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Robin Williams Track and Field – Run It Fast

Robin Williams the XC and Track Runner

As we mourn the death of comedian Robin Williams we are reminded that he was a track and cross country runner in high school with a personal record of 1:58 for the 800 meters according to Scott Fishman.

Williams donated much of his time and money to the Challenged Athletes Foundation as well and was an avid cyclist.


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DrewFromTV – Half Marathon Tweet – Drew Carey

Drew Carey to Run Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon

Comedian/Actor Drew Carey, currently the host of The Price is Right and Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza, will run the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon according to Runner’s World CRO Bart Yasso Facebook update.


The Marine Corps Historic  Half Marathon takes place on May 15th in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

It is likely not so random that Carey has chosen to run the Marine Corps race.  Drew was in the U.S. Marine Reserves for six years starting in 1980.

After a health scare Carey become serious about his diet and exercise. He has since lost nearly 100 pounds.  He will look to inspire others to do the same when he runs his first half marathon in May.

Drew tweted via his Twitter (@DrewFromTV) back on March 14th that he was planning to run the Marine Corps Half Marathon.

Random Drew Carey Fact: He was born with six toes on his right foot.

Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon Website

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