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Recoup in the Hoop after Cummins Falls Marathon

Coupon for two basketball tickets to Tennessee Tech play Jacksonville State

Runners can’t jump worth a dime. Something about the day in and day out running that conditions the running muscles and decommissions the jumping muscles. Inability to jump is a condition basketball players call white man’s disease. Runners have it. They end up bound to the ground, able to run over it but not jump off it. No matter. Until they trip on a curb, they probably don’t miss the lost skill.
But just in case there’s a runner of the Cummins Falls Marathon still holding a soft spot for jumping, arrangements have been made. Yes indeed, tired runners can recoup and at least watch some high jumping. Turns out the Tennessee Tech men’s basketball team is loaded with high leapers that play above the rim, players who don’t jump so much as fly. In one recent game the team threw down eleven dunks. That’s some high-flying action.
Each runner of Cummins Falls Marathon – and this applies to the 5K, 10K and half marathon, too – receives in his/her goodie bag a coupon for two tickets to watch the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles take on the Jacksonville State Gamecocks the evening of the race. The game starts at 7:00 p.m. that Saturday, February 22. Just turn in the coupon at the ticket window of Hooper-Eblen Center. They’ll hand you two tickets. Easy, no hassle. After all, this is about recouping. Rest up while you watch a furious game. No charge, unless you want to buy some popcorn and coke.
During halftime, the man and woman winner of each of the four Cummins Falls races will be called to center court for recognition and congratulations by Tennessee Tech Athletic Director Mark Wilson.
In case you didn’t get enough of the Golden Girls dance team, the Cheerleaders and Awesome Eagle during the race, here’s another shot! The whole indefatigable bunch will re-appear at the game, promoting team spirit as they always do. When do they ever sleep?
After the game, if you need more rest, I’d recommend Father Tom’s Pub, on Cedar Avenue. Just show Father Tom your race number and ask for a free beer. Tell him I said I’d pay for it later. It’s worth a try.

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