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Marj Mitchell with her daughter and niece

We thought it would be fun to profile club members on Run It Fast so we could get to know each other a little better. Marj Mitchell, RIF Club Member #4, was kind enough to be our first interview. I haven’t met Marj yet but I have seen her interactions with other club members on Facebook and she is one of the most supportive and positive people in the RIF Club. I am very happy we get to shine the spotlight on Marj and give back just a little of what she’s given to the running community.

So, without further ado…meet Marj Mitchell.


Name: Marj Mitchell

RIF Club: #4

Years Running: I began running in 2008.  4 years running

Favorite Race Distance: marathon

Favorite PR:  1:35:25 Chikasaw Chase 10 miler run on 8 January 2011

Favorite Race: Andrew Jackson Marathon

Favorite Bling: 2nd place trophy Andrew Jackson Half Marathon April 17, 2010.

1st place age group medal Chickasaw Chase January 8, 2011.

Finishers medal, my first marathon, Andrew Jackson Marathon April 9, 2011.

Next Race(s):  Marathon For Memories, Trenton Tennessee September 8, 2012 and Winchester’s Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon October 6, 2012

What Makes You Feel Fast?:  When I have had a good night’s sleep, when I have hydrated adequately, when I have had my breakfast, when I know my running form is spot on for the day, when the gun goes off and my adrenaline kicks in and I am in the mood then I sing softly to my heart this little mantra “I will win, if I cannot win, I shall be second, if I cannot be second, I shall be third, if I cannot place at all, I shall do my best….”.


Where is the most beautiful place you have ever run?

The most beautiful place I have ever run is Mikon Farm in Sudwala South Africa, owned by my niece and nephew who began a mountain biking resort there as well.  It is called Mankele Mountain Biking situated along the Mpumalanga escarpment with tropical forests, open grass lands, rivers, dams, ravines and mountain ranges.  My brother and I took a long vacation there in 2009 to visit family and my brother rode his mountain bike up the trails and I ran on them.

Which of your running routes make you the happiest and why?

Pinson Mounds State Archeological Park – when I first introduced pace runs into my 18 week winter training at the beginning of this year, I tested the waters in this beautiful park where deer were plentiful and I could focus without distraction of any kind and try to run the speed I thought I should be running in the marathon.  I had so much fun with the pace runs and will always in my mind associate the park with marathon training.

Chickasaw State Park –  It was here that I did all of my long runs and explored the vastness and beauty of the one of the most beautiful state parks in Tennessee.

Why do you race?  

I race because race day is exciting and I am addicted to adrenaline. I love the camaraderie of meeting up with my friends at local races and sharing our race experiences and talking about everything running related.  The sense of being completely understood by these friends instead of sometimes being considered quite crazy by other people in my life as to why I get up at 5am to run and train in all kinds of weather encourages me to keep going.

What running moment are you most proud of?

The day I went from being just a 5K runner to becoming a marathoner when I finished my first marathon, The Andrew Jackson Marathon on April 9, 2011.


So, that’s our first profile! What did you think? I hope you enjoyed getting to know Marj as much as I did. She is the embodiment of what it means to Run It Fast. She is out there, pushing her boundaries, bringing home the bling, and most of all…having fun!

Thank you for sharing Marj! Good luck with your races and don’t forget to Run It Fast!

P.S. If you aren’t part of the Run It Fast Club yet and would like to know what it’s all about, please click this link:

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[all photos submitted by Marj Mitchell]



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  1. Jonathan Harrison RIF#65 says:


    An excellent article about an extraordinary woman. I always enjoy running & catching up with Marj.

  2. Stacey Hamilton says:

    Great profile! I love following Run It Fast, and I like runner profiles, so this segment is a hit. I am interested, however, in the Marathon for Memories in Trenton, Tennessee, that Marj is running in September. I grew up in Trenton and now live in Raleigh, NC (one reason I like following this blog, since I assume the person who runs it is from the West Tennessee area), and I wonder if you have more info about this race. I couldn’t find it online and am curious where they’d set up 26.2 in good ole Trenton.



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