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Italian Long Distance Runner Caught With Extra Penis in His Shorts

Breitbart is reporting that an Italian long distance runner, Devis Licciardi, was busted after a 10K race in Molfetta for trying to pass a drug test by using a fake penis filled with someone else’s urine.

He allegedly told the doctor he preferred to be alone during the test but the doctor refused, citing anti-doping laws that require a doctor to be in attendance.  Licciardi was caught attempting to siphon off uncontaminated urine from the fake “member” concealed in his underwear.

Licciardi, a member of the Italian Air Force team, if found guilty of having an extra penis in his undies could face a 2-year ban and years of public ridicule.

The cartoon guy at the urinal in the advertisement above is not Licciardi. It is believed to be Wario.

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