ran backwards…did cartwheels…and high-fived all the kids on the course…but, we finished together! I was hooked!

Laura with her sister and brother-in-law before her first half marathon.

Running it fast at a 4 miler!


Laura is inspired to run by everyday runners like you and me, by her sister and her family, and by pizza! Most of all she’s inspired by how running makes here feel. Find what inspires you and use that to go farther or faster or longer than you ever have before. And don’t forget…you might be inspiring someone like Laura without even knowing it!

Thanks for sharing Laura! Good luck at Rock & Roll Seattle!

If you’d like to join Run It Fast – The Club or would like more information about it, please click this link:

Run It Fast – The Club (JOIN TODAY)

[All photos submitted by Laura Raeder]

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Hog n Jog Medal – 2012 Erie PA

Stanganelli’s Pepperoni Ball Jog ‘n Hog Medal (2012)

Here is the finisher’s medal from the Stanganelli’s Pepperoni Ball Jog ‘n Hog that took place on June 16, 2012 in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The event is described on the race website as follows:

Picture a 4-ounce ball of warm fried dough filled with delicious slices of pepperoni.  The Stanganelli’sPepperoni Ball Jog ‘n Hog will begin at Beach 1 on Presque Isle State Park. Runners will jog out 2 miles, stop and eat a half-dozen pepperoni balls and then jog back 2 miles. In case you’re wondering, 6 pepperoni balls x 4 ounces each = a pound and half of dough. Note: this event is not Atkin’s friendly.

Would you run this event or does the thought make you wanna puke?


[Medal submitted by Steph. Follow her on Twitter @scrooge19]

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