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Marathon of the North Medal – 2012

The Marathon of the North Medal (2012)

Here is the finisher’s medal from The Marathon of the North that took place on May 6, 2012 in Sunderland, England within the United Kingdom.

The ribbon is nicer than the medal but still a nice medal nonetheless.


[Submitted by Daniel Farrelly. Follow him on Twitter @danielfarrelly]

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Rob Sloan Sunderland

Rob Sloan Admits Cheating at Kielder Marathon

Runner/bus rider Rob Sloan has admitted to cheating at the Kielder Marathon after falsely finishing in third place. His bronze finished had since been stripped, and Sloan has admitted to cheating the course.

Sunderland Harrier Rob Sloan, 31, disembarked just before the end of the Kielder Marathon and emerged from a wooded section of the course to rejoin the race and pick up the bronze medal.

But the runner, who just 24 hours earlier had won a 10K race, was spotted by a number of witnesses, and organisers were left with no alternative but to disqualify him after Sunday’s event.

Sloan decided to drop at mile 20, hopped on the bus, then got off the bus to finish the last part of the race, finishing in 3rd place.

“Rob Sloan of Sunderland Harriers had apparently made the decision to withdraw from the race at approximately 20 miles due to fatigue and after returning to the Leaplish Park area he decided to run the closing section of the course and crossed the finish line in third place.

The third place award was rightfully given to Steven Cairns after Sloan’s cheating was confirmed.

The Kielder Marathon takes place in England (website).

[hat tip to Chuck ‘Marathonjunkie’ Engle]

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