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Arthur Priddy – 2012 Andrew Jackson Marathon Winner

Arthur Priddy Wins 2012 Andrew Jackson Marathon

Jacksonian Arthur Priddy won the 2012 Andrew Jackson Marathon on Saturday with a winning time of 2:57:42.

“The first quarter mile I wanted to maintain my pace,” Priddy said. “I stayed within the pace range I was comfortable with and never looked back.”

Priddy, who runs for Breakaway Running out of Memphis, beat out fellow Jacksonian Keith Caruso (3:04:38) who finished in second place and Evan Perperis (3:08:15) who finished in third place.

Top 5 Andrew Jackson Marathon Male Results

  1. Arthur Priddy – 2:57:42
  2. Keith Caruso – 3:04:38
  3. Evan Perperis – 3:08:15
  4. Jonathan Stewart – 3:08:41
  5. Bailey Bell – 3:08:59

Catie Caldwell was the 1st overall female finishing in 3:20:05.

Second place female went to Jane Shettles (3:31:09) and third to Misty Thompson (3:37:35)

Top 5 Andrew Jackson Marathon Female Results

  1. Catie Caldwell – 3:20:05
  2. Jane Shettles – 3:31:09
  3. Misty Thompson – 3:37:35
  4. Emily Smith – 3:42:50
  5. Chellie Jannin – 3:46:43

Complete Andrew Jackson Marathon Results

The Andrew Jackson Half Marathon was won by Jacksonian Neil Wolford with a time of 1:17:38.

Top overall female for the half marathon went to Laura Henry with a time of 1:33:01.

Complete Andrew Jackson Half Marathon Results

Congrats to all of the finishers of both races and especially the 15+ member of Run It Fast – The Club that took part in the half and full.

[image: Whitehead Foundation]

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