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MCM Marine Corps Marathon Medal 2011

36th Marine Corps Marathon Medal (2011)

WOW! We’ve come to expect the best out of the Marines so it should be no surprise that the 36th Marine Corps Marathon medal is simply one of the best we’ve seen this year.

It looks like something straight out of an Austin Powers movie.

The MCM was run on October 30, 2011.  The race was won by Army first lieutenant Chad Ware (results).


[Medal photo submitted by TriFlorida.  Follow them on Twitter @TriFlorida]

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Marine Corps Marathon

Chad Ware Wins 2011 Marine Corps Marathon (Results)

Chad Ware won the 36th Marine Corps Marathon early Sunday morning in Washington, D.C. with a time of 2:26:37.  Ware is a first lieutenant in the United States Army.

Top 5 Male – Marine Corps Marathon Results

  1. Chad Ware (Wheeling, IL) – 2:19:16
  2. Michael Wardian (Arlington, VA) – 2:23:46
  3. Patrick Fernandez (Alexandria, VA) – 2:26:37
  4. Keith Matiskella (Leavenworth, KS) – 2:27:23
  5. Adam Condit (Cedar Rapids, IA) – 2:29:28

Turkey native Tezata Dengersa won the women’s race in 2:45:28 just 27 seconds ahead of second place finisher Emily Shertzer.

Top 5 Female – Marine Corps Marathon Results

  1. Tezata Dengersa (Ellicott City, MD) – 2:45:28
  2. Emily Shertzer (Jonestown, PA) – 2:45:55
  3. Getachew Shiferaw (Ellicott City, MD) – 2:47:30
  4. Autumn Ray (Tucson, AZ)- 2:49:42
  5. Sandra McClellan (Spring Park, MN) – 2:52:35

Marine Corps Marathon Results (Searchable)

Run It Fast Ragnar team member Scott Flowers ran his first marathon at MCM today and finished in 3:58:17.

Congrats to David, Narr, and all the runners that completed the MCM today.

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