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Hal Higdon

Hal Higdon Warns Against Barefoot Running

Marathon running god Hal Higdon in his latest blog entry warns runners against excessive barefoot running, especially on pavement, but does believe that ‘going bare’ in moderation is good to strengthen the feet and ankles (and help with athlete’s foot).

…But I worry that the movement toward minimalist shoes is merely a marketing fad ignited by a best-selling book. How can a shoe be barefoot? Isn’t that some sort of oxymoron? And I saw one ad for “barefoot vegan” shoes. So now there are different models depending on your diet? I continue to do some barefoot running (which is good for the muscles of your feet), but only on grass, soft tracks or hard beaches. If the fad sends someone out on a 5-miler barefoot on pavement, unless that person was born in Ethiopia, it’s going to result in more business for podiatrists…

Read Hal’s Full Blog Entry on the Dangers and Benefits of Barefooting

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