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JFK 50 Mile Medal 2012

JFK 50 Mile Medal (2012)

This is the medal for the 50th Annual JFK 50 Mile that was held on November 17, 2012 in Boonsboro, Maryland.


[Medal photo submitted by RIF #134 Robin Mancinelli. Follow her on Twitter @robinmrr2]

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The Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon Medal (2012)

This is the medal for The Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon that was held on November 18, 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Very cool wooden medal for a very, very, VERY difficult marathon. The medal and the rest of the swag we received at the race were totally worth the hills though! Here’s a photo of the race shirts, sticker, magnet, and Silipint we received at this year’s race.

The Monkey gloves in the photo with the Silipint were my door prize! Not only does all the monkey loot make this one of the best marathons around but the race and party atmosphere are a blast and the course is gorgeous so you hardly notice the hills! Well, maybe not. 😉 Here’s a photo of some of the Run It Fast – The Club members getting ready to tackle this year’s Flying Monkey.

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Follow the Flying Monkey Marathon on Twitter @HHFlyingMonkey

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[Medal and race swag photos submitted by RIF #5 Lisa Gonzales – follow her on on Twitter @runlikeacoyote. Group photo submitted by RIF #187 Daniel Escue]

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Flying Monkey Remembers Angela

A poignant moment came yesterday as I was greeting finishing marathoners at the Flying Monkey Marathon. A runner named Graham Gallemore, who is sixty-nine, crossed the finish line.

He pointed at a tin campaign-button-type pin he was wearing on the front of his tee. He’d had it made. It showed a picture of Angela Ivory.

“She still pulls me through,” he said.

The last time I saw Graham was on June 9th in Memphis at Angela’s funeral. The last time prior, I’d seen Graham was at the 2010 Flying Monkey, which I had run myself. I had come upon Graham. Angela was accompanying him a ways during his run. Pulling him through. I stopped briefly that day, and she hugged me. Pulling me through, too.

When I tell people about Angela Ivory, I say she ran a marathon in every state. Then she ran a marathon in every state again. Then she ran a ultramarathon in every state (She maybe lacked six or seven finishing this last goal). And as amazing as that may seem, it’s not even her story. that’s not her story at all.

She did that while fighting cancer.

Read the full story by Dallas Smith by clicking HERE

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Running at the Arch, Catching Forty Years

Natural Arch is higher than we thought

The climb up here was spooky. No rock climber would call it technical, but it was steep and high and you had to hold on. When I’d first looked up and seen the arch I’d thought, a hole to the sky.

Why would two old endurance guys seventy-plus-years-old be climbing on rocks? The short answer of course is we’d climbed up to get a closer look at the arch, one of no particular distinction, at that, one lacking even a picturesque name.

We climbed back down from Natural Arch, which is scarier than climbing up. I started a run at the base of the cliff. Joel’s plan was to drive his truck down the single-track some six miles, park on Old Woman Road and ride back to meet me on his mountain bike. It was a cool day and getting lost in the wilderness wearing running shorts was a bad idea. Since I’d never been to this place before, prior to leaving he decided to give me some advice.

“Remember, when you come to the tee, go left.”

“Right! When you come to a fork in the road take it.”

“Right,” he said.

Left, it was. We understood each other.

Read the full story by Dallas Smith by clicking HERE

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Philadelphia Marathon Medal 2012

Philadelphia Marathon Medal (2012)

This is the medal for the Philadelphia Marathon that was held on November 18, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Love the motto on this medal. Perfect for a marathon.


[medal photo submitted by RIF #155 Trent McDowell. Follow the race on Twitter @runningfranklin]

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Route 66 Marathon Medal 2012

Route 66 Marathon Medal (2012)

This is the medal for the Williams Route 66 Marathon that was held on November 18, 2012 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This is the Marathon Maniac version of the medal. Besides the regular version and this one, there is also one for the 50 States Marathon Club. The silver coin is from the Center of the Universe Detour which adds an extra .3 miles to the marathon.


[Medal photo submitted by RIF #40 Scott Stader.  Follow him on Twitter @scottstader]

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Alafia X-Country Marathon Medal 2012

X-Country Marathon Medal (2012)

This is the “medal” for the X-Country Marathon that was held on November 18, 2012 in the Alafia River State Park in Lithia, Florida.

The runners of this marathon, which takes them over grassy rolling hills, received this glass canteen as their finisher’s award.


[Medal photo submitted by Phillip Newman.  Follow him on Twitter @tridaddyphil]

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Timberlake Half Marathon Medal 2012

Timberlake Half Marathon Medal (2012)


This is the medal for the Timberlake Half Marathon that was held on November 17, 2012 in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.


[Medal photo submitted by RIF #205 Beth Adams-Brooking]

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Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Nov 17-18, 2012)

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Nov 17-18, 2012)

Here is a look at where everyone is running this weekend. We had 23 responses this week. Good luck to everyone and Run It Fast!

To join Run It Fast – The Club then click HERE to read more details.

Where Run It Fast Runners Are Running This Weekend (Nov 17-18, 2012)

Storified by Joshua Holmes · Fri, Nov 16 2012 22:25:07

@runitfast I’m running my first HH Flying Monkey! Woo! #MonkeyMarathon #runitfast #5 #Marathon9Lisa Gonzales
@runitfast Flying Monkey Marathon Nov 18, fourth monkey kill if successful!Danny Staggs
@runitfast JFK 50 in Boonsboro, MDGreg Scott
@runitfast Just a nice 25k or so on the trails sat/sunMichelle Mitchell
@runitfast 12 miles Sunday for me :)Kristy
@runitfast #monkeymarathonashley hook
@runitfast Thunder Road Marathon…Charlotte, NC!Alvin Lee
@runitfast UNICEF 10k in Bogota, Colombia.Jorge Angel
@runitfast Scheduled to run the @hhFlyingMonkey #Marathon in the beautiful Harpeth Hills. #runitfastJoshua Holmes
@runitfast – Running 5 and 5, Sa. and Su.. Legs are feeling good after taking it easy awhile.Nathan Bass
@runitfast I’ll be enjoying the sights & sounds of the @route66marathon! It’s almost #rt66run time! cc: @BCBSOK L. Norfolk
@runitfast I’m running a Jingle Bell 5k Run on Sunday to support the Arthritis Foundation & encouraging co-workers who have never run a 5k!CharmedTortoise
@runitfast tulsa! Route 66 marathon!Laura Raeder
C U n Monkyville RT "@runlikeacoyote: @runitfast I’m running my first HH Flying Monkey! Woo! #MonkeyMarathon #runitfast #5 #Marathon9"Dallas Smith
@runitfast running the JFK 50Robin
@runitfast long training run around home in Milan, TN.Robin Robbins
@runitfast @hhFlyingMonkey Sunday, bring the pain, #flyingmonkey 26.2Alicia Eno
@runitfast I’m escaping the FlyingMonkey by running in the Philadelphia MarathonRunning Franklin
@runitfast Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon….this is an easy one, right?Phil Min
@runitfast Relish running races: the first of the Skyline 10k series in BathCraig Brett
@runitfast the Color Run Charlotte!Keisha Kirk
@runitfast training long runs in the New Forest and the Isle of Wight. Always great scenery.Ethical Athlete
@runitfast running an 8k Drumstick Dash in Evansville Indiana.Troy Cunningham
@runitfast brooks Brighton 10kPeter Parry
@runitfast Alafia X-Country Marathon on Sunday! Going to be my 12th #marathonPhillip Newman

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Road To Boston

The following is a guest post by RIF #124 Michelle Walker:

Road to Boston

by Michelle Walker

Do you have a bucket list? Do you have goals to check off? My big dream for the past 5.5 years has been to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I thought this would be an easy goal to check off.  With the proper training, I knew I could accomplish this goal 5.5 years ago when I ran my very first marathon in Phoenix, AZ.

When I stepped up to the starting line of the 2007 PF Chang’s RnR Marathon in Phoenix, I was very hopeful that I could qualify. I had never run a marathon before, but I have always been a hard worker. I knew that I put in the proper training to earn a spot at the starting line.  Thanks to the encouragement from one of my fellow travelers, I was even confident that I could achieve my Boston Marathon time goal. When the starting gun was fired, I took off. I ran fast. I ran hard. I was feeling good. The sun was shining; temps were unusually cool; and the course was flat. My “I’m going to Boston” euphoria kicked in right away and lasted until well, just mile 16 where I had my first encounter with the infamous “Wall”. I had 10.2 (and the .2 is significant) miles to go; yet, my legs would not move. They were done. Finished. Kaput.  I was quickly humbled as the pace teams who I had hoped to beat progressively passed me. How was I going to make it to the finish line, let alone finish under a BQ standard?

My first effort to remedy the situation was to grab an energy gel. At this point (mile 17), I was on the brink of nausea. A voice inside my head told me not to take the gel packet the smiling race volunteer handed to me. I had never taken this brand or flavor of gel before: a big “no no” in marathon running. (We are taught to mimic our race day during our training runs. There should be no new elements during the race.) In desperate need for energy, I threw the cardinal rule of marathoning out the window.  I inhaled the Cliff brand gel pack as if it were my ticket to the finish line. My upset stomach immediately revolted. I had to move to the sidelines where I literally started to gag. Hundreds of runners passed me while I tried to regain my running composure. Some how, I kept the contents of my stomach inside, as I alternated between walking and running for the next nine miles. I made it to the finish line, but I did not experience the euphoria that so many runners have when they complete their first marathon. Instead, I felt deflated.

The Boston Marathon is the mecca for many long distance runners. The race has a rich history. Having to qualify with a time from a previous marathon creates an exclusive environment. This race is the big badge of honor in the marathon world. The exclusive entry is coveted by most long distance runners.

Due to the increasing popularity of marathon running, the Boston Marathon has become more stringent on their time qualifications. The marathon has set the bar even higher on its standards, making it more difficult to get in. For example, I am in the 40-44 year old age group for females. When I started marathon running, my qualifying time was 3:50. I spent several years training hard, trying to break the 3:50 barrier. About two years ago, the Boston Marathon tightened everyone’s time qualifications because the race was filling up at record pace. To my dismay, my qualifying time of 3:50 was changed to 3:45. When this change occurred, I must admit. I started to lose hope. A time of 3:45 or less seemed like an impossibility.

After the near disaster first marathon experience, I was on a mission. I would train even harder and eventually qualify for Boston! Ironically, my second marathon proved to be even more of a tragedy than my first. I was unable to complete the race, despite my efforts. I learned quickly that the marathon distance was to be respected. I have never been a natural athlete, but I had no idea how much work was ahead of me in order to check the Boston Marathon from my bucket list.

I spent the next five years of my fitness life working on my running endurance. Granted, I did have a baby during that time but even during my pregnancy I trained (under my doctor’s guidelines). I immediately went back to marathoning after the birth of my sixth child, running the WDW Marathon six months postpartum.

Over time I found the more marathons I ran, the better my endurance. The better my endurance, the faster my marathon times. The infamous “Wall” disappeared as I adjusted to the distance. Since January of 2012, I have run 24 marathons. This high frequency of marathon running is not recommended by the experts. For me, however, it works.

I am fortunate that over my 5.5 years of marathoning, I have never had an injury. Nothing. Nada. For me, the best form of training has been the marathon itself. I found myself using each marathon as a training run for the next race. I kept plugging away; logging marathon after marathon. Progressively, I was getting faster and faster.

Five years and 29 marathons after my first race disaster in Phoenix, something clicked. I started consistently running each of my marathons below the 4 hour time mark. This is generally considered to be a quick pace in the marathon world, but my times were still not meeting the new stringent BQ standards.

It wasn’t until I ventured to the mile high city of Denver (where altitude was a factor) in May of this year that I finally crossed the finish line about 15 seconds under the time I needed to qualify for  Boston. I was elated! It took me 38 marathons; five years and 4 months for my dream to become reality.

Since May, I have run ten other BQ times. Little by little, I am shaving even more time off my marathons. I am occasionally placing in my age group; sometimes even placing as one of the top three overall females in the marathon.

On April 15, 2013 when I step up to the starting line of the Boston Marathon, I am sure I will be flooded with a myriad of emotions. What I originally thought to be a short term goal turned into a very long and arduous journey. My road to Boston is one that I will never trade. I have learned so much about myself during the process of seeing this dream come true. I am not the same person who stepped up to the starting line of a marathon in Phoenix more than 5.5 years ago. The confidence that I have gained by realizing how strong, tenacious and persistent I am has been life changing.

If you don’t already have one, I encourage you to make a bucket list. It is rewarding to have goals. It is even more fulfilling to accomplish the goals through your own efforts, no matter how long the journey. Dream big and work hard!

BQing at Colfax Marathon


If you’d like to know more about Michelle, you can follow her on Twitter @MarathonMomof6 and/or check out the profile we did on her here: Run It Fast – Club Member Profile – Michelle Walker #124

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