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Cookeville Haunted Half Marathon 2011

Cookeville Haunted Half Marathon Medal (2011)

Here is the unique and creepy finisher’s medal from the 2011 Cookeville Haunted Half Marathon that took place on October 22, 2011 in Cookeville, Tennessee.

A very cool medal….notice the swinging legs hanging off the knee joints?


[submitted by the great Dallas Smith who set the Tennessee state record for a 71-yr old in the half marathon with a time of 1:36. He took nearly 8 minutess off the old time.. Follow him on Twitter @smithbend]

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Delaware and Lehigh Heritage Marathon Medal – 2011

Delaware & Lehigh Heritage Marathon & 1/2 Medal (2011)

Many of you were busy over the weekend, and we have the bling to validate your claims.

Here is the 2011 finisher’s medal from the Delaware & Lehigh Heritage Marathon & Half Marathon.

This race took place on October 23, 2011 in Pennsylvania.

Delaware & Lehigh Heritage Marathon Website


[Medal photo submitted by Kevin Hunsicker. Follow him on Twitter @KevOCCRN]

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Ragnar Relay Las Vegas 2011

Ragnar Relay Las Vegas Medal (2011)

Here is the freshly minted Ragnar Relay Las Vegas medal from the 2011 race that took place over the weekend on October 21-22, 2011.

Also included is the ‘Saints & Sinners’ Ragnar Relay medal for completing both the Las Vegas Ragnar and Wasatch Back Ragnar Relays.

Ragnar Relay Website


[special thanks to Jordan Lee for submitting the bling photo. You can follow him on Twitter @JoJo_runnr]

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Big Dog Starters

Laz’s Big Dog Backyard Ultra Results (2011)

Laz’s Big Dog Backyard Ultra took place on October 22, 2011 in Lazarus Lake’s backyard in Wartrace, Tennessee…naturally.

This unique race consisted of a 4.16 mile loop where the runners had to complete the loop in less than a hour.  If a runner couldn’t then he or she was disqualified and their day was over.  The race restarts every hour, on the hour, and it repeats until just one runner is left standing.

Tim Englund won the inaugural event, lasting 18 loops (74.88 miles), beating Dave Carver who completed 17 loops (70.72 miles).

2011 Laz’s Big Dog Backyard Ultra Results

1. Tim Englund – 18 loops (74.88 miles)
2. Dave Carver – 17 loops (70.72 miles)
3. Joe Fejes – 16 loops (66.56 miles)
3. Lisa Bliss – 16 loops (66.56 miles)
5. Bill Goodwine – 15 loops (62.4 miles)
6. Tim Dines – 14 loops (58.24 miles)
7. Ray Krolewicz – 12 loops (49.92 miles)
7. Case Cantrell – 12 loops (49.92 miles)
7. Eddie Demossi – 12 loops (49.92 miles)
7. Bill Lovett – 12 loops (49.92 miles)
11. Sam Landry – 11 loops (45.76 miles)
11. Naresh Kumar – 11 loops (45.76 miles)
13. Steve Durbin – 10 loops (41.6 miles)
13. Josh Wiesner – 10 loops (41.6 miles)
15. Sal Coll – 9 loops (37.44 miles)
15. Will Taggert – 9 loops (37.44 miles)
17. William Allen – 8 loops (33.28 miles)
17. Charlie Taylor – 8 loops (33.28 miles)
19. Mike Melton – 6 loops (24.96 miles)
19. Kyle McQuire – 6 loops (24.96 miles)
19. Mike Allen – 6 loops (24.96 miles)
22. Ben Yancey – 6 loops (24.96 miles)
23. John Wallace – 5 loops (20.8 miles)
23. John Price – 5 loops (20.8 miles)
25. Mike Dobies – 5 loops (20.8 miles)
26. Shannon Burke – 3 loops (12.48 miles)
27. Nikki Seeger – 2 loops (8.32 miles)
27. Craig Blair – 2 loops (8.32 miles)
29. Catherine Harding – 2 loops (8.32 miles)
29. Janet Duncan – 2 loops (8.32 miles)
31. Julie Aistars – 1 loop (4.16 miles)
31. Diane Taylor – 1 loop (4.16 miles)
33. Abi Meadows – 0 loops

Congrats to Tim on his win and all who took part!

(If your name is misspelled in the results above then please just leave a comment with the correct spelling, and it will be corrected. Laz’s writing can be a bit tough to decipher.)

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Rock N Roll St. Louis Marathon Logo 2011

Cory Ferguson Wins 2011 Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Louis Marathon (Results)

Indianapolis native Cory Ferguson won the inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Louis Marathon on Sunday with a time of 2:29:21.

He didn’t win by much though as Illinois’ Arturs Bareikis was just 2 seconds behind at 2:29:23.

Top 10 Male Finishers – Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Louis Marathon

  1. Cory Ferguson (Indianapolis, IN) – 2:29:21
  2. Arturs Bareikis Oak Forest, IL) – 2:29:23
  3. Eric Wallor – (Palatine, IL) – 2:29:40
  4. Michael Aitken (Saint Ann, MO) – 2:32:11
  5. Bradley Runnion (Aurora, IL) – 2:32:41
  6. Joffroi Holcombe (Olathe, KS) – 2:33:01
  7. Charles Beiseman (De Sota, MO) – 2:33:58
  8. Matt Kruger (Omaha, NE) – 2:39:12
  9. Bryan Kelpe (Cape Girardeau, MO) – 2:41:43
  10. Michael Waterson (Ann Arbor, MI) – 2:44:58

Top 10 Female Finishers – Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Louis Marathon

  1. Stephanie Hill (Pevely, MO) – 2:58:13
  2. Amy Landes (Kirkwood, MO) – 3:05:41
  3. Lauren Perimutter (St. Louis, MO) – 3:08:35
  4. Hope Rathnam (St. Louis, MO) – 3:12:17
  5. Jenn Forkenbrock (Lawrence, KS) – 3:12:47
  6. Amy Marxkors (Wildwood, MO) – 3:12:51
  7. Laura Link (Effingham, IL) – 3:15:49
  8. Kateri Paeglow (Dekalb, IL) – 3:19:04
  9. Maureen Selzler (Glen Carbon, IL) – 3:19:07
  10. Alicia Drouant (Chesterfield, MO) – 3:20:15

Full St. Louis Marathon Searchable Results on Competitor Rock ‘n’ Roll

Congrats to all of the 3,354 finisher of the full marathon and the 14,511 finishers of the half marathon as well.

The half marathon was won by Josphat Boit with a time of 1:08:27.  The female half winner was Amanda Dunne with a time of 1:20:08.

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Where Run It Fast Readers Are Running This Weekend! (Oct 22-23, 2011)

Where Run It Fast Readers Are Running This Weekend! (Oct 22-23, 2011)

We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and 35 of you responded!

Good luck to everyone running this weekend, especially all of you that are running or training for your first 1/2, full, or any distance.  Run It Fast!!!!

Joshua Holmes – @bayou – Possibly doing the Trinity 5K on Saturday. Best of luck to everyone!

Jenny Skoog – @skoogfit – running the #centralpark loop under 50 minutes!

Jefferson Nicholson – @AdventureGeeks – University of Delaware tri club practice tri. Pregaming it with a double shot of dayquil. #GetTough #Snotrocket

Shaun Marsden – @SpontaneousPlan – The SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) Half Marathon in Casteau / Mons, Belgium. Bring it on!

Kristie Cranford – @CoachKristieLV – I have my first ever 20M training run on Sunday! #MarathonTraining

Bonnie Montleon – @pixie_nyx – I’ll be doing the Zombie run in MD. WOOOO!!!!! (about to become the best road trip EVER!!!)

Kate Meier – @kate765 – Running the Susan G Komen in #knoxville with my aunt who is a survivor and my 1-year-old son who is a future marathoner 🙂

Liz Couto – @LizCouto – around downtown #Toronto, with a group 🙂

Andrea Beeson – @Abees – Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon – South Carolina

Caitlin Woodruff – @caitlinwoodruff – Sleepy Hollow, NY for the Sleepy Hollow 10k!

Tianna Marshall – @TrunsLA – La Puente Main street 10k

Robert Boluyt – @Bateluer – Mount Lemmon Marathon, Tucson AZ. 26.2M of uphill fun.

David Bristoll – @Pringleman – The 1st Great Birmingham Run (1/2 Marathon) this weekend for Alzheimers Society ( ) Pls Spnsr! Can’t wait!

Matthew Myers – @MatthewMyers33 – Running Region XC in Americus, Georgia!

Patrick Conlen – @pconlen – Niagara Falls marathon

Jordan Lee – @JoJo_runnr – Ragnar in Las Vegas!

Lauren – @lmcarter621 – Boston Mayor’s Cup!

Ashley Hart – @World_to_Dust – I’ll be racing in the inaugural Fall Foliage Half Marathon in Rhinebeck, NY @fallfoliagehalf

Kevin Hunsicker – @KevOCCRN – Delaware & Lehigh Heritage (inaugural) Marathon! Running the half as a tune up for my 11/13 marathon! #run #MarathonTraining

Lisa Trevino – @malzabarea – along the animas river in Durango, co fall color cool temps should be fun

Steve Carleton – @scarleton – Elizabeth City, NC for fun

Katie Merkhofer – @kmerkhofer – I’m running the JB5K at Indiana University!

Amanda Fire – @Amanda_Fire – Youngstown Peace Race 10k — Youngstown, OH!

Oscar Martin – @omartinm – Fuenlabrada, Spain 🙂

Nicolette Nordan – @nicolette3044 – have 24.5 mile run sunday. Preparing for a marathon on the 20th of November!!!

Scott Stader – @ScottStader – it’s 5k time in Dyersburg TN this wknd! Taking a break to rest up for my 2nd Ultra next wknd in Michigan

Robert – @EarlDinky – halloween half in miami south beach next weekend

Domenick P. Addesi – @domenickpaddesi@runfromundead Run For Your Lives 2011! their inaugural event!! if you’re not running this, you’re probably going to miss out..

Reni Marlina – @renimarl1na – Jakarta Race Against Cancer Everyone 2011, on 23 Oct ☺

Brenton Day – @LSUbeerRUNNER – Canefield Classic 4 miler run thru sugarcane fields just outside of Baton Rouge.

Mica Sealmoy – @petitemica – I’ll be running 5KM distance at St. Peter Run for Life this weekend. #RunForACause @runitfast

Liz Anthony – @lizz1992 – racing at nova southeastern university Saturday morning for div. 2 sunshine conference!! Lets Go university of Tampa xc!

Lauren Stone – @laurens3386 – I’m running the @RunRocknRoll St Louis Half Marathon on Sunday morning!

Dallas Smith – @smithbend – Looks like the Haunted Half Marathon. Another race done snuck up on me. Tomorrow 7:00 a.m., Cookeville, TN.

Stephanie Wilds – @swilds – running The GreatTurtle on Mackinac Island, MI

Craig Brett – @craigbrett – A quiet weekend, after back to back half marathons, so just Swindon parkrun this Saturday for me.

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Triple Lake Trail Race Finisher’s Medal

Triple Lakes Trail Race 40 Mile Ultra Medal (2011)

Finisher’s medal from the Triple Lakes Trail Race 40 mile ultra marathon that took place on October 15, 2011 in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Nice Skull n’ Crossbones that is reminiscent of the finisher’s medal from the Tupelo Marathon (see HERE).

Triple Lakes Trail Race Website

More Photos of Medals and Ultra Buckles

[submitted by Nathan Kreeger. Follow him on Twitter @kreegsauceruns]

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6 Hour 60th Birthday Run, Long Island, NY (with a Shout Out to Team FIGHT)

Today I ran the 6 hour 60th birthday run in Sunken Meadow State Park in Long Island.  This event took place on a 2.1 mile dirt trail loop which contained some hills just over half way that kicked my butt worse each time.  I wasn’t sure what I could do and part of me felt that maybe I shouldn’t really be heading out there at all.  However, it has been hard to set aside time for a decent long run lately that I figured that I could jog through about 20 miles I would get more mileage than if I stayed home.

I woke up late, scrambled around the house for gear. I grabbed my Team Fight running shirt out of the dryer along with some other gear, stuffed some juice in a cooler along with a bottle of Endurolytes, advil, and my inhaler.  I grabbed my Brooks Ghosts, put on my Launches and headed out the run.

GUN GOES OFF: I happily run behind Ray for a few minutes before I fade back.  I run the first loop to get a feel for the course and I already know I am in trouble.  I am working way too hard for an 18 -19 minute lap, I am not a fan of the sandy parts (which turned out to be just fine).  I can feel my heart pounding in my chest whenever the course elevation is even imperceptible uphill.  The visible hills became my walk breaks. By lap 2, I wonder how long I would be in this before I hit the wall hard.

By lap 3, I found my rhythm, knew the course was “comfortable” for the first 8 minutes, “uncomfortable” for the next 8 minutes and then “comfortable” again for the last 4 minutes for per loop.  I tried to hold that pattern and managed a 20-21 minute per lap average. I was moving well for about 3 hours until I started to falter and get negative.

I had started out in my Brooks Launches which are the most comfortable long run shoes I own.  I love my Ghost for training, but they are too heavy for me when I race. I knew if I switched to the Ghosts now, I might as well just stop.  I only brought them as a last resort and I was not ready to swap.

At about 3:30 into the run, I took a short break to think about what I wanted to do.  I took some Endurolytes, should have taken Advil for my achy feet, gave Arpan (a really nice man who remembered me from the 6-day and who ran much of this event with me) some juice to try, and took a minute to myself.   At that point, I began debating trying to cover 50k and calling it a day or stopping sooner to save my feet the pain.

While running alone, I passed two runners who said “Hey there are some fast twitch muscles coming by, she is one of the leaders!” I thanked them for their vote of confidence, but assured them that I was not leading.  However, since I wore my Team Fight shirt which says “Wanna Fight” on the back, I heard the guy say “Wanna Fight…. That is Kenyan for ….” (I wish I heard the end but I missed it).  This really made me smile because I am not anywhere near my peak shape but it felt great to hear others comment that I looked good (when I felt so bad!)

I continued trying to get out of my funk. Later I rounded a corner to see two young guys flying towards me. One called out “TEAM FIGHT!!!  Go Team Fight! I am from Columbia!!”.  Again this made me feel so great to hear this kind of support and fed me with some reason to fight the pain.  At the end of the lap I remembered the Advil.

Unfortunately by 4:20 hours in, my plantar fascias felt terribly inflamed and the nodules felt like needles were being jabbed into them.  My gait was getting painful and I just started walking, sending Arpan, whom I had caught up to again off without me.

Elaine showed up and she took some time to walk and talk with me about my favorite subject (Enzo) as I hobbled along.  I decided I was ready to quit when Ray and Cherie came flying down the downhill. Ray advised…”Don’t walk the down”.  I assured him I am lucky to be walking at all.  He could see my limp as the pains shot through my foot and told me do what I need. I am sure he has used up all his go to motivational tid-bits on me in the last year or more.

But, Ray has a way of knowing exactly what to say and do to get me moving.  As he took off down the hill, he said “Remember, Sometimes Things Hurt.”  As I watched him, Elaine, and Cherie move away into the distance, I walked alone, feeling left behind and sorry for myself, I wondered when exactly did I forgot how to Fight?  When did I lose my ability to tolerate Hurt?  Which is worse, the pain of failure or the pain in my feet stopping any chance of success?  I have always been good at ignoring pain.  When I was 5 years old I broke my arm and still went to gymnastics class for a week because I LOVED gymnastics.  I would tell my mom my arm felt sore, but I really wanted to go tumbling.  After a week, I got an x-ray and I had a fracture but I never let that stop me from doing what I loved.  Why am I letting some pain stop me now?  When will this become who I am?  How am I letting this happen to me?

I looked down at my shirt.  “TEAM FIGHT!” boldly covered the front.  This shirt was given to me at the Half Full Tri fundraiser to raise money to help young adults fight their cancer.  I realized that I did more hard work during chemo and immediately after than I have been willing to endure lately.  What is going on? How can I accept this? How can I wear this shirt if I am just going to quit.  I can’t quit.

As I approached the end of that loop, I convinced myself the Advil is working, that running hurts less than walking and I did my best to get moving.  It helped tremendously to overhear one of the volunteers say my number and add “She’s has been moving strong all day.” (Obviously he missed that hour long period of lolli-gagging while on the verge of defeat).  I needed to hear those words.

My laps dropped to 21-22 minutes per lap again.  I lost track of what I was doing and just tried to stick with the girl ahead of me.  I thought I had timed it so I could start short loops with 30 minutes until the horn.  I looked forward to the course change.  Ironically because my last two laps were faster than 30 minutes, I was sent out on the big loop again with the advice “27 minutes left!”  Oh man! I had already said good-bye to all the hills and now I had to see them again.  There were mixed reviews about which was faster the long loop or the short with the hill there, but it did not matter now.

With about 4 minutes left, I finished my loop and was sent onto the short loop.  The last few minutes is by far the best minutes in duration races.  The second wind runners get when the announcer counts down the minutes is just awesome. The energy level is intense and I was so grateful to be a part of it.  The runners cheering for each other, because we were the once who endured! I get to be one of them today.

And when the horn sound, then comes the Collective Sigh of Relief, followed by the Collective Moans and Groans as people hunch over glad to be allowed to stop moving.  There is nothing like this in a marathon, where individuals express their relief one at a time.  Here the race survivors are together, all in one small loop, hugging, sighing, groaning and hobbling off in a pack of pride and understanding.  It is the most beautiful part of racing that I have ever experienced.

So was it worth the pain?  Pain, what pain?  I have no recollection of any foot pain at the moment because all of those memories have been replaced with the pride I feel from FIGHTING and learning my efforts earned me a 4th place female finish on a course that kicked my butt!  I ran just over 34 miles in 6 hours which is a good effort for me today.  I have run 31 in 4:15 this past March, but much was different then.  Today I was about 19th OA in a field of 160 because I did not quit and this brings me the same amount of pleasure.

When I think about how I almost walked away at 25 miles all I can say now is “Sometimes things hurt.”  Sometimes they hurt for a long time, like regret and the endless hurt you feel when you give up on yourself.   Sometimes they hurt for the moment and maybe that moment lasts like 3 hours, but it ends.  This time I am not hurting from the regret of quitting. I am tired of that type of hurt. In fact right now, there is no pain, no hurt, just the beauty of knowing I am still a Fighter.  I can endure 6 hours.  Now I need to work on 12 and 24. Thank you, Ray, once again for knowing me so well and giving me this gift of a job well done. 🙂  It is no surprise to me that all my best races have one thing in common, your presence 🙂

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Pumpkin Holler Mailbox

2011 Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd Finishers (100 Mile Results)

List of the finisher’s from the inaugural 2011 Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd ultra marathon that took place in Tahlequah, Oklahoma on October 15/16, 2011.

1  Ryan Loehding        39 Carrollton        23 TX     4 19:20:52
2  Claude Hicks Jr.     51 Fort Worth         1 TX     4 19:28:07
3  Andy Emerson         42 Columbia          54 MO     4 20:16:30
4  Danny Ponder         52 Norman            42 OK     4 20:46:25
5  Randy Ellis          59 Sapulpa           21 OK     4 21:35:31
6  Lori Enlow           38 Tahlequah         52 OK     4 22:52:37
7  Jason Bauer          37 Springfield       29 MO     4 23:21:36
8  Karen Martin         40 Jonesboro         61 AR     4 23:22:00
9  Travis Owens         47 Tahlequah         15 OK     4 23:32:49
10 Debbie Leftwich      57 Phoenix           51 AR     4 23:32:50
11 Larry Hall           57 Chicago           25 IL     4 24:38:00
12 Joshua Holmes        33 Jackson           36 TN     4 24:48:13
13 Michele Hartwig      44 Lakewood          20 IL     4 24:48:28
14 Kathy Hoover         51 Tulsa             49 OK     4 24:49:53
15 Arnold Begay         48 Broken Arrow      63 OK     4 24:49:53
16 Robin Saenz          55 Tulsa             19 OK     4 25:21:50
17 Miles Krier          59 Sacramento        18 CA     4 25:35:35
18 Mark Stovall         44 Oak Grove         26 MO     4 26:29:39
19 Kimberlie Budzik     51 Friendswood       59 TX     4 26:29:39
20 Beth Simpson-Hall    52 Chicago           24 IL     4 26:37:47
21 Mike Smith           53 Fishers           17 IN     4 26:37:47
22 Susan Kokesh         45 Lake Oswego       46 OR     4 26:40:11
23 Mark Hellenthal      39 Phoenix            3 AZ     4 27:10:39
24 Laci Zimmer          33 Lincoln            8 NE     4 27:11:39
25 Lisa Pivec           42 Wagoner           39 OK     4 27:39:46
26 Donald Rice          38 White Settlemen   47 TX     4 27:49:53
27 Trace Heavener       26 Tulsa             40 OK     4 28:27:33
28 Vicente Ledesma      60 El Campo          38 TX     4 28:28:46
29 Nathan Tadlock       32 Decatur           28 MS     4 28:35:35
30 Mike Strong          60 Wichita           13 KS     4 28:45:05
31 Dennis Crosby        64 Tulsa             55 OK     4 29:40:30
(57 started the race. 70+ registered)
2011 Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd Finisher's Belt Buckle

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Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd Belt Buckle – 2011 Ultra Marathon Race

Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd Belt Buckle (2011)

You likely haven’t seen a pumpkin belt buckle before….but now you have!

Here is the finisher’s belt buckle from the inaugural 2011 Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd (100 Mile Ultra) that took place in Tahlequah, Oklahoma on October 15/16, 2011.

The race was well organized and put on.  I will try to get up a race report on it at some point.

Pumpkin Holler Races Website

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