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Arthur Priddy Wins The Jackal Trail Marathon (Jackal and Backass Jackal Results)

Arthur Priddy won The Jackal Trail Marathon that was held on June 23, 2012 in Jackson, Tennessee with a time of 3:52:41

Priddy, who earlier this year won the Andrew Jackson Marathon, was able to hold off David Mickelsen who finished in 4:04:36.

The Jackal Trail Marathon Results – 2012

  1. Arthur Priddy (Jackson, TN) – 3:52:41
  2. David Mickelsen (Brentwood, TN) – 4:04:36
  3. Joshua Holmes (Jackson, TN) – 4:32:32
  4. Chris Estes (Murfreesboro, TN) – 4:34:53
  5. Jeff Fugate (Jackson, TN) – 4:38:01
  6. Dan Meier (Clarksville, TN) – 4:41:22
  7. Nathan Judd (Finger, TN) – 4:41:41
  8. Jonathan Harrison (Henderson, TN) – 4:52:26
  9. Anthony Ohrey (Henderson, TN) – 4:59:52
  10. Wade Anderson (Readyville, TN) – 5:16:41
  11. Jonathan Young (Benton, AR) – 5:18:19
  12. Sulaiman Seriki (La Vergne, TN) – 5:19:31
  13. Todd Shadburn (Jackson, TN) – 5:24:35
  14. Clark Bilbrey (Dickson, TN) – 5:31:14
  15. Naresh Kumar (India) – 5:38:36
  16. Mikki Trujillo (Cookeville, TN) – 6:13:17
  17. David Oglesby (Jackson, TN) – 6:20:34
  • Brad Box (Jackson, TN) – 4:38:10 (early 5am start)

On Sunday (June 24, 2012), five runners returned to attempt a second day of marathon madness in what was dubbed The Backass Jackal Trail Marathon.

The Backass Jackal was won by Chris Estes who finished the second day of the back-to-back with a time of 4:41:22.

The Backass Jackal Trail Marathon Results -2012

  1. Chris Estes (Murfreesboro, TN) – 4:41:22
  2. Joshua Holmes (Jackson, TN) – 4:52:51
  3. Sulaiman Seriki (La Vergne, TN) – 6:02:15
  4. Naresh Kumar (India) – 6:26:30
  5. Mikki Trujillo (Cookeville, TN) – 6:38:05 (F)

These five runners were joined by four other runners that made up two relay teams during The Backass Jackal.

The Backass Jackal Trail Marathon Relay Team Results – 2012

  1. Robin Robbins/Nathan Bass – 4:19:31
  2. Daniela Obregon/Ben Pennington – 5:48:10

Congrats and thanks to all of the great runners who came out to make this a wonderful first time event.



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  1. Naresh Kumar says:

    What an eventful weekend. Fine group of runners. Had the best time on the trails. Thanks for the both the races Josh.


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