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Naresh Kumar’s 10 Tips for Conquering the Foothills Trail 77 Miler

Naresh Kumar’s 10 Tips for Conquering the Foothills Trail 77 Miler

Naresh Kumar ran the Foothills Trail 77 Mile Ultra a couple of weeks ago.  He said it was the second hardest race he has ever competed in (and he’s done some nasty ones).

So I asked him for some helpful tips for anyone that might be brave enough to tackle the FHT-77 Miler.

Naresh’s 10 Helpful Tips for the Foothills Trail 77 Miler:

  1. Review the FHT site info for instructions, directions, aid drop locations, etc. before attempting the BEAST
  2. FHT Trail map and trail guide is a must, hiking GPS would be an added advantage
  3. Ensure you are self sufficient before starting the Laurel Valley section
  4. Don’t get lost and if you do, don’t panic. Trace back to the nearest trail blazer and start over
  5. Ensure to carry enough batteries and GOOD headlamp
  6. Respect wildlife, stay cautious!
  7. A trail runners heaven, very beautiful trail, enjoy it, every bit of it unless you are trying to set a speed record
  8. Crew is a must, at most accessible aid points in case things turn sour. Don’t try to do this solo
  9. Be stealthy to avoid nosy park rangers
  10. Above all, understand the fact that you are going to be F$%&ED but at the end BMF Wallet is well worth it

Foothills Trail 77 Mile Finisher’s Wallet (NSFW)

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FHT 77 Mile Naresh Kumar

Foothills Trail 77 Miler Finisher’s Wallet (2011) – Bad Mother Naresher

Run It Fast contributor/runner extraordinaire Naresh Kumar ran the Foothills Trail 77 Mile Ultra Marathon this past weekend (Nov 26-27, 2011).  He said it was one of the hardest races he has ever done, and Naresh has done some hellacious races.

He said it was 2nd on his list of difficulty only to the Last Annual Vol State 500K, a race in which he which he was the first unaided runner to finish. Read his Vol State 500K race report HERE.

The finisher’s bling from this tough race was the well earned, funny, and slightly offensive wallet you see above.

Five people started this race and only three finished. Naresh was the 2nd to cross the finish line.  Only 20 people have ever finished the FHT 77 Miler.

Naresh needs an appropriate sponsor. Let’s help the ‘Vibram Viking’ fine one!!!

[You can follow Naresh on Twitter @iamarunr]


More Photos of Naresh and His FHT77-BMF Wallet

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