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Run It Fast Race Across the USA Rosters – April 13 2020

Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA Team Relay

Run It Fast’s ‘Race Across the USA’ kicks off at midnight on April 13, 2020. It will pit four teams comprised of 60 Run It Fast members racing each other across the United States. The race starts on the Santa Monica Pier in California, just outside of Los Angeles, and will go all the way to New York City.

The teams will cover the 2,907 miles by team members submitting their day running/walking/hiking miles to their team captain daily. This will be done via screenshots of their Strava/Garmin/GPS from an outside run or via a photo of their treadmill displaying the appropriate data.

The four teams are named after Run It Fast members that passed on from us way too soon. It’s a simple way we can help remember them and keep their legacy close to us.

Race Across the USA Team Names

  • Charlie Taylor Team
  • Hope Shull Team
  • Suzy Michelson Team
  • Jeffrey Price Team

Team Rosters for the Run It Fast’s ‘Race Across the USA’

Participant Rules:

  • Can start Monday 4/13/2020 at 12:00 A.M. of the time zone you are currently residing in.
  • No less than 1.0 mile for any outing. You can submit as many runs/walks/hikes you want a day that you do. Each one just must be at least 1.0 miles.
  • You MUST have GPS (prefer Strava/Garmin) and send a snapshot of each run/walk/hike to your team captain within 24 hrs. If you happen to forget to turn in your miles you have 48 hrs to get them in before those particular miles expire. Treadmill miles count too and just need a snapshot sent as well. 
  • Map will be updated 1x per day with all team progress.

Any other rules that need to be created or issues that arise will be decided and agreed upon by the four captains.

A big thanks to all these runners taking part, and a special big thanks to the captains:  Shane Tucker, Marylou Corino, Melissa Price, Joshua Holmes, and Jill Williams, who is our Mission Control helping keep us straight with all the numbers and logistics.

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