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Hideki Kino – Extreme Runner

Run It Fast – The Club Extreme Runner Point Standings (thru April 2012)

About 25% of Run It Fast – The Club members have submitted their race data (January-April) to be tabulated into the Extreme Runner/Racer Standings.

The overall leader is Hideki Kinoshita (RIF #88) with 442.2 race points.  Second place goes to Joshua Holmes (RIF #1) with 380.6 points and David Wingard (RIF #101) is in third with 365.4 points.

Runners are awarded a point for every mile of a race they complete. (Example: marathon = 26.2 pts, half marathon = 13.1 points, 50K = 31 points, 5K = 3.1 points, etc.).  More details HERE

The male and female leaders at the end of the year will be named RIF’s Extreme Runner/Racer(s) of the Year.

Top 10 Overall Extreme Runner Point Standings

  1. Hideki Kinoshita – 442.2 (RIF #88) – @runkino
  2. Joshua Holmes – 380.6 (RIF #1) – @bayou
  3. David Wingard – 365.4 (RIF #101)
  4. Emily Conley (F) – 276.4 (RIF #24) – @trailjunke
  5. Rick Jarvis – 245.1 (RIF #18)
  6. Scott Stader – 222.4 (RIF #40) – @scottstader
  7. Alvin Lee – 172.0 (RIF #30) – @aleedds
  8. Laura Raeder (F) – 160.3 (RIF #20) – @lauraraeder
  9. David Donald – 143.9 (RIF #54)
  10. Trent Rosenbloom – 141.6 (RIF #57) – @hhflyingmonkey

Extreme Racer Male Leaderboard 

  1. Hideki Kinoshita – 442.2 (RIF #88)
  2. Joshua Holmes – 380.6 (RIF #1)
  3. David Wingard – 365.4 (RIF #101)
  4. Rick Jarvis – 245.1 (RIF #18)
  5. Scott Stader – 222.4 (RIF #40)
  6. Alvin Lee – 172.0 (RIF #30)
  7. David Donald – 143.9 (RIF #54)
  8. Trent Rosenbloom – 141.6 (RIF #57)
  9. Rick Thiounn – 125.4 (RIF #111)
  10. Jonathan Bobbitt – 97.2 (RIF #3)
  11. Nicholas Norfolk – 84.1 (RIF #116)
  12. Naresh Kumar – 83.4 (RIF #2)
  13. Brian Wooldridge – 74.8 (RIF #141)
  14. Jason Howard – 71.7 (RIF #150)
  15. Stewart Crouch – 64.8 (RIF #89)
  16. Perry Ligon – 33.0 (RIF #146)
  17. Scott Lochridge – 62.4 (RIF #32)
  18. John Hudson – 57.9 (RIF #63)
  19. Dennis Arriaga – 47.9 (RIF #140)
  20. JD Leman – 39.3 (RIF #139)
  21. Wade Anderson – 26.2 (RIF #22)
  22. Kevin Ronayne – 19.3 (RIF #11)
  23. Chris Nelson – 19.3 (RIF #135)
  24. Mark Sikkila – 16.2 (RIF #108)
  25. Scott Gorski – 12.4 (RIF #107)
  26. Josh Liggett – 9.3 (RIF #147)
Emily Conley (RIF #24) has a commanding lead among the women that have submitted data so far with 276.4 points.  Laura Raeder (RIF #20) has the second most points with 160.3 and Russia’s Michelle Mitchell (RIF #133) has 137.4 points.

Extreme Racer Female Leaderboard

  1. Emily Conley – 276.4 (RIF #24)
  2. Laura Raeder – 160.3 (RIF #20)
  3. Michelle Mitchell – 137.4 (RIF #133)
  4. Mikki Trujillo – 134.1 (RIF #13)
  5. Heather Shoemaker – 128.6 (RIF #44)
  6. Lisa Gonzales – 119.9 (RIF #5)
  7. Alicia Eno – 117.9 (RIF #126)
  8. Nicole Knutson – 104.8 (RIF #47)
  9. Daniela Obregon – 55.5 (RIF #49)
  10. Christy Bowers – 54.1 (RIF #60)
  11. Marj Mitchell – 30.2 (RIF #4)
  12. Natalie Torres – 29.3 (RIF #72)
  13. Debra Jacildo – 17.4 (RIF #98)
  14. Meredith Yox – 15.5 (RIF #128)
  15. Lisa Edwards – 15.1 (RIF #122)

Thanks to all 41 members who have submitted race data to date. This should become a lot of fun as the year goes on and more members start to participate.

For information on joining Run It Fast – The Club click HERE.

Club Members be sure to read more about ERS and enter your races -> Extreme Racer Standings Program (details).

Complete Run It Fast – The Club Member Directory



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Run It Fast – The Club – Extreme Racer

Welcome to the Run It Fast – The Club Extreme Racer Contest for 2014!

Here’s how it works:

-Each month, RIF Club members will enter their race stats in our database.

-You will be awarded 1 point for each mile you raced during the month. For example, if you raced a 5K this month, you would get 3.1 points for the month.

-The database will calculate the number of “race miles” you ran for the month and keep track of them for you  and us.

-We will post the standings each month so you can see where you are in the standings.

-At the end of the year, we’ll crown a male and a female Extreme Runner (with possible age group awards/recognition as well).

So how do you enter your race information? We’ve created a form for you to enter your data into. You can find the form here for now:

Run It Fast – Club Extreme Runner Entry Form

We’ll be adding a link to it on the Run It Fast – The Club page for future access. Let’s look at an example of how RIF #5 filled out the form for January – April:

When you fill out the form, you’ll be entering data for one month at a time but I wanted to give you an idea of how the data will look with various examples. As you can see, RIF #5 ran one race in March that wasn’t a “normal” distance so that race was counted in the Other Races for that month and RIF #5 entered the number of miles for that race. (yes, that means you’ll have to calculate your “Other Races” miles for us – so thank you!).

The form also asks you for your Total Monthly Miles (it should include both “race” and normal training miles for the month) but this number is NOT part of the contest. Total Monthly Miles is just for fun and to see how much everyone is running. Nothing is filled out in Notes above but we hope you’ll share any accomplishments you had for the month with us. We would love to know about new PRs, new race distances completed, age group awards, wins, etc.

This is a sample of what the form looks like:

You just enter your data for the month and click Submit. It’s that easy! But make sure you don’t submit your stats until the month is over. Once again, here is the link to the data entry form:

Run It Fast – Club Extreme Runner Entry Form

Good luck and Run It Fast!

2017 Extreme Racer Winner – Ila Brandli (Results)
2016 Extreme Racer Winner – Karen Vollan (Results)
2015 Extreme Racer Winner – John Leighton (Results)
2014 Extreme Racer Winner – Ed Ettinghausen (Results)
2013 Extreme Racer Winner – David Wingard (Results)
2012 Extreme Racer Winner – Steve Hughes (Results)

Just a reminder…this contest is for Run It Fast – The Club members only so if you aren’t a part of Run It Fast – The Club and want to join in on the fun, click this link:

Run It Fast – The Club


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The Run It Fast Running Club

Run It Fast is a way of life for both beginning and veteran endurance athletes. RIF is open to everyone and is simply a motto for pushing past your own limits to go further, faster, and do more than you ever have before. Everyone’s ‘Fast’ is relative and 100% subjective.

As a part of the Run It Fast Running Club you will receive a Run It Fast tech shirt for joining. There is not a better way to receive encouragement at a race than to be sporting the RIF shirt. You will hear ‘Run It Fast’ at the exact moment your energy dips or you need that extra push to finish that race or set a new PR.

In addition, you will have access to Run It Fast coaches to discuss running your first 5K, half marathon, marathon, or ultra. You will also receive discounts on Run It Fast clothing/merchandise and to future RIF races, events, and non-RIF races where we can procure a group discount.

We are also working on creating a place on RunItFast.com for you to store your races and results in addition to a point system to rank runners to create end of the year awards based on total distance, speed, and other factors.

If you’ve wanted to be part of a national running community to encourage and be encouraged by others you will enjoy being a part of the Run It Fast Team.

Membership Pricing:
New Members: $35 (includes Run It Fast tech shirt & shipping)
Renewals $15 per year

First 150 to join will be entered into a drawing for a free Garmin 310XT GPS watch!

First member from each different state will be entered into a drawing for a Running Warehouse gift card!

Benefits: Run It Fast tech shirt, RIF membership card, becoming part of RIF community, discounts at various races/RIF events and running stores, access to RIF coaches, place to store and keep track of your races, discounts on RIF merchandise and gear, point scoring system for male and female runner of the year and other awards.

The sooner you join the lower your Run It Fast badge # will be.

*If you already have a Run It Fast shirt then please email RIF at RunItFast@gmail.com for a discount code to join (without shirt, unless you want another one).

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