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Las Vegas Marathon Start Area

Dirty Rumors from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon


There has been a lot of filth to come out the the 2011 Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon and 1/2 Marathon that took place this past Sunday night in Sin City.

A lot of it has been true while some other tidbits seem exaggerated, distorted, or simply false.

Here are a few of the more scandalous rumors that I’ve come across in the past couple of days:

  1. “read the comments on the rnr page. Kate (Gosselin) didn’t run the race. She was on the sidelines and riding to the checkpoints on someones tomos scooter and at every checkpoint, the announcers gave platitudes to Kate and none of the other runners. Pissed many of the committed runners off.
    It was a paid appearance to garner support for a race and a charity that isn’t a 501c3 organization and like everything in Las Vegas, what happens there, stays there. Her bodyguard didn’t walk the entire course carrying a pink handbag. He was on a scooter pacing her for 3 miles and then picking her up and pacing the race to keep the shoe tag legit. When they came to a checkpoint at 500 feet, Kate jumped off as the crowd and contestants were too busy to notice. Kate made all the check points. She actually completed the marathon but she didn’t do it toe to heel. – Comment by Kim left on Reality TV Star Kate Gosselin Finishes RNR Las Vegas Marathon
  2. Shenanigans by the Competitor CEO and his wife, in taking 1st Place AG for the Half! As exposed by journalist Don Pemberton – “calling Shenanigans on the CEO of Competitor Group and his wife. They ran the Las Vegas half marathon together, as a wedding couple, supposedly attended the run-thru-wedding chapel on the course, and somehow both managed to win their age divisions with a 6:31 avg pace. They wore each other’s bib numbers – technically you can be DQ’d for wearing someone elses number. They have NO split times for the 5k and 10k marks. AND – their bib numbers indicate that they should have started in the last corral. How did they manage to run a 1:25:16 half marathon, starting in the last corral thus having to weave thru all the walkers, and attend a wedding?!? SHENANIGANS!!!!!!!” – Marathon Maniac FB page
  3. The bananas were green! 😉 – Stated by 578 running divas on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Facebook Page

The above are just rumors being floated out there and haven’t been verified except for #3.  Although, some have stated that bananas had turned yellow by the time the last of the half marathoners had reached them.

Everything else that we know went wrong and made this event sub-par can be found in this post: The Nightmare on the Strip: Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon & 1/2 Marathon Full of Sin

Have another dirty rumor from the most scandalous marathon of 2011? If so then drop it in the comments.

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon Medal – Kate Gosselin

Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon & Half Marathon Medals (2011)

It was a trainwreck on Sunday night in Las Vegas at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon & Half Marathon but a few survived…and some of us even received a medal for finishing.

For the rest of you? You can expect to receive your medal in 4-6 weeks according to the Competitor Group. Running out of medals at any event is a disaster, but it was the least of the disasters Sunday night (Full Story).


[Marathon medal photo via Kate Gosselin.  Half Marathon photo submitted by Lisa Gonzales. Follow her on Twitter @runlikeacoyote]

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Kate Gosselin Start Line Las Vegas Marathon

Reality TV Star Kate Gosselin Finishes Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon

Reality TV star Kate Gosselin who rose to fame on Jon & Kate Plus 8 ran her first marathon on Sunday night in Las Vegas.

She finished the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon in 4:59:21.

Gosselin ran the first half in 2:15:51 before hitting the massive traffic jam of half marathoners on Las Vegas Boulevard (Full Story HERE).

Kate tweeted earlier today, “Good day, all!2 days post marathon &I’m feeling pretty good..still really tired but focusing on what’s next..&still basking in it all!:)”

Gosselin went on to tweet, “So sore last pm-hard X walking..but today less sore&back in heels!:) Yes, ready to start training for next 1…to beat my X!”

So it seems Kate has the marathon bug.  Congrats to her and the inspiration she likely will become for her many followers on Twitter and television.

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