Run It Fast Club Member Profile – Scott Stader #40

Scott Stader #40

This week’s RIF Club Member profile is Scott Stader #40. Scott became a Marathon Maniac in 2008 and a Half Fanatic in 2009. He has run 39 marathons/ultras in 23 states and 46 half marathons in 7 states. That is a lot of running! By the way, in the photo above, Scott was on his way to a PR in the New Johnsville Charge 5 Miler. Way to Run It Fast Scott!

But Scott isn’t just about the statistics listed above. Running is more than just a number or a PR to him as you’ll find out. Now, let’s jump right in…meet Scott Stader:


Name: Scott Stader
RIF #: 40
Twitter: @scottstader
Facebook: ScottStader


Years Running: 7

Favorite Race Distance: Marathon

Favorite PR: Marathon! A blazing 4:53 at Rock n Roll New Orleans…and a 24:33 5K – both this year at age 40!

Favorite Race: Kauai Marathon (Tie for 2nd – The Middle Half & RUTS – any race with tons of my friends running too!)

Favorite Bling: RUTS (Run Under The Stars) ultra medal – My first Ultra – HUGE confidence booster!

Marathon Medal Christmas Tree

Next Race: Run Jackson/Jabari Greer Campaign 5K in my hometown of Jackson, TN

What makes you FEEL fast?: I feel and actually am fastest when I’m totally FREEZING my tail off.


Who inspires your running and why? Dean Karnazes was actually the first person to truly inspire me. Reading his books showed me that I wasn’t alone in my weird fascination for running. Then I met some incredible folks that were like me – regular, if not too incredibly athletic, folks that run copious amounts of marathons. Larry Macon, the late Angela Ivory and others who run just because they love it. Not for a medal or recognition but because they truly enjoy the challenge, the travel and meeting folks. I want to be like them – someone who invites others to join in on our secret society…and keeps it anything but a secret!

What is the strangest/funniest thing you’ve ever seen while running? Well, I was passed by two jogglers, a dozen hamburgers, a nekkid dude, Minnie Mouse and Elvis at Boston. Nice!

What is the thing you splurge on after a race? Mexican! That’s if my stomach is feeling ok – if not, a huge hamburger from Five Guys…or a 3 x 3 at In & Out Burger.

Why do you race? In the words of Pre – “A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I run to see who has the most guts…” That’s just part of my story. I’m not fast but I love pushing myself to see how much I can improve…and to show others that they can get up off the couch and improve their lives like I was lead to seven years ago. Mostly, I race because I get to run with, laugh with, suffer with, encourage, and be encouraged by my running buds. The running community is so supportive and caring that it’s been one of the hugest blessings in my life.

Getting our funk on at the Middle Half 11′

What running moment are you most proud of? Seeing my friends run their first marathon/or any race…and not hating me because I may or may not have coerced them into it 🙂 Other than that, my first marathon sticks out. Country Music 07′ – I was consistent in my training but had a totally unexpected and VERY tough day. One of my worst times out of my 39. I didn’t have any close friends who had done anything like this and it unlocked something inside me. The physical exhaustion is a given but I wasn’t prepared for the mental exhaustion. My family and some great friends were there to cheer me on and I kept going…and I finished…and then I signed up for another one soon after! “To be able to go further than you thought you could – well that is living a full life.”

Encouraging poster at the St. Jude Marathon

Bad Apple Ultra – 40 Miles (farthest to date)


As you can see, Scott is pushing himself to run farther and faster but what we really appreciate about him is how much fun he’s having with his running adventures. He loves running for the sense of community it brings and he wants to share his love of running with everyone. He is living the Run It Fast philosophy and that’s why we are happy to share his story with you.

Thanks for sharing with us Scott! Good luck at the 5k and don’t forget to Run It Fast!

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[All photos submitted by Scott Stader]



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  1. Diane says:

    Great article about a great guy. We are so proud of you, Scott. Loving RIF site. Very inspiring.


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