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Nanny Goat 12hr-24hr-100 Mile Medal – 2012

Nanny Goat 12hr/24hr/100 Mile Medal (2012)

Here is the finisher’s medal from the Nanny Goat 12 hour/24 hour/ 100 Mile Ultra that took place on May 26, 2012 in Riverside, California.

Nice medal and congrats to RIF #5 on putting down impressive milage during the 12 hour event.


[Medal submitted by RIF #5 Lisa Gonzales. Follow her on Twitter @runlikeacoyote]

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Nanny Goat 100 Mile Ultra Marathon Finisher’s Belt Buckle

2011 Nanny Goat 100 Mile Ultra Marathon Belt Buckle

Here is a look at the finisher’s belt buckle from the 2011 Nanny Goat 100 Mile Ultra Marathon that took place in Riverside, California on May 28, 2011.

Read Kista Cook’s Race Report from the 2011 Nanny Goat 100 Miler

More Marathon & Ultra Marathon Finisher’s Medals and Belt Buckles

[photo via Kista Cook]

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Kista Cook’s Legs After the Nanny Goat 100 Mile Ultra Marathon

Kista Cook’s Nanny Goat 100 Mile Ultra Race Report (2011)

Nanny Goat 100 Mile  Ultra Marathon Race Report (May 28-29, 2011)
My 1st 100 miler, 1 loop at a time

Nanny Goat is a race that offers to run 12 hours, 24 hours or 100 miles. The course: a one mile loop on a horse ranch. You actually run through the horse stables each mile and swipe your timing card attached to your wrist. I picked this race because I thought it would be a good way to find out if I am even cut out for running all day and all night. Passing by your own aid station every mile seemed doable.

Last year, I attempted Nanny Goat and dropped at 69 miles, 20 hours due to very bad blister feet. Consensus was the shoes caused the problem. I ditched those Asics trail shoes and got Inov-8 Roclite 295s I’ve run in for a year and no blisters. This year I also summoned a crew of 6 and told them their goal was to keep me out of the chair. I even questioned the times I had to use the bathroom whether or not I was looking for an excuse to sit down. Yes, we had portable pots at this race. I had 28 hours to finish 100 miles and I assumed that’s what it would take me. Within first few hours of running I kept saying I was running too fast as I was way ahead of schedule but I let happen and banked the miles.

I trained for 5 months with a women training for Western States 100 this month. We ran at least one of our weekend days together. Some of my training runs were harder than any ultra race I’ve done and I did use a couple 50ks and a marathon as training. Most of my weekend long runs were hilly trails but knowing my race was going to be flat, I did run a few long flat road runs.

The temps were nice and peaked at high 70’s, not too cold at night. I used the cooling system I learned while crewing at Badwater. Cold wet bandana on neck, ice under hat, and ice cold drink every mile until 6 p.m. Two days before the race I got a sore throat and lost my voice. Within about 3 hours of running, I was having difficulty eating, even gels. I had the gag factor and felt nauseated after everything I swallowed. I’m usually a pig at a race and can eat anything any time. I didn’t even want to drink my Hammer electrolytes. Another runner suggested I stick to fruit and water. I could get half a banana down reluctantly, lots of fresh oranges from the orange trees on the course, water and a salt pill every hour. Even though I gagged, spit, and groaned through the night I did not let it slow me down. I remember the first time I said I was sleepy and it was already midnight. This made me so happy I woke up a bit. Throughout the night, I sipped soda, cold coffee with creamer and chewed caffeine gum two times. Not a lot of calories in and not many potty breaks. I wasn’t bloated so we weren’t concerned.

After about 27 miles, I did get hot spots and quickly applied bandaids. Two on each foot in exact same places appeared at different times. I changed my socks often too. I brought quite a few pairs of thin socks thinking due to heat I would like these best. Thin socks on a mostly flat hot race did not work for me. I loved my thicker socks. The NG course offers various textures such as sandy, bumpy grass (the worst), dirt, and black top.

Sunrise is a magical time during this distance. We even had a rooster to let us know.  I couldn’t stop looking up at the blue sky, white puffy clouds and then that one black cloud. It rained lightly for less than an hour. I did have different pacers with me all through the night. A crew/pacer arrived in the morning and two of her suggestions gave me new pep. First was applesauce. Man, never did cold applesauce taste so good. With 15 miles left, she asked if I listened to music while running and I said, “no.” She then shared how she doesn’t either but used music in her 100 mile race and it helped. We grabbed my ipod that I did bring just in case. Who knew?! Listening to music made me forget any discomfort. I was so excited to be almost done and finishing an hour and a half faster than expected. I let it rip. I was singing and dancing my way to the finish, holding back the tears. I had a lot of ultra running buddies at this race that would stand up and cheer for me every time I came through the barn. I couldn’t believe I was actually going to finish and finish strong passing a couple runners in the end.

At 26:17, I accepted my buckle and cried while my friends snapped photos. I had no leg pain during the whole race but as soon as I stopped, some muscles stiffened in areas all new to me. Oh, and my cold came rushing in full force. Legs and feet are golden but my cold is kicking my butt.

That’s the race report about me. A whole other race report can be written about the Nanny Goat race itself. The horse ranch, the race director, the other runners all make for a family event with lots of quirky endurance run nuts and big smiles. Endorphin Dude changed capes throughout 24 hours and Ed Ettinghausen memorized everyone’s name, giving every runner a shout-out every time he passed you. I love my ultra family. My first buckle is baby blue with a goat on it…I’ll take that!

Kista Cook

Kista’s Website & Race Medal Racks for Purchase

Nanny Goat 100 Mile Ultra Marathon Race Website

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