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David Nichols RIF Race Across the USA Day 4 – Hotel

Day 4: Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA – 5 Nichols & 1 Penny

Day 4 of the Run It FastRace Across the USA‘ is in the books, and we are running out of adjectives to describe these endorphin crazed road warriors.  The four teams combined for a total of 605.93 miles on Thursday, the most of any of the four days of the race. Many thought coming into today that these teams, with tired legs and life on the road setting in, would have fewer miles today. That just simply wasn’t the case. More on that below.

The front of the race to this point has been dominated by the Suzy Michelson Team and today they showed out like a 21-year old woman on Tik Tok. It would be unfair to call them a broken record, because they are knocking out hit, after hit, after hit every day on the road. The Suzy’s just missed a 200-mile day coming in at 195.77 miles. This is the most single day miles, by a team, so far in the race. The team was fueled today by…everyone.

The Suzy’s were led by David ‘5’ Nichols ‘and a penny’ today who romped to 26.32 miles (and a relaxing dip in the pool). The 20-somethings didn’t stop there as motivational speaker Chris Clemens put down 25.19 miles before retiring for the night in a van down by the river. Other 20’s from the SMT were put down by Eryn Tyner (20.03) and JR Reynolds (20.11).

The Suzy’s galloped into New Mexico and are stationed currently in the town of Grants. They have completed 25.1% of the race with 729.78 miles. They sit comfortably ahead of the field with a 136-mile lead.

David Nichols is the ‘Race Across the USA’ –  Peak Performance of the Day.

The other three teams were very comparable today in the amount of miles they put down.

The Hope Shull Team, building on yesterday’s strong push, had another strong day with 129.48 miles. They have now put down strong back-to-back days that has lifted team morale. They simply refuse to roll over with the rest of the roadkill on the route. Today they were lead by Captain Marylou. She followed up yesterday’s 30-piece with 25 more miles today. She has turned it up the past two days. Again, she was joined by Kit Brazier for big miles today. Kit laid down 21.6 miles and has 79.49 miles over the last four days. Ben Herron, Cathy Downes, and Randy Broadway each went over double digit miles, as well.

HST is currently at 482.2 miles. They currently are at a Wal-Mart in Flagstaff, Arizona looking for muscle rub for Kufferath, peach pies, and sweet tea (3 teammates used the electric wheelchairs – no names were given).

The Jeffrey Price Team continues to be solid and strong. They are such a fierce and strong group just like their namesake was to so many. They lost some ground to The Suzys today, but they are in a good spot where they will be able to take advantage of any misfortune that might occur on the road ahead of them. Aaron Braunstein, left for dead on the injured list back in California, had a Lazarus awakening today coming back for 3 miles. He hobbled out of the van, Willis Reed style, then hobbled back up in the RV. ‘Mr. Climbing the Stairway to Heaven’ Tom Orr did it once again today with a remarkable 21.14 miles. His daily mile progression from the start has been 16.09, 18.39, 20.29, and 21.14 today (75.79 total). Alfa Severino stepped it up a notch with 19.07 miles for JPT.

But the MVP of the race so far for JPT has been Heather ‘Double Dime’ McComb. She knocked out her fourth consecutive day of 20+ miles with 20.13 today giving her a team leading 85.37 miles. That total is also the second most by an individual in the entire race.

JPT is currently at 592.97 miles and in 2nd place overall. On the tracking map it looks like they are in the middle of a Petrified Forest National Park in New Mexico. Many of their legs are likely feeling the same.

The Charlie Taylor Team (which we are petitioning to change to the Charlie Taylor Band) did their thing today. They increased their output over yesterday by 25 miles clipping off 137.06 miles before check-in tonight. Every single runner on the team contributed for the fourth day in a row (60-60).

They were led by Seth Crowe (22.06 mi), Tiffani Glass (20.01mi), and Joshua Holmes (18.29 mi). Crowe has been the high scorer for the team so far with 70.43 miles over the four days. Tiffani, stated that she wanted to get 10 today, but that she felt so good, with the warm sun at her back, that she just kept on running for a total of 20 miles. Jen Metcalf and Jeremy Reed also reached into double figures once again.

Steve Acciarito is currently listed on the injury report with pain on the top of his foot. He is listed as day-to-day.

CTT has completed 18.2% of the race with 529.96 miles. They sit in third place, a handful of miles just west of Winslow, Arizona.

Click HERE to view where the teams are on the Google Map

Day 4 Mileage Results of the Race Across the USA

  • Suzy Michelson Team – 195.77 miles (13.05mi/runner)
  • Jeffrey Price Team – 143.62 miles (9.57mi/runner)
  • Charlie Taylor Team – 137.06 miles (9.14mi/runner)
  • Hope Shull Team – 129.48 miles (8.63mi/runner)

RIF’s Race Across the USA Overall Standings (thru Day 4)

  1. Suzy Michelson Team – 729.78 miles (182.45/day, 25.1% completed)
  2. Jeffrey Price Team – 592.97  miles (148.24 mi/day, 20.4% completed)
  3. Charlie Taylor Team – 529.96 miles (132.49 mi/day, 18.2% completed)
  4. Hope Shull Team – 482.20 miles (120.55 mi/day, 16.6% completed)


Team Mileage Leader of the Day

  • Suzy Michelson Team – David Nichols (26.32 mi)
  • Jeffrey Price Team – Tom Orr (21.14 mi)
  • Charlie Taylor Team – Seth Crowe (22.06 mi)
  • Hope Shull Team – Marylou Corino (25.00 mi)

Top 10 Mega-Miles of the Day

  1. David Nichols (SMT) – 26.32
  2. Chris Clemens (SMT) – 25.19
  3. Marylou Corino (HST) – 25.00
  4. Seth Crowe (CTT) – 22.06
  5. Kit Brazier (HST) – 21.6
  6. Tom Orr (JPT) – 21.14
  7. Heather McComb (JPT) – 20.13
  8. JR Reynolds (SMT) – 20.11
  9. Eryn Tyner (SMT) – 20.03
  10. Tiffani Glass (CTT) – 20.01

Top 10 Race Mile Leaders

  1. Chris Clemens (SMT) – 91.51
  2. Heather McComb (JPT) – 85.37
  3. Barry Reece  (SMT) – 80.2
  4. Kit Brazier (HST) – 79.49
  5. Marylou Corino – (HST) – 77.5
  6. Tom Orr (JPT) – 75.91
  7. David Nichols (SMT) – 74.65
  8. Karl Studtmann (JPT) – 70.96
  9. Seth Crowe (CTT) – 70.43
  10. Thomas Fowler  (SMT) – 70.26

Daily Updates and Standings Archive

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‘s Market Vol State 500K 2018

Day 6 – Vol State 500K – Run It Fast Members Update (2018)

Many finishers have reached The Rock of The Last Annual Vol State 500K over the last 24 hours including Run It Fast’s own Cathy ‘Happy Pace’ Downes. Cathy finished in a time of 5 days 21 hours 28 minutes 59 seconds.

Other finishers over the past 24 hours include Rich Flint, Douglas Long, J.T. Hardy, Tim Purol, Kimberly Durst, Rob Greer, Carl Kidwell, Bo Millwood, and James Fleming.

On a sad note two Vol State 500K legends bowed out of the race during this same time, RIF’s Juli Aistars at mile 223 and John Price at The Bench of Despair 184.

Overall Vol State 500K Top Finishers – tracker
1. Grant Maughan – 3:22:02:59 – 314 Miles – KING OF THE ROAD
2. Rhoda Smoker – 4:12:05:35 – 314 Miles – First Female to The Rock (3rd fastest female time ever)
3. Andrea Kooiman – 4:14:40:59 – 314 Miles (2nd Female, 4th fastest female time ever)
4. Brian Trinkle – 4:19:59:23 – 314 Miles
5. Alan Abbs – 4:19:59:40 – 314 Miles
6. Regina Sooey – 4:20:27:54 – 314 Miles (3rd female)
7. Rich Flint – 5:00:19:35 – 314 Miles
8. Douglas Long – 5:01:17:13 – 314 Miles
9. J.T. Hardy – 5:01:19:13 – 314 Miles
10. Tim Purol – 5:11:45:45 – 314 Miles
11. Kimberly Durst – 5:19:06:50 – 314 Miles (4th female)
12. Rob Greer – 5:20:41:40
13. Carl Kidwell – 5:21:28:14
14. Cathy Downes – 5:21:28:59 (5th female)
15. Bo Millwood – 5:21:43:43
16. James Fleming – 6:00:34:51

Here is where all our Run It Fast Members stood as of the 144 Hour Check-In.  Congrats again to Cathy.

144 Hour Run It Fast @ LAVS Check-In
Andrea Casella Kooiman – 4:14:40:59
Cathy Downes – 5:21:28:59
Lisa Van Wolde – 294
Steven Smith – 294
Seth Crowe – 286
Chris Clemens – 274
Cary Long – 260
Sherry Meador – 249
Sal Bill Coll – 249
David Nichols – 244
Kendra Fields Schoffstall – 229
David Oglesby – 224
Beth Ann Russell Hosick – 206
Sharon Carver – 204

21 Run It Fast members started, 14 remain. Best of luck as you continue to pursue The Rock.

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