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Worst Things We’ve Witnessed Runners Do During Races

Worst Things We’ve Witnessed Runners Do During Races

We asked you via Run It Fast’s Twitter (@runitfast)for examples of some of the worst things you’ve witnessed other runners do during races and many of you replied.

The list of things ranged from cutting courses to numerous mentions of runners leaving bodily fluids and excrements along the course, in front of you, or too close for comfort.

Take a look below and see if you agree or have an experience that can top these:

Worst Things You’ve Seen Other Runners Do During Races

Storified by Joshua Holmes · Wed, Jun 06 2012 13:31:06

@runitfast I ran the Disney marathon and a lady crapped her pants- she tied her shirt around her waist and it seeped through that too #grossKonstantine
@runitfast A guy peed right in front of me in a race. Didn’t even move off trail/go behind a tree, just whipped it out. #didntneedtoseethatLisa Gonzales
“@runitfast: What is the worst thing you’ve ever seen another runner do during a race? Responses will be used in a RIF post.” losePedrosRevenge
@runitfast cut flags!!!! <<<ashley
@runitfast during a hot half a runner .25 miles in front of me collapsed. no one stopped, I did. We were pacing a 1:55 so not a winning paceKimberley Hill
“@runitfast: What is the worst thing you’ve ever seen another runner do during a race? Responses will be used in a RIF post.” Quit.MIA
@runitfast take short cut!!!!!elizabeth v rehmer
@runitfast Spitting in the wind while I’m running behind them. Gross!Tanjie K
@runitfast watched a guy cut through a neighborhoodand come out in front of race officials. He didn’t win.Rich Thibault
@runitfast A woman pull down her shorts and do #2 in a parking lot in a marathon…Phil Min
@runitfast Farmer’s blow RIGHT in front of me on a very windy Ambassador Bridge from Detroit to Canada, 2011 Detroit Marathon. Really?Lisa Edwards
@runitfast ran by a guy in INGMiami who was talkin on his phone.. I mean really??Jason Orlinsky
@runitfast Bi-lateral leg cramp. He stopped, straightened up, staggered a bit, and fell right on his butt. That’s all I got.Brooks Gatlin
@runitfast I saw a pace leader just whip it out and pee all over himself… I’ve heard similar stories about dropping deuces as well. YikesE.B.
@runitfast Take a shortcut(in more than one race) then try and cut me off in the finish chute. Caught on video at the finish. Witch with a BMichelle Mitchell
@runitfast blow their noise on the ground….disgusting…Julie Armat -Bowles
@runitfast Throwing a half full cup of water behind him, hitting me in the face. WAIT – that felt pretty good!Tanjie K
@runitfast poop on the trail!Life as a Convert
@runitfast I once was spit on during a race. It was an accident but the dude deserved to be passed and beat by a girl!Melanie Hebert
@runitfast Worst? At Hot Chocolate 15K, Nov 2010, lady couldn’t wait for port-a-potty! Dropped it right out it the open! What? No bush?! :)Dianna Seda
Pee by the roadside. In full view of everybody @runitfast worst thing you’ve seen a fellow runner do during a race?Aleah Phils
@runitfast Seeing @Samuel_Pogue poop his pants during the mile of an indoor track raceRyan Arthur

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Rosie Ruiz and Bill Rodgers 1980 Boston Marathon

The 10 Biggest Marathon Cheaters Ever

Mental Floss compiled a list of  11 Ways to Cheat While Running a Marathon.  Instead of teasing it as advice we’ll call them for what they are…CHEATERS!

Here is a look at that list:

10 Biggest Marathon Cheaters/Ways to Cheat a Marathon (Full Article on Mental Floss)

  1. Do Not Run Most of It: Rosie Ruiz (Boston, 1980)
  2. Get Someone Else to Run it for You: Xiamen Students (China, 2010)
  3. Have Your Manager Give You a Ride: Fred Lorz (St. Louis, 1904)
  4. Skip Miles 13-23: Anthony Gaskell (London, 2010)
  5. Blow off the Checkpoints: Roberto Madrazo (Berlin, 2007)
  6. Grab a Bus: Rob Sloan (Kielder, 2011)
  7. Skip Ahead to the Part With the Prize Money: Martin Franklin (New York, 2001)
  8. Hop on a Bicycle: The Montreal Biker (2011)
  9. Hop in a News Van: Dane Patterson (Arizona, 2009)
  10. (and 11.) Split the Course With Your Brother (and Use PEDs): The Motsoeneng Brothers (South Africa, 1999)

Read detailed descriptions of the atrocity each runner committed to cheat a marathon at Mental Floss (LINK)!

I’d add attaching your timing/computer chip/D(B) tag to another runner’s leg or shoe to the list above.

I think we will always think of Rosie Ruiz when it comes to marathon cheating even if the sport has a 100 more cheating scandals over the next 20 years.  She is like the gold standard when it comes to cheating a marathon.

Perhaps marathons across the country should all retire her bib number (W50), not out of a sign of respect, but as a reminder to how awful it is to cheat a marathon.

No, that is not Rosie and former President George W. Bush after the 1980 Boston Marathon. That is Rosie and the legit overall winner Bill Rodgers.

Pop Quiz: Who was the actual and legitimate female winner at the 1980 Boston Marathon?

The answer is Jacqueline Gareau with a time of 2:34:58.

Jackie also won the 1979 National Capital Marathon in Ottawa, Canada in 2:47:58 and the 1988 Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota with a time of 2:43:27.

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