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Running at the Arch, Catching Forty Years

Natural Arch is higher than we thought

The climb up here was spooky. No rock climber would call it technical, but it was steep and high and you had to hold on. When I’d first looked up and seen the arch I’d thought, a hole to the sky.

Why would two old endurance guys seventy-plus-years-old be climbing on rocks? The short answer of course is we’d climbed up to get a closer look at the arch, one of no particular distinction, at that, one lacking even a picturesque name.

We climbed back down from Natural Arch, which is scarier than climbing up. I started a run at the base of the cliff. Joel’s plan was to drive his truck down the single-track some six miles, park on Old Woman Road and ride back to meet me on his mountain bike. It was a cool day and getting lost in the wilderness wearing running shorts was a bad idea. Since I’d never been to this place before, prior to leaving he decided to give me some advice.

“Remember, when you come to the tee, go left.”

“Right! When you come to a fork in the road take it.”

“Right,” he said.

Left, it was. We understood each other.

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