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Shocking Scenes from a Red-Dress Run

The Westside Runners are different from any group that ever attracted my attention, let alone my participation. There are no officers, no bylaws, no membership list, no dues. And no one is taking names. We simply meet at six p.m. every Wednesday in the parking lot of Foothills Running Co. and go running. Running alone, together with the fellowship it provides, holds the group together. That’s it. Jennifer Hackbarth usually brings drinks. No committee makes recommendations; no one appoints a committee. Runners range from the very accomplished to the beginner.

“I’ve found out that when a man in a red dress runs into the street, the traffic yields.”

Occasionally someone throws out a suggestion, as Josh Hite did late in May. His idea: have a red-dress run, sometimes called a hasher run. We make decisions easily. And so on the sixth of June, we found ourselves in red dresses following Josh’s chalk marks.

The following is a story in pictures of that run – three miles, three bars, and a million laughs, the first ever red-dress run in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Read the full story by Dallas Smith by clicking HERE

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