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Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Feb 4-5, 2012)

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Feb 4-5, 2012)

We asked on Twitter (@runitfast) where you were running this weekend and 40 of you responded!

A good number of you will be down at the Rocky Raccoon 100/50 miler, the Krispy Kreme 10k Challenge in North Carolina, and the Jackass 50K.

Best of luck to you all and Run It Fast!!!

Joshua Holmes – What should be a very wet and sloppy Jackass 50K!

Tianna Marshall – Hansen Dam Friendship 30k run

Sandra Laflamme –  @RaggedMountain NH-Winter Wild Series @TeamAMPllc#running

Katie Grant – Where are you running/racing this weekend? Fish Creek Park in Calgary AB Canada

Kelly Bruce – Cherokee Park in the Snowman Shuffle 4miler…wish me luck 😀

Vanessa Probert – I am still in recovery from shin splints & stress fracture, so I have 2 run on soft track. Will be running @ the local highschool

California Footwear – Davis Stampede 1/2 marathon. Woot!

Leah Mary Clark – The hilly roads of Indianola, IA. #SimpsonCollege#GoStorm!

Stacey Crawley – Superbowl 5k in Columbus, GA!

Suann – rocky raccoon!

RacingItOff – Rocky Raccoon 50 miler!

737 Guy – hills of central texas

Heather Blackmon – Jed Smith 50k in Sacramento – my first ultra!

Michael J. – krispykreme challenge in Raleigh, NC! Just for fun 🙂

aimee bellwood – 13.5k Richmond park, London with @stevensongemma tomorrow – hold off snow!

Kayleigh Nias – Thames Trot 50miler… Terrified! X

Angie Gerber – 16 mile training run in beautiful Helvetia, Oregon.

Craig Brett – Longleat 10k on Sunday, plus 22 miles training run on Saturday

Matty Brennan – long mynd valleys fell race, UK. 11 miles, 4500 feet of climb, and some snow. Should be fun.

Casey – Surf City Marathon for me!

Amber Goetz – Winter Flight 8K in Salisbury, NC

Kiki – I’m running the Snowman Shuffle 4 Miler in Louisville, KY on Saturday.

Lisa Gonzales – I’ll be running in the mud on Saturday at the Jackson Jackass 50k!! And hopefully Shelby Farms on Sunday or Monday.

Rachel Matuszek – probably 3 mi on trail tomorrow with my dog and definitely a 10 miler on Sunday with my husband on the bike path in Bristol RI.

Aaron Johnstone – 12-miler. Tapering for @austinmarathon on 2/19!

Jonathan Bobbitt – Jackson Jackass 50k!!! My first ultra long training run!!

Jeff – River Trail 15k in North Little Rock, AR

Jason Howard – running the surf city marathon in Huntington Beach Ca this weekend.

Lee Anne Hooley – Super5k in Lowell on Sunday, around town for a tune-up tonight and tomorrow.

Joshua Guiles – Superbowl 5k in Ann Arbor, MI.

Gerard Pescatore – 11 Mile training run in Philly.

Kevin Ronayne – looking forward to the Super Sunday 5 in Cambridge, MA

kelli – snowman shuffle 4 miler, louisville, ky

jose hernan jimenez – 10K XXXI Ed. La Candelaria – Greetings from Costa Rica 😉

Lauren Stone – 7 mile recovery training run in STL

Anji Nussbaumer – 50k in Charlotte, NC. First Ultra race for the Queen City!

Sarah Malaney – 3 mile group run. the first of many for Bridge the Gap Half Marathon training

Jade Blackford – around the block 🙂

Nicole Johnson – Krispy Kreme Challenge, NC

Williamson Owners – 50k in Charlotte, NC. First Ultra race for the Queen City!


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