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Day 1: 2012 Last Annual Vol State 500K Live Blog

Hi all, it’s Lisa. I’ll be updating this post throughout the day with pictures, emails, maps, and links. Joshua will probably be doing some updating too if he gets a chance.

Check back throughout the day to see how things are going out there!

And don’t forget, you can always check this map to see where all the runners are:


The runner’s locations are marked with “stickpins”. The map is updated twice per day and shows their last location.

So far today…

Vol State Update 2 from Laz @ 8:54 pm

it has been a day of turnover, with nothing decided.
everyone was moving well most of the day,
facing temperatures in the mid-80’s and plenty of cloudcover.

standings at 20 miles:
mikkelson 3:45
holmes 3:47
coll: 3:59
C Taylor 4:00
aistars 4:41
silverman 4:41
barnes 4:42
Meadows 4:47
fox 4:59
Sericki 5:22
Dobrokowski 5:23
matheny 5:24
meador 5:28
westbrook 5:29
burke 5:42
davis 5:42
lefelhocz 5:45
melton 5:58
wimberly 6:02
price 6:02
skagerberg 6:19
hardman 6:35
d taylor 8:21
oprah 8:23

odd that someone asked.
oprah arrived late, flying in from the 3100 in new york,
but is now nipping at diane taylor’s heels.

as the afternoon wore on, the race began to take shape.
thomas mikkelson took a big lead thru the afternoon.
we last saw him in gleason,
down on all fives…

knees, elbows, and head.

joshua holmes was several miles back, but closing.

12 hour status:

mikkelson recovered to hold his lead thru mckenzie at 60 miles,
but planned to stop for a rest
holmes, also thru mckenzie trailed at 57 miles but was feeling good and planning to go on.

coll, c taylor and dobropawlski were all leaving gleason at 48.
they planned to sleep beside the road at some point,
but were entering a long stretch of swamp.
i have a feeling they will get to at least mckenzie (54)
(or risk exsanguination by skeeters)

the feral fox was just entering gleason at 47.

westbrook led barnes by a mile or so were just leaving dresden (around 42)
inside dresden, the bulk of the field were eating, resting, running, or deciding what to do with the night.

the best order we can figure (subject to change with every minute)
all are between 39 & 41 miles.
the decisions they make,
and how they implement them,
will determine the order in the morning.
battles will rage while you sleep.

meadows was at 39, having taken an afternoon rest,
and was planning to go all night.

skagerberg and d taylor were just going down at 39 to take some rest.

oprah was at 38, and planning to stay in the room next door to diane.

nothing to see here yet,
but by morning look for the real fun to begin.


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Text from Josh at 4:10 pm : 44 miles

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Text from Josh at 1:54 pm: 34 miles! (exclamation point added by me. 🙂 )

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Vol State 500K Start Photo Album  shared by Carl Laniak.

Vol State Update 1 from Laz:

we got lucky.
the ferry is sitting in the mud,
the crew is doing repainting and other maintenance tasks.
they allowed us to board the barge to start.

at 07:17:42 we started atop the riverbank in kentucky
and ran to the ferry.
following a 20 minute “simulated” ferry ride,
used for photo ops and socializing just like normal,
the gates were opened,
and the runners set out on their magnificent quest.

there were 23 starters,and they passed by the mississippi river overlook in hickman in this order:
1) sal coll
2) richard westbrook
3) charley taylor
4) juli aistars
5) jan silverman
6) thomas mikkelson
7) joshua holmes
8) rita barnes
9) dan fox
10) sherry meador
11) abi meadows
12) shannon burke
13) dusty hardman
14) mike melton
15) sulaiman sericki
16) psyche wimberly
17) ericka matheny
18) john price
19) fred davis
20) paul lefelhocz
21) jay dobrowalski
22) marvin skagerberg
23) diane taylor

in a little while we will go out to get the 20 mile splits….the last time we’ll be able to sit in one place and watch *all* the runners go by.


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