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Shia LaBeouf Metamarathon Squat in Amsterdam – Run It Fast

Actor Shia LaBeouf Runs ‘Metamarathon’ in Amsterdam

Shia LaBeouf Metamarathon Squat in Amsterdam - Run It Fast

Actor Shia Labeouf, known of late for his erratic off-screen behavior, ran what he dubbed a ‘#Metamarathon‘ over the weekend in Amsterdam (while wearing “day-glo spandex” or “violet and green lyca” depending upon the source).

The ‘Metamarathon’ consisted of Labeouf running 144 times around the Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam. No word yet on how far it actually is around the museum.

Museum curator Hendrik Folkerts tried to explain what the heck LaBeouf was doing running 144 circles around the outside of the museum to The Independent:

Hendrik Folkerts, the Stedelijk museum’s public curator, explained toAFP that he was hosting a conference about how the world would be perceived by children of the Eighties if they were similarly absorbed by social media and the cult of the celebrity.

“As we are having a ‘marathon’ conference inside the Stedelijk, we also wanted a reflection of that outside,” he said. “Nobody can do it better than Shia and the other artists at this performance.”

Shia posted on Twitter his Nike+ GPS data for his ‘Metamarathon’ which clearly shows that 26.87 miles were covered:

However, not so fast my friends! Although Shia’s Nike+ travelled 26.8 miles, it appears according to the museum’s Twitter feed that spectators could watch Shia run, run with him, or run FOR him, hmmmm!

A look at Shia’s Twitter feed in recent days shows the hard training he put into getting ready for his one-man race:

Shia LaBeouf  Metamarathon Training - Run It Fast

But perhaps he was leaving subtle clues days before the ‘race’ via Twitter to his rules for his marathon:


Congrats to Shia’s Nike+ on completing the one-man ‘Metamarathon.’

Watch Shia running his ‘Metamarathon’ with a Fellow Runner Below:

In all seriousness, Shia got many people out there to be physically active in running a lap with him or for him. And that’s a great thing to espouse to help inspire others to take up a healthier lifestyle.

PS: Remember to tell the next person that asks about your jogging that you are a performer not a jogger.

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