Day 2: 2012 Last Annual Vol State 500K Live Blog

Ok, here’s what we’ve got for Day 2! I’ll be updating it throughout the day with tweets, emails, photos, and links again. Joshua is hauling butt on the course so he probably won’t get a chance to add anything but I’ll do my best. Check back later to see how things are going out there!

And don’t forget, you can always:

See what Joshua (@bayou) is up to on twitter or search the tag #VS500 on twitter.

Check out The Last Annual Vol State Road Race page on Facebook.

Or check out this map to see where all the runners are. The runner’s locations are marked with “stickpins”. The map is updated twice per day and shows their last location.

Carl Laniak is adding photos to his album if you’d like to check those out as well:  Vol State 2012 Album

Naresh is at the Vol State now and taking photos! He’ll be adding to it over the weekend. Check it out: Naresh’s Vol State 2012 Album

So far today:

36 hour runner status updatefrom Carl Laniak at 8:30 pm

Through an intricate and unpredictable series of choreographed footsteps,
each of the runners has arrived at the exact spot where they should be at this point in space and time.

This 36 hour update shows a list of beauty, to those who know of these things….
NO ONE has quit yet.

Unless you count the handful of times that each of the runners has vowed, internally, that they are *definitely* quitting!
But none of them has followed through on that promise to themselves.
They are all (from the first to the last) pushing beyond the point of discomfort now.
Searching, and finding, *something* out on the roads as they head into the dark of the second night.

1) Paul Lefelhocz                 107 down to sleep
2) Joshua Holmes                104 moving
3) Dan Fox                              103 moving
4) Jay Dobrochewski         103 moving
5) Juli Aistars                       100 moving
6) Thomas Mikkelson        96 moving
7) Psyche Wimberly          94 moving
8 ) Richard Westbrook     93 moving
9) Sal Coll                               92 stopped
10) Jan Silverman              92 stopped
11) Sulaiman Seriki            92 stopped
12) Charlie Taylor              92 stopped
13) Abi Meadows                92 stopped
14) John Price                      88 moving
15) Sherry Meador             86 moving
16) Rita Barnes                    84 stopped
17) Dusty Hardman          84 stopped
18) Shannon Burke            84 stopped
19) Erika/Adam                  (now a relay) 83 moving
20) Fred Davis                    80 moving thru clarksburg
21) Mike Melton                 68 stopped
22) Diane Taylor                63 moving
23) Marvin Skagerberg  54 moving
24) Oprah                             53 moving well

Posted by Joshua at 7:05 pm (almost a 1/3 of the way done!)

Email from Laz at 4:42 pm

thngs are getting real out there on the road.
a lot of innocents are beginning to realize just how far 500km really is.
unlike the seasoned field at the 3100,
these are just regular folks.

after the runners endured several drenching downpours during the night,
this afternoon is featuring the first taste of real heat.
sauna-like humidity,
and a sun that will peel your skin off.

the race is trying to take shape.
we have a new leader, as paul lefelhocz has opened up about an 8 mile lead and was the first thru 100.
when we told paul the news, he seemed distraught.
“CRAP! i was in 20th place, how can i be in the lead?”
he tried to think of people who were surely ahead of him.
they were all now behind him.
he finally conceded he might be in the lead,
and asked us not to tell his wife.

feral fox has moved into second.
mikkelson held third when we last saw everyone,
but he was toasting in the sun, and went to earth shortly afterward.
jay dobroteski was in sixth,
but has probably moved past juli and joshua (92 and stopped), as well as mikkelson at 95, and into third by now.

we will give you the latest standings after the 36 hour check-in.

dont be surprised if they change.


Posted by Josh at 3:31 pm

Update on runner status from Laz at 8:30 am

Friday morning, July 13, 2012 (corrected)

1) josh holmes 92 (asleep)
2) paul lefelhocz 82 (moving)
3) juli aistars 81 (moving)
4) feral fox 76 (moving)
5) thomas mikkelson 70 (moving)
6) jay dobrochuski 68.5 (moving)
7) sal coll 68 (planning to move)
8 ) sulaiman sericki 68 (sleeping)
9) charley taylor 67.5 (moving)
10) jan silverman 67 (moving)
11) abi meadows 66.5 (moving)
12) sherry meador 66 (moving)
13) richard westbrook 65 (??)
14) rita barnes 58.5 (moving)
15) john price 58 (moving)
16) psyche wimberly 55 (moving)
17) mike melton 54.5 (moving)
18) fred davis 54 (moving)
19) dusty hardman 52 (moving and happy)
20) shannon burke 48 (moving)
21) ericka matheny 44 (sleeping)
22) diane taylor 33 (moving)
23) marvin skagerberg 30 (moving)
24) oprah 29 (moving)

Email from Laz at 7:56 am

vol-staters understand what is going thru the buffalos minds,
because while vol-staters form into confederations on the road;
if you are the weak buffalo, you know yoare going to be left behind.

sal coll, the one we just call “jay” , and sulaiman spent the last 24 hours together.
sulaiman was unable to rise from his sleep break.
they left him for the lions.
the one they call “jay” is sitting right beside me.
if sal doesnt get here before the “jay” finishes eating….
he will be left for the lions.

juli and jan planned this trip for months.
somewhere during the night…
jan got left for the lions.

of course, these are only a couple of the stories.
the buffalo love to travvel together.
but when the lion comes for you.

there is one twist to the vol-state, tho.
or the next day…
maybe even the day after that…

the one you left for dead may pass you lying in some godforsaken ditch in the middle of nowhere.
and when they do…

you will be left for the lions.

the rain started last night.
so far it has just been periodic downpours,
so some are already soaked,
some have been lucky.
so far.

we are expecting at least a couple of days of this,
so they will all get caught eventually.

we have still got a couple of runners to locate,
the morning standings will follow soon.


Posted by Josh at 6:34 am (totally kicked butt, didn’t he! 🙂 )

Posted by Josh at 12:20 am



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